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This page was updated on July 5, 2022

My Godmother calls me "the resource man" because anytime she wants to know something, especially about Orthodoxy, she knows I probably have a resource for her in my archives, or I at least know where to go to get it.  So, I decided to start this website so she and everyone else interested in the history of Christianity and the Orthodox Church would have a central place to go to get the information they needed, or at least have a starting point. 

Christianity (its theology, dogma, kerygma, etc.), in its modern form, has changed much since the Roman Patriarchate broke away from the 4 other Patriarchates [Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Constantinople (now Istanbul)] in approximately 1054 A.D. and formed what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church. [Remember, Peter was the Bishop of Antioch from AD 49-54 before he went to Rome and became its first bishop (which is in dispute as Anicetus is the first person truly known to be bishop of Rome from157-168 CE) and again, that was approximately 1,000 years before the Roman Catholic church even came into existence, so the actual first "pope" of the Roman Catholic church was either Leo IX, Victor II or Stephen IX. Article here.]  The 4 remaining Patriarchates eventually formed what we refer to today as the Orthodox Christian Church (Greek, Antiochian, OCA, Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Romanian and others).  Later, in 1517 A.D., Martin Luther led the Protestant Reformation when he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.  Surprisingly, many Christians are unaware of even this most basic bit of the history of Christianity, let alone what was going on with Christianity and the Church for almost 400 years before the Canon of the Scriptures (the Holy Bible) was compiled and accepted.  Sadly, much of the rich history, tradition and teachings from the Apostles and the early Church Fathers has either been forgotten or discarded by almost all denominations except the Orthodox Christian Church.  When you think about it, it makes no sense whatsoever to ignore this critical period in our faith's history.  You have no idea what you've been missing, but if you desire to learn, please read on and explore this website.

Inasmuch and even with even with all this information available to you on this website and many others about Orthodoxy, it can be difficult make sense of Christianity in its original form and the original Church because again, basically, what most of us think we know about Christianity is incorrect.  I know because I was one of them!! Therefore, I always strongly recommend anyone seriously interested in the ancient faith always seek the guidance and counsel of the Orthodox clergy in your area - they are always your best resource and can help properly guide you through your quest for greater understanding and knowledge.  Do not hesitate for any reason to reach out to them - they sincerely want to help you, but won't pressure or pester you - that's not the Orthodox way.

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