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Sadly, Christians worldwideface increasing marginalization, ridicule, persecution, enslavement, assault, torture and even death simply for their devotion to their faith and the spread/resurgence of socialism and communism, even in the United States, is exacerbating the problem - just read some of the stories in the "In the News" section below.  And during the Coronavirus pandemic, church activities in blue states were so strongly suppressed that many had to sue in court to force these socialist/secular Democrat governors to allow them to re-open.  Yet all during this time, liquor stores were designated as essential services.  Really??  What about all the charitable work churches do to feed and clothe the poor and help children and the elderly???  Of all the times we really needed churches and their services....  

Even in the United States, where freedom of speech AND freedom OF religion are clearly enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and affirmed by numerous Supreme Court and other lower court rulings, and guaranteed by the United Nations' International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ratified by the U.S. Senate and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1992),​ even as late as 2021, we still, still constantly hear news stories about ignorant (of the law) employers, businesses, schools, special interest groups, bureaucrats, elected officials, courts, etc., who seek to deny Christians their right to pray, wear religious jewelry, read the Bible, form clubs, or are forced to accept the teaching of un-Christian behaviors, etc. They also attempt to ban Nativity scenes, Christmas trees and even prohibit speaking religious phrases such as "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Easter," etc., yet other "minority" non-Christian faiths seem to escape such scrutiny and restrictions. In fact, they are sometimes actively promoted by public officials and in government (public) schools and anyone who dares object is labeled a "hater, bigot, racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, etc."  This has become a well-worn and all-too-familiar Saul Alinsky-type tactic and one of many used frequently by mean-spirited, intolerant and hateful liberals, the political left, the heavily left-wing-biased mainstream media and many in liberal academia in their attempts to belittle and marginalize anyone who disagrees with their "enlightened" liberal/progressive/socialist/communist ideology.

These rights violations became so obscenely egregious that in 1993, the U.S. Congress, in an almost unanimous and unprecedented show of bipartisanship, passed and President Clinton signed into law, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  During the law's signing ceremony, President Clinton stated that it held government "to a very high level of proof before it interferes with someone's free exercise of religion."  Also the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998.  In 2000, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) became law and it requires that churches and religious institutions be treated equally with secular businesses and groups. (More info here.)  And in in early 2018, under the direction of President Trump, the Department of Health and Human Services created a new division called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division.  And President Trump signed several Executive Orders to protect and promote religious freedom. Yet, if you get your news from the mainstream media, you probably never heard about any of this.  (See the bottom of this page for accurate and trustworthy news resources.)

Despite ALL these international and national legal protections, shockingly, religious discrimination and persecution (especially against Christians and Jews) continues to persist and has even become worse due to outright and complete ignorance of the law from public and school officials, business owners, etc.  UPDATE:  Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the new woke/cancel communists are using the complicit, corrupt media and the legal system to channel their vicious hatred of everything religious into shutting down legal businesses and ruining people's lives by bankrupting them and or destroying their personal and business property and attacking them physically.  <Hmm, kind of reminds me of a similar time in history that we promised never to forget, yet here we are...>

Fortunately, there are many wonderful organizations (see below) that help educate the pubic and protect our God-given and Constitutional rights. 

You have God-given Constitutional rights and the law clearly on your side.  Fight back against tyranny!!

Know the Law 

Organizations Defending Constitutional & Religious Rights

(Many sites listed below have downloadable pamphlets, etc., which cite case law protecting Christians' rights. If any public official(s), employer(s) or anti-Christian/anti-free speech organization(s) such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), CAIR (and related Islamic/Muslim advocacy groups), etc., come to your town, school or church and attempt to threaten you or your group into silence and deprive you of your Constitutionally-protected rights, you should contact one or more of these organizations below for assistance immediately - don't let them bully, intimidate or otherwise threaten you, your children, your group, organization, Church or town with financial ruin - you have the right and the means to fight back!):

Accuracy in Academia (What's Really Goin On At Our Colleges?)

American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ)

    ACLJ article on the so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)
American Family Association

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

American Freedom Law Center (AFLC)

Anti-CAIR in Defense of the Constitution
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty    Stream of Conscience Podcast

Bring Your Bible to School Day - Know Your Rights (1st Thurs. of Every Oct.)

Campus Reform​

CLA (Christian Law Association)

Christian Coalition

Church Militant/St. Michael's Media

Citizens for Free Speech

The College Fix
Consolidated List of Other Organizations
Constitution Project

Creeping Sharia
Eagle Forum

Faith and Freedom Coalition
Family Research Council     FRC Action

​Fight For Schools

Fightback Foundation & Attorney L.Lin Wood (defended Nicholas Sandmann)

First Liberty Institute  (Excellent Resources to Protect Yourself & Your Organization)

For Kids & Country (Rebecca Friedrichs) - Exposing subversive and Communist teachers unions and helping good teachers extricate themselves from them and lobbying for school choice​
Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT)

Foundation For American Christian Education (FACE)

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
Foundation for Government Accountability

God, Family and Guns

Hillsdale College (Constitutional Rights videos & articles)
In Defense of Christians (IDC)  Find/Start a Chapter in Your Area

​JPFO's Gran'pa Jack Education Booklets (Firearms and 2nd Amendment Rights education for young people)

Learn Our History (Educational series for young people)​
Liberty Council

Liberty First with Attorney KrisAnne Hall (Constitituional Rights videos & articles)
Liberty Institute

​Liberty Justice Center

Pacific Justice Institute
Pacific Legal Foundation

PACT (Parents Against Critical Theory)

Parents Defending Education

Prager University (excellent, short videos)

​​Professor Watchlist (Tracking and Exposing Educators Who Deny Free Speech)

Rate My Professor

Religious Freedom Center
Rutherford Institute   

Save the Persecuted Christians    
Thomas More Law Center

Turning Point USA (Supporting & defending conservative students on campus)

​Tuttle Twins (books to help educate children against socialism)

U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services' Conscience and Religious Freedom Division
World Affairs Brief (commentary & insights on a troubled world)

World Watch List - 50 Countries Where Its Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus Report

The Undeniable Christian Heritage and History of the United States

FLASHBACK - Supreme Court Declares America a Christian Nation, 2-29-1892

ACU Podcast:  Listen:  Religious Freedom - A Cherished Heritage to Defend

ACU Podcast:  Glenn Beck. Religious Freedom Four-Part Series.

American History in Black & White Part 1 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 2 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 3 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 4 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 5 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 6 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 7 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 8 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 9 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 10 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 11 with David Barton (video)

American History in Black & White Part 12 with David Barton (video)

​​The Constitutional Christian DVD w/ David Barton & Mike Huckabee (video)

​The Bible is the Foundation of the Constitution (video)

​Christianity: Its Role in America's Founding ... And in Our Nation's Future

Christian Origins of America's Constitutional Republic

Does the Separation of Church and State really exist? ACLJ

Early Muslim Extremists In American History with David Barton (video)

​​Faith and the Founding: The Bible and the Constitution - National Constitution Center (video)

Despite Obama's rhetoric, Islam is NOT a religion of peace with David Barton (video)

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History - Brian Kilmeade (video)

Evidence of America's Christian Heritage with David Barton (video)

​However 'Secular' We Think We Are, The Roots of America's Liberty Are Explicitly Biblical

One Nation Under God with David Barton (video)

America's Godly Heritage with David Barton (video)

Separation of Church & State with David Barton (video)

"Separation of Church and State?"  Oh, really?  Wallbuilders Article

The 4 Traps of False History with David Barton (video)

The Answer to, is America a Christian Nation? with David Barton (video)

​Is America a Christian nation? Dave Barton speaks at Charles Stanley's Church (video)

The Hidden Fait? h of the Founding Fathers (video)

U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton (video)

Was America Founded on Christian Principles? with David Barton (video)

Was America Founded On Christian Values?  Book Review w/Author Dr. Mark David Hall (video) 

David Barton Destroys ‘Racist Slave Owning’ Founding Father Myths (video)

David Barton: The Jefferson Lies (video)

​Was America Founded to be Secular?  PragerU Video

Were the Founders Religious?  PragerU Video

Who Do You Believe? - Quotes from Founding Fathers & Presidents About God & Our Christian Nation

      Do You Know Someone Who is An Atheist or Agnostic?  

   Show Them These Short Videos:

      PragerU Video:  Does God Exist?

​     PragerU Video:  Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven

      PragerU Video:  God vs Atheism:  Which is More Rational?

      PragerU Video:  Does Science Argue for or Against God - Is There Life Out There?

     PragerU Video:  Was America Founded to be Secular?

     PragerU Video:  Were the Founders Religious?​​

     PragerU Video:  Was Jesus A Socialist?

      PragerU Video:  What's a Greater Leap of Faith, God or the Multiverse?

     ACU Book Review Podcast: Why Science Does Not Disprove God



Related Articles

How the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Works, Explained in One Chart - Federalist 

U.S. State Department's Annual International Religious Freedom Report page

More info and larger image at here.

News & Research Resources

​Christian Post

End of the American Dream




Open Doors USA

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

Pew Reasearch Center Studies on Religion & Public Life

World Watch List:  Top 50 Countries Where It's Most Difficult to Follow Jesus

Book:  Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

Other news links moved to the section below the In the Newssection.

The Assault on Christianity and Family Values

The latest assault angle:


Why This is Happening:

It's hard to believe that it was 18 years ago that authors Tim LaHaye and David Noebel saw all this coming and wrote the book Mind Siege: The Battle for Truth in the New Millenium.   You may recognize Tim LaHaye's name as he was the author of the famous "Left Behind" fictional series of books that dealt with the Rapture, Anti-Christ, etc.  The following are a video companion series to the book, Mind Siege, that really summarizes what is happening now and why:

In the News

This section includes general news on Christianity and religion, but especially focuses on reports about ongoing assaults from liberals, the political left, the corrupt mainstream media and left-wing academia on Christianity, Christian and traditional American family values, and the ability of Christians to exercise their Constitutionally-protected right to free speech.  For more news, see the next section for news resources and be sure to check the Christian defense organization websites above for news updates and subscribe to their e-mail alerts!

I'm hundreds of stories and months behind posting news stories, so if you have searched for a subject matter, please re-do your search as I may have added stories that came out a long time ago!!

Recently there has been a lot in the news about President Biden and other pro-abortion politicians possibly being denied Communion because of their support for abortion.  Communion/the Eucharist means something much different to Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics than it does most Protestants and, of course, the secular media knows practically nothing about it at all, nor do they care. So, for an extensive explanation of the Communion issue, see the Inquirers/Orthodoxy 101 page under the In-Depth Studies section.

11-05-2021 - Woke Nazis Target Popular Actor Chris Pratt Because He's Christian

11-05-2021 - L.A. Archbishop Decries Rise of Globalism, Anti-Christian ‘Elite

                     Leadership Class’

09-30-2021 - Matthew Dowd Runs for Office After Demanding White Christian Males

                     Stop Running for Office

09-30-2021 - Harassment of religious groups reaches new peak in 2019
09-26-2021 - God-Fearing Flight Attendant Asks Single Question on Internal Message

                        Board, Gets Attacked and Cancelled by Woke Airline

09-24-2021 - Denzel Washington Advises Crowd At Christian Event To ‘Stay On Your

                        Knees,’ Says ‘Strength and Leadership’ Are Part Of God’s Role For Men

09-16-2021 - Pope Francis: Every Baptized Christian Has ‘the Task of Evangelizing’

09-11-2021 - Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban: 9/11 Proved ‘Christian

                        Civilization Is Something We Must Fight for Every Day’

09-04-2021 - AOC: 'Christian Extremists' Are 'Passing Forced Birth Laws'

08-20-2021 - Michael Moore Compares Christian Conservatives to the Taliban:

                        'They’re Religious Nuts'

08-19-2021 - ​Taliban Going Door To Door Seeking Christians, Searching Through

                        Phones For Bible Apps: Report

08-10-2021 - Report: Syria Lost over 60 Percent of Its Christians in a Decade

08-03-2021 - Barronelle Stutzman (Arlene's Flowers) Might Have a Chance at Justice

07-31-2021 - Biden Names First Muslim as Ambassador-at-Large for International

                     Religious Freedom

07-23-2021 - Pelosi's bishop says speaker 'epitome of hypocrisy' after her claims to

                     be 'devout Catholic'

07-23-2021 - Recent anti-Christian ‘news,’ editorial examples expose utter corruption

                        of Canadian media

07-22-2021 - Franklin Graham: Blackburn Is 'Absolutely Right,' War Is Between 'Judeo-

                        Christian Values and Marxism'

07-22-2021 - ​Appeals court reinstates church's lawsuit against Washington state

                        abortion coverage mandate

07-21-2021 - Catholic League Blasts Woke Sports Illustrated as ‘Anti-Christian’

07-16-2021 - Media's Desire To Amplify Activism Spurs Anti-Christian Church


07-10-2021 - ​Christian Motivational Speaker Starts Bank in Response to the Rise of

                        Cancel Culture in the Private Sector

07-08-2021 - The 2020 Census of American Religion - PRRI

07-07-2021 - IRS Grants Christian Group Tax-Exempt Status After Equating Bible’s

                        Teachings with Republican Party

07-03-2021 - Ten Churches Vandalized in a Day as Church Burnings Surge in Canada

07-02-2021 - Supreme Court Declines to Hear Washington Floral Shop Owner,

                        Barronelle Stutzman's (Arlenen's Flowers) Key Religious Liberty Case

                        Next Term

07-02-2021 - SCOTUS to Decide On Case Barring Christian School from Aid Program

07-02-2021 - Supreme Court Will Hear Case on Law Excluding Religious Schools From

                     State Funding

06-30-2021 - After Israel controversies, Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

                     says some colleagues ‘not partners in justice’

06-29-2021 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN): 'I Don't' Regret Grouping

                     U.S., Israel with Terror Groups, House Dem Critics 'Have Engaged in

                     Islamophobic Tropes'

06-29-2021 - Transgender: White House to Denounce GOP Child-Protection Laws

06-25-2021 - North Carolina gov. vetoes bill banning abortion based on race, sex,

                     genetic abnormality<He's a Democrat, of course.>

06-24-2021 - Religious Freedom Would Be Null and Void Under Equality Act

06-23-2021 - Iowa judge strikes down law requiring 24-hour waiting period before


06-23-2021 - Supreme Court: Religious Liberty Prevails in Fulton v. City of


06-23-2021 - Pope Francis: You Can Recognize False Christians by Their ‘Inflexibility’

06-22-2021 - Poll: 50% Say Churches, Faith-Based Charities Should Not Be Forced to

                     Hire People Who Oppose Their Beliefs

06-21-2021 - U.S. Perception of Religious Influence Nears Record-Low After Pandemic

06-20-2021 - Pro-Abortion Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) ‘Dares’ Bishops to Deny Him

                     Communion<Or what, Teddy???>

06-19-2021 - U.S. Catholic Bishops Vote to Draft Document on Worthiness to Receive


06-19-2021 - IRS Denies Christian Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status

06-18-2021 - Critical Race Theory Is Antithetical to Christianity, Black Pastor Says

06-18-2021 - 14 States Side With Christian Wedding Photographer Against NY's Law

06-18-2021 - Catholic League: SCOTUS Ruling a ‘Huge Victory’ for Religious Liberty

06-17-2021 - Supreme Court delivers narrow victory for religious freedom over LGBT


06-17-2021 - Unanimous Supreme Court Gives Win to Religious Foster Care Agency

06-17-2021 - Anti-religion law in South Africa ‘puts a target on the backs of people of


06-17-2021 - IRS Denies Tax Exemption to Christian Group, Associates Bible With

                     GOP <Well, there pretty much aren't any Democrats who believe in the Bible,

               especially 'devout Catholics' SanFranGranNan and PauPau Biden!!>

06-17-2021 - Harassing Colorado Baker, Jack Phillips

06-17-2021 - Judge Rules Christian Baker Jack Phillips Must Make ‘Gender Transition’


06-17-2021 - Court forces Christian Colorado baker Jack Phillips to make cakes

                     celebrating a transgender ‘transition’ <Won't they ever leave this poor man


06-16-2021 - 4 Main Things Christians Need to Know About Critical Race Theory

06-15-2021 - Report: Vatican ‘Nixed’ Request for Biden to Attend Mass with Pope

06-15-2021 - Pope Francis, the Biden family, and the U.S. bishops’ struggle over the


06-08-2021 - Court Orders Loudoun County, VA, School Board to Reinstate Teacher

                     Suspended for Christian Speech on LGBT

06-02-2021 - Fauci Said Cancel Religious 'Services' but Approved Rallies Days Later

05-31-2021 - Canada’s Christian Foundations Crumbling Under COVID-19

                      Restrictions, Says Pastor

05-26-2021 - Study Suggests Christians Lack a Biblical Worldview

05-25-2021 - The Middle East Dispute Is About Religion, Not Land

05-22-2021 - WATCH: Prager: Israel-Palestine Dispute Not over Land -- 'The Issue

                      Is Religion'

05-22-2021 - Christian Rocker John Cooper: Social Justice Agendas Like Critical Race

                        Theory and Abolishing Police Sparking a 'Civil War' in America

05-20-2021 - Federal Judge Sides With Biden...Rules Christian College Must Let

                        Biological Men Share Showers With Women

05-20-2021 - Today in History: Christian Payback for Muslim Atrocities Begins

05-18-2021 - Chinese Communists Clamp Down on Christian Social Media

05-18-2021 - Biden Abandons Religious Freedom as First Among Rights

05-17-2021 - You Can Be Anything in Britain Except a Christian

05-14-2021 - In New Book, Ken Starr Warns Religious Liberty ‘in Crisis

05-14-2021 - Pelosi (D-CA) praises Vatican letter on communion for pro-abortion


05-14-2021 - Let’s get a few things cleared up: Testing, cell lines, and fetal tissue

05-14-2021 - ‘Shameless lie’: Xavier Becerra denies existence of law banning partial-

                         birth abortion - HHS secretary dodges questions on 'illegal, utterly

                         inhumane' practice

05-13-2021 - German priests to their bishops allowing LGBT "blessings,' 

                        intercommunion: ‘Leave the path of heresies!’

05-13-2021 - Former Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS): 'This Is the Most Persecuted Era

                     of Christianity' in History

05-13-2021 - Gender unicorns, BLM, rainbow flags: Jesuit St. Louis University

                        worships at the altar of ‘woke’ culture

05-12-2021 - Is the Bible anti-woman? Fox News anchor Shannon Bream responds to

                     misconceptions, explores powerful biblical wisdom

05-11-2021 - Transgender Bishop Is a Rejection of Christianity

05-11-2021 - Report: 78 Priests Allegedly ‘Massacred’ in Ethiopia Conflict

05-11-2021 - Trent College chaplain reported as terror threat for opposing LGBT

                        curriculum challenges firing

05-10-2021 - Chaplain Reported to Anti-Terror Watchdog for Sermon on LGBT


05-07-2021 - Audio: Raymond Ibrahim on the Left’s War on History and Islam’s War

                        on Christians

05-05-2021 - 'They Are Burning Us Alive!' Say Sinai’s Coptic Christians

05-04-2021 - Arkansas Looks to Protect Religious Liberty in State Constitution

05-03-2021 - Pro-abortion Catholic politicians shouldn't receive communion: Nancy

                        Pelosi's archbishop declares

04-30-2021 - US Catholic Bishops expected to advise denying communion to pro-

                     abortion politicians

04-30-2021 - Being in 'Good' Standing (or 'In Communion') with the Church - Fr. John

                        Tsaras, 9-2008

04-29-2021 - WATCH: Christian Pastor Arrested in London for Quoting ‘Homophobic’

                      Bible Verses

04-29-2021 - ‘Doctrinal Annihilation’: Theologian Blasts Methodist Church For

                      Pushing Drag Queen Pastor, Claims ‘Two Religions’ Forming Over

                      LGBT Issues   "This is open revolt..."

04-22-2021 - Catholic League Decries ‘Polite Persecution’ of Christians in the West

04-20-2021 - Report: 5.2 Billion People Face ‘Very Severe Violations of Religious


04-16-2021 - L.A. Archbishop Decries ‘Growing Censorship of Christian Viewpoints’

04-16-2021 - It’s Not Just Young White Liberals Who Are Leaving Religion

04-14-2021 - Indiana Passes Bill Declaring Religious Services to Be ‘Essential’

04-13-2021 - Supreme Court Rebukes Ninth Circuit on Religious Freedom

04-12-2021 - ​Christian Colleges Fight Anti-Religious Title IX Lawsuit

04-07-2021 - America is Losing Its Religion - Axios

04-07-2021 - Report: China detaining Christians in windowless 'transformation'

                        facilities, using 'brainwashing' to get them to renounce their faith

04-04-2021 - VIDEO: Joe Biden Uses Easter Video to Promote COVID Vaccine... No

                        Mention of Jesus Christ

04-03-2021 - Catholic League: Joe Biden Has a ‘Seriously Strained’ Relationship with

                     the U.S. Bishops

04-01-2021 - The American Civil War Is Over Judeo-Christian Values

04-01-2021 - Seminary Prof: Post Calling Evangelical Christianity 'Greatest Threat to

                     Human Existence' Was 'Taken Out of Context'

03-31-2021 - Left-Wing Groups Condemn Archbishop Challenging Biden's 'Devout'


03-30-2021 - HORROR! ISIS Makes a Comeback Under Biden Regime...Brags About

                        Killing Christians in Mozambique Massacre As Thousands Flee

03-30-2021 - Democrats Had Sharpest Decline in Church Membership

03-29-2021 - Gallup: U.S. Church Membership Falls Below Majority for First Time

03-25-2021 - Report: Biden's U.N. Ambassador Is Bad News for Christians

03-24-2021 - California Bill Could Target Christian And Conservative Policemen For


03-24-2021 - Jack Phillips, Christian Baker, Is Back in Court to Defend His Faith Beliefs

03-22-2021 - Christian Students Wins Legal Challenge Against University of Iowa

​03-20-2021 - Report: American Awareness of Christian Persecution Jumps

03-16-2021 - Equality Act Would Cancel Our Religious Freedom

03-09-2021 - Chief Justice Roberts Rules Against Free Speech Rights

                     of Christian Students In 8-1 Ruling

03-09-2021 - Supreme Court Sides with Christian Student Barred from Sharing Faith

​03-09-2021 - Supreme Court Sides with Student Whose Christian Beliefs were

                     Suppressed by Georgia College Campus

02-26-2021 - Religion’s Sudden Decline, Revisited - Univ Of MI Center for Political


02-25-2021 - WATCH: Jim Jordan Schools Democrat on Religion and LGBTQ 'Equality


​02-22-2021 - Catholic League: ‘Equality Act' the ‘Most Comprehensive Assault

                     on Christianity Ever'

02-20-2021 - Giving Up on God: The Global Decline of Religion - Revisited - World

                        Values Survey

02-20-2021 - At least 800 Ethiopians killed after defending ‘Ark of the Covenant’

02-17-2021 - Archbishop says Biden shouldn't call himself 'devout' due to pro-choice


02-17-2021 - Catholic League Decries Joe Biden’s ‘Fixation on the LGBT Agenda’

02-13-2021 - Christian Post Denounces Impeachment ‘Farce,’ Triumph of


02-11-2021 - Biden Funds Program To Block Foreign Religious Leaders Who Oppose

                     LGBT Agenda

02-10-2021 - One World Religion: Pope Francis Signs Historic Covenant With Islam

02-05-2021 - Preserving Religious Freedom Is More Important Than Ever

02-05-2021 - Tuft's University Promotes Event to ‘Root Out Racism’ Among ‘White

                     Christian Folks’​ <Apparently the genius administrators know absolutely nothing

                about the teachings of Jesus Christ or the tenets of Christianity.>

02-04-2021 - WATCH:  Will Christian Persecution Continue To Escalate?

02-02-2021 - 750 Christians Massacred by Ethiopian Government – Where Is The


01-30-2021 - Twitter Suspends Christian Group for Accurately Describing Biden’s

                     Transgendered Health Official Dr. Levine’s Biological Sex

01-27-2021 - Pastor touts anti-Christian-school report

​01-25-2021 - Parents too afraid to oppose CRT (Critical Race Theory) in schools, says


01-24-2021 - The Police State Is Coming For “Religious Extremists”, “Evangelical

                     Christians”, “Pro-Life” Activists And “Libertarians”

01-17-2021 - Global Persecution: The Number Of Christians Killed For Their Faith

                     Increased By 60 Percent In Just One Year

01-16-2021 - Mexico Back on Anti-Christian Persecution Index in 2021

01-14-2021 - Pew:  Measuring Religion in Pew Research Center’s American Trends


01-13-2021 - Watch List 2021: Over 340 Million Christians Face ‘High Levels of


​01-12-2021 - SCOTUS Hears Case of Christian Student Barred from Sharing His Faith

01-06-2021 - Islamic Militants Murder Two Dozen Nigerian Christians over Christmas

01-03-2021 - 5 times anti-Christian sentiment manifested on campus in 2020

01-03-2021 - City orders 'Jesus' on T-shirt censored as 'political speech'

01-02-2021 - 'We should expect persecution of the church' under Biden and Harris

                     Federalist political editor cites Democrats' intention to 'target religious


01-02-2021 - Planned Parenthood: 'Don't downplay abortion as small part of our

                     services; we're proud' <And I'll bet a lot of them are the same filthy, stinking

               hippies who spat upon our GI's returning from Vietnam and called them "baby

               killers."  How ironic!>

12-30-2020 - When We Teach Our Kids That Life Has No Value, This Is How They


12-24-2020 - It's Not Rep. Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) Job To Tell Christians What They May


12-16-2020 - Raymond Ibrahim Radio Interview: 'Armenia and Other Christian


12-14-2020 - Montana High School Reinstates Christian Student Group After Alliance

                     Defending Freedom Letter

12-14-2020 - Human Rights Campaign: Christian Schools Should Abandon Beliefs or

                     Lose Accreditation

12-13-2020 - ​Report: Nearly 90% of Christian Schools Opened Academic Year with In-

                     Person Instruction

12-12-2020 - HORRIBLE! Christian Couple Leaving Trump Rally In DC Sucker-Punched

                     From Behind, Maced By Antifa/ BLM Cowards [VIDEO]

12-08-2020 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Advises Christians to “Turn

                     the Other Cheek"

12-08-2020 - ‘Celebrate the Christian Election Wins’ — iVoterGuide 2020 Analysis

12-04-2020 - Here’s How COVID-19 Restrictions Curb Religious Freedom

12-01-2020 - Supreme Court’s 5-4 Ruling Shows Religious Liberty Hangs by Thread

11-27-2020 - Lawsuit: Christian Claim Starbucks Fired Her for Refusal to Wear ‘Pride'


11-27-2020 - The Coming Classical Christian Downgrade

11-26-2020 - Trump Supreme Court Justices Protect Religious Freedom from Cuomo

11-26-2020 - Franklin Graham: ‘Thankful’ for Trump’s SCOTUS Justices Who Ruled for


11-25-2020 - Obama: Latino Evangelicals are Bitterly Clinging to Their Religion

11-21-2020 - LGBT Activist: Christian Conservatives Are Like Rapists, Holocaust


11-21-2020 - Franklin Graham: 'Hatred that We See from Many in the Public Square

                     Toward Christians Is Incredible'

12-20-2020 - Democrat memo declares 'rise of white Christian nationalism is a

                     national security threat'

11-18-2020 - Special Report: Evangelical Christianity In Crisis<Makes a good argument

               for Orthodoxy>

11-17-2020 - ‘Spitting At The Face Of Christ’: Pro-Life Catholics Denounce Bishops

                     For Congratulating Biden

11-17-2020 - Senator Warnock (D-GA): Abortion ‘Consistent with My View as

                     a Christian Minister’

11-16-2020 - FBI Hate Crime Data: Christians Hit By as Many Hate Crimes as Muslims

11-13-2020 - Choice Remarks: Anti-Christian discrimination reaches Oklahoma

11-13-2020 - Numerous new studies show Christianity is most harassed religion in

                     the world

11-12-2020 - ​Anti-Christian transgender extremists elected to state governments

                     across the country

​11-12-2020 - Pew: Christians Still Most ‘Harassed’ Religious Group in the World

11-10-2020 - U.S. Christians Celebrate ‘Surge’ of Pro-Life Women in Congress

11-07-2020 - Over 74 million Americans just voted for an anti-Christian new world

                     under Biden-Harris

11-02-2020 - 'Why Are You Killing Christians?' Trump Asks Nigeria’s President

10-10-2020 - Pew: Government restrictions on religion around the world reached

               new record in 2018 (summary)      Full report here

10-07-2020 - Communists Warn Citizens: 'Christianity Does Not Belong in China'

10-02-2020 - Joe Biden Campaign Launches 7-Figure Ad Buy to Woo Christian Voters

09-25-2020 - The Left’s Anti-Christian Dogma Is Living Loudly Within Senate


09-25-2020 - ‘Great apostasy’: Cardinal analyzes why Netherlands lost Catholic faith

                      in few short decades

09-25-2020 - Why more and more Catholics are fleeing the Democratic party

09-25-2020 - Archbishop Viganò: Deep State has now teamed up with Deep Church to

                     overthrow Trump, usher in New World Order

09-24-2020 - Mother fired for opposing LGBT sex ed for little kids sues school where

                     she worked

09-24-2020 - Dr. Alveda King: African-Americans supporting Trump because of his

                     ‘stand for life’

09-23-2020 - US Atty General Barr: Militant secularists co-opted ‘separation of church

                     and state’ to attack religious freedom

09-23-2020 - Trump issues executive order to combat ideology that America is

                     ‘irredeemably racist and sexist’

09-23-2020 - Trump announces executive order to protect babies who

                     survive abortion

09-23-2020 - US pastor freed from Turkish jail warns Christians of coming

                     persecution in America

09-22-2020 - U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo: China Seeking to Rewrite Bible to

                     Modify Christianity

09-22-2020 - Congressman: ‘RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies…

                     murdered’ as RBG defended pro-abort laws

09-21-2020 - Actress Patricia Heaton Warns Fellow Christians of Social Media

                     ‘Onslaught’ as SCOTUS Debate Rages

09-21-2020 - Jack Phillips, Brave Colorado Christian Baker, is Being Sued AGAIN!

                     Please Donate

09-19-2020 - Pew: 77 Percent of Catholic Democrats Support Legal Abortion

09-18-2020 - Employees Sue Kroger After They Were Allegedly Fired For Refusing To

                     Wear Rainbow Symbol, Citing Religious Objections

09-17-2020 - Christians ‘have a responsibility’ to stop the Marxist revolution: Anti-

                     Islamist activist censored by SPLC

09-16-2020 - Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Publishes Final Rule on Protecting

                        Speech on campus

09-14-2020 - Muslim Extremists Slaughter More than 500 Christians in Ethiopia

09-13-2020 - California gov signs bill that will soften criminal penalty for LGBT adults

                     who have sex with underage teens

09-13-2020 - How Cultural Marxism Is Grinding Christianity Down

09-12-2020 - Burger King mascot, Ronald McDonald share passionate kiss in LGBTQ

                     pride ad: 'We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins'

09-12-2020 - UK Politician Demands Deportation of Pastor Who Criticized Gay Pride

09-11-2020 - Maryland to Add LGBTQ Content to Public Schools’ History Curricula

09-11-2020 - 'American Atheists' outraged at Betsy DeVos' new rule defending

                      religious liberty at colleges

09-09-2020 - Walter E. Williams: Racial Discrimination and the Loss of Yesterday's

                     Spiritual Courage

09-08-2020 - Pandering Kamala Harris On Meeting With Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian,

                     Father of Violent Sex Offender Who Was Shot By Police After Resisting

                     Arrest: “They’re an incredible family!”

09-08-2020 - Video: Raymond Ibrahim on the Societal Oppression of

                     Egypt’s Christians

09-08-2020 - The Persecution Of Christians Is Escalating Dramatically All Over The


09-07-2020 - China Puts Squeeze on Christian Evangelization of Youth

09-04-2020 - Blue State Blues: Liberal Jewish Leaders Bend the Knee to Antisemitism

09-03-2020 - Black Pastors Demand Nike Drop the 'Anti-Christian' Marxist Black Lives

                     Matter Movement

09-03-2020 - Turkey Demolishes Iconic Christian Church, the ‘Hagia Sophia of Bursa’

09-03-2020 - Tennessee Bishop Questions Biden-Pelosi Catholic Credentials

09-02-2020 - Four Ways the Obama-Biden-Harris Team Has Attacked Catholics

09-02-2020 - Cuomo, De Blasio Go After Jewish Weddings, Cheer Black Lives Matter


09-01-2020 - Ami Horowitz Video: Anti-Semitism Goes Viral!

09-01-2020 - Trump Campaign Prioritizes ‘Unborn Life,’ Religious Freedom

08-31-2020 - WATCH: Priest warns US voters: ‘You cannot be Catholic and be a


08-28-2020 - Leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Arrested in Cairo for Terrorism

08-27-2020 - Why Cancel Culture Is Anti-Christian

08-26-2020 - Egypt: Christians Ordered to Sell Home and Go into Exile As

                     “punishment” for a confirmed accident.

08-25-2020 - Court Win for Professor Sued by Muslim Student, Punished by College

                     Over Terrorism Course

08-25-2020 - Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann says Americans must

                     fight cancel culture and media bias
08-25-2020 - CNN Analyst Mocks Sandmann Speaking At RNC: ‘Snot Nose

                     Entitled Kid’   <No, there's no bias in the media, noooooooo!>

08-24-2020 - California's All-Out War on Church Worship Intensifies With Bans, Fines,

                     and Sending in Spies

08-23-2020 - "We Have No Mercy on You People": Persecution of Christians, July 2020

08-23-2020 - Pope Francis: ‘Many’ Today Are Persecuted for Their Faith

08-22-2020 - TN Bishop: I Don’t See How Joe Biden Claims to Be a ‘Faithful Catholic'

08-22-2020 - Rights, Religion, and Property Rights

08-21-2020 - When Hagia Sophia Defied Islam, and Saved Western Civilization

08-21-2020 - Turkey to Convert Second Iconic Christian Church into Mosque

08-21-2020 - Fighting for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria at the UNHRC | ACLJ

08-20-2020 - ‘Under God' skipped in pledge of allegiance in at least two Democratic

                     convention meetings

08-20-2020 - Latest Marriage Data Suggests Dark Future If Things Don't Change Fast

08-19-2020 - The Ignored Genocide of Christians in Nigeria (where Black lives

                     apparently do not matter.)

08-18-2020 - Jewish Voters Beware (the new Nazis)

08-15-2020 - Today in History: Hagia Sophia Defies Islam (and Saves Western


08-14-2020 - Hagia Sophia and Cathedral of Córdoba - the jihad factor and the Left's


08-13-2020 - The Democrat Party is Getting Rid of the Jews [Senator Kamala Harris

                     (D-CA), who defended Muslim Rep, Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) Jew-hate, could                       sit in the Oval Office.]

08-13-2020 - Franklin Graham: Dem Pro-Abortion Ticket ‘Great Concern to

                     All Christians’

08-13-2020 - American Jewish Useful Idiots

08-11-2020 - Pro-Lifers: Biden-Harris ‘Most Pro-Abortion Presidential Ticket in History’

08-10-2020 - A Christian's defense of President Trump is well worth reading

08-06-2020 - What Really Happened In Beirut, Explained

08-05-2020 - WATCH:  Dr. Deborah Soh Debunks Popular Myths About Sex And

                     Gender Identity

08-05-2020 - Pro-Life Documentary Removed From Amazon Prime Without Warning

​08-03-2020 - 3 Jewish Students Forced Out of USC Student Government for Pro-Israel


08-02-2020 - America is engaged in a religious war

07-31-2020 - New Book Exposes Christian Persecution in Egypt

07-31-2020 - AOC Refers to Saint Fr. Damien Who Served Lepers as Part of ‘White

                     Supremacist Culture<Airhead On Crack is a very sick woman and needs our

                prayers and psychiatric help!>

07-29-2020 - Erdogan's Hagia Sophia Distraction Masks His Mounting Problems

07-29-2020 - Syria Will Build A New Hagia Sophia With Russian Assistance To

                     Protest Against Turkey

07-29-2020 - U.S. Catholics Dismayed that All Biden’s VP Choices Are Pro-Abortion

07-28-2020 - National Catholic Reporter: ‘AOC is the Future of the Catholic Church’                            <And the RC's wonder why they continue to lose membership - follow this dingbat

                 and you won't have a church left!>

07-28-2020 - The long list of President Trump’s pro-life accomplishments

07-28-2020 - Youths Hurl Rocks Through Church Windows at Swedish Christians

07-28-2020 - “I Know How To Deal With Liars”: New Lawsuits Coming For CNN,

                     WaPo Over Breach Of Contract With Sandmann Settlements?

07-28-2020 - ​Franklin Graham: Democrats ‘Are Flirting with All-Out Socialism’

07-27-2020 - ​Muslims’ first prayer service in former Catholic basilica explicitly rejects


07-27-2020 - ​Attack on Christian athlete who refused to kneel for BLM stunt exposes

                     sports world’s leftism

07-27-2020 - Nick Sandmann's Lawyer Accuses CNN's Brian Stelter of Breaching


07-27-2020 - Fmr Obama Admin Official & Fmr Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

                     Athletes Kneeling During National Anthem Akin to Kneeling at

                     'Religious Services'

07-26-2020 - Swedish Media: Muslim Friday Prayers At Hagia Sophia a 'Rock Concert'

07-25-2020 - Rabbi Calls for Baseball Boycott Until MLB Disengages from Hate-Filled

                     Politics of BLM

07-25-2020 - France's Cathedrals on Fire: 'The Final Stage of De-Christianization'?

07-25-2020 - Christian Charity Banned From Banking After LGBT Pressure Campaign 

07-25-2020 - ​California Churches Defy Lockdown Order: Christ Is Head of the Church

07-25-2020 - SCOTUS Won't Intervene for Nevada Church Seeking Lockdown Relief

07-24-2020 - Muslims Scream 'Allahu Akbar' as Hagia Sophia Officially Becomes a


07-24-2020 - Islamic World Celebrates as Hagia Sophia Welcomes Muslim


07-24-2020 - Covington Catholic HS Student Nick Sandmann Settles $250 Million

              Lawsuit With The Washington Post

07-24-2020 - Nick Sandmann Has Settled His $250M Lawsuit With The

              Washington Post

07-24-2020 - Pro-Life Democrats Urge Party to Drop Embrace of Abortion

07-23-2020 - A Rebuttal To Dr. Craig Considine’s Claim That Muhammad Was The

                     First Anti-Racist

07-23-2020 - Indoctrinated in Hate: Palestinian Schools Are Typical Muslim Schools

07-22-2020 - The Left Comes for Religious Hospitals

07-22-2020 - 24 AGs sue Trump admin for protecting doctors from being forced to

                     do abortions, ‘trans’ surgeries

07-22-2020 - Anti-Christian Attacks in Europe Rose 285 Percent Since 2008

07-22-2020 - Hallmark commits to ‘LGBTQ storylines,’ caves to left-wing pressure

07-22-2020 - Huge Kingdom of Judah government complex found near US Embassy in


07-22-2020 - Thomas Jefferson’s Koran - A reflection on the Left's sinister rewriting

                     of history.

07-21-2020 - Church Attacks Explode With 'an Unbridled, Roaring Fury'

07-21-2020 - Betrayal From Within - “Woke” Christian leaders persecute the faithful.

07-21-2020 - California School Boards Support Anti-Semitic Curriculum Lauding

                     Muslim Congresswomen Omar (D-MN), Tlaib (D-MI), Sarsour

07-21-2020 - Planned Parenthood to remove founder Margaret Sanger's name from

                     NYC clinic over support for eugenics

07-21-2020 - Interactive map shows growing number of Catholic churches,

             statues being attacked

07-20-2020 - Democrat National Committeewoman Memorializes Dead Palestinian

                     Car-Ramming Terrorist

07-20-2020 - WATCH: Joe Biden Wishes That American Schools Taught More About

                     The Islamic Faith

07-20-2020 - Catholics Decry ‘Week of Vandalism and Arson’ Against U.S. Churches

07-20-2020 - ‘Anti-Catholic Bigotry’: Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) Demands Investigations

                     Into Anti-Catholic Crimes

07-20-2020 - ​China Orders Christians to Take Down Images of Jesus from Their


07-20-2020 - ​Turkish Supreme Court: Sultan Mehmet Bought Hagia Sophia Fair and


07-20-2020 - Noose Hoaxer Bubba Wallace Loses Race…Mocks Christianity of Fellow

                     Nascar Driver [VIDEO]

07-20-2020 - Pro-life protester paints 'Baby Lives Matter' mural outside of Planned

                     Parenthood clinic. It has already been removed.

07-19-2020 - Majority of Greeks Unhappy with EU Response to Hagia Sofia


07-18-2020 - Churches Across the Country Attacked

07-18-2020 - Religious Liberty Wins Are Important, but They Are Not Enough

07-17-2020 - 'Building Power for Muslims in U.S. Politics'

07-17-2020 - George Soros’s Multi-Front War Against Israel

07-16-2020 - Pew: 8 facts about religion and government in the United States
07-15-2020 - Smithsonian: Christianity, Science, Capitalism Are Whiteness

07-15-2020 - Hagia Sophia: Muslim Fiction vs Documented Fact

07-15-2020 - Here’s what Sultan Erdogan told the Arabic world after he turned

                     Hagia Sophia into a mosque…

07-14-2020 - Hagia Sophia and Turkey's Supremacism

07-14-2020 - ‘Tolerant’ Liberals Sure Hate Jews

07-14-2020 - Christian Theologian Says Christians Should Be 'Delighted' at Hagia

                      Sophia Becoming a Mosque<Appeasement idiot>

07-13-2020 - European Governments Criticise Turkey Over Hagia Sophia

07-13-2020 - Godless Radicals Set Fire to Virgin Mary Statue Honoring Fallen WWII


07-13-2020 - Judge Permanently Blocks Georgia ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law <Of course,

                the judge was an Obama appointee.>

07-12-2020 - Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Christian Student’s Case Against

                     Restrictive Campus Speech Policy

07-12-2020 - ​Turkey's Hagia Sophia: "It's Like If Saint Peter's Had Been Turned Into a


07-11-2020 - Why Erdogan Converted the Hagia Sophia to a Mosque

07-11-2020 - Converting the Hagia Sophia to a Mosque: Turkey’s president is playing

                     religious politics

07-10-2020 - Turkey Converts Istanbul's Iconic Hagia Sophia Back Into A Mosque

07-10-2020 - Turkey's president converts Hagia Sophia museum back into a mosque

07-10-2020 - Hagia Sophia: I Mourn Loss of Turkey's Byzantine Heritage

07-10-2020 - UK High Court Rules Christian Adoption Charity Must Allow Same-Sex


07-10-2020 - ​Victor Davis Hanson: 5 'Radical, Long-Term Solutions' to Leftist

                     Academic Corruption

07-10-2020 - Trump: Defund 'Radical Left' Universities; Orders Review of Tax-exempt


07-09-2020 - U.S. Bishops Laud Court’s Defense of Church Right to Choose Teachers

07-09-2020 - Joe Biden Vows to Reverse Supreme Court on Religious Exemptions in


07-08-2020 - SCOTUS WINS: Religious Conservatives Notch Victories At Supreme

              Court On Birth Control Mandate, Bias Suits

07-08-2020 - Kanye West: Removing God and Prayer from Schools Meant More Drugs,

                     Murders, Suicide

07-08-2020 - Little Sisters of the Poor Win at Supreme Court; Religious Freedom

                     Trumps Obamacare

07-08-2020 - Supreme Court Rules Little Sisters of the Poor Exempt from Obamacare

                     Contraceptive Mandate <Ha! Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, Slick


07-08-2020 - ​Supreme Court Tells Ninth Circuit to Stay Out of Personnel Decisions of

                     Religious Organizations

07-08-2020 - Supreme Court Separates Church and State to Protect Religious


07-07-2020 -"You Are Finished!": Turkey's Growing War on Christians

07-07-2020 - If We Don't Stop It, Marxism Will Annihilate The American Way Of Life

07-07-2020 - NYT Reporter Reposts Smears About Pro-Lifers And Pregnancy Centers

07-06-2020 - ​VIDEO: Godless BLM Rioters ATTACK CHRISTIANS on Church Steps,

                     Disrupt Sermon with “Black Lives Matter” Chants

07-06-2020 - Texas Bishop Calls out ‘Dangerous’ Black Lives Matter Movement
​​07-06-2020 - Over 50 Boko Haram Attacks on Christians in Six Months Go Unreported

07-05-2020 - Turkey Deporting Protestant Christians

07-03-2020 - Christian Church in Nigeria Reports 8,370 Dead at Hands of Boko


07-02-2020 - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Parental Consent for


07-02-2020 - Turkey 'Shocked' U.S. Opposes Converting Hagia Sophia into a Mosque

06-30-2020 - Under Sworn Testimony, Planned Parenthood Officials Admit

              Infanticide Occurs In Organ Harvesting

06-30-2020 - SCOTUS: States Can't Exclude Religious Schools From Scholarships

​06-30-2020 - Supreme Court Protects Religious Freedom and School Choice

06-30-2020 - Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not


06-28-2020 - Turkey’s Christians Decry Crackdown on Religious Freedom

06-28-2020 - ​"32,000 Christians Butchered to Death": The Persecution of Christians,

                     May 2020

06-27-2020 - Vatican Rejects Gender Fluidity in New Catechetical Text

06-26-2020 - Federal Judge: Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio Violated Religious

                        Freedom <Well of course they did - they're Democrats and socialists - they have

                ZERO use nor respect for religion or religious people!!!>

06-25-2020 - California Town Banishes Christian Church from Downtown Area

​06-25-2020 - U.S. Bishops Call for End of Religious Discrimination in Foster Care

06-24-2020 - A Call for Kristallnacht Against Christians

06-23-2020 - Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Stands Up for Christianity, BLM Leader Shaun

                     King Says It's All About Her 'Whiteness'

06-23-2020 - America's Jews and Christians Are Failing the Test of Their Lives

06-18-2020 - Chick-fil-A CEO Calls for White Christians to Repent for Racism

06-17-2020 - Conservative Clergy of Color Rips Google Over 'Deliberate Censorship'

                     of Conservatives

06-16-2020 - Liberty Leaders: Far-Reaching Effects of Supreme Court LGBT Ruling

06-15-2020 - Trump Administration Final Rule ‘Clarifies Abortion Is Not a Civil Right’

​​06-11-2020 - Polish President Vows to Protect Children from 'LGBT Ideology'

06-11-2020 - European Court Backs Anti-Israel BDS Protest Movement

06-11-2020 - D.C. Mayor Bowser on Accusation of Treating Protests and Churches

                     Differently: First Amendment Protects Protests  <Uh, I think he missed the

               first 16 words of the 1st Amendment.>

06-10-2020 - What about Black Christian Lives?

06-10-2020 - Erdogan Eyes Converting Hagia Sophia into a Mosque Again

06-08-2020 - CAIR Enraged, Files Lawsuit Over the Truth About Islam Told at a


06-05-2020 - ​Trump's church walk was a strong move

06-05-2020 - Trump believes the Bible is the 'the most special thing'

06-04-2020 - 'God is Dead': Leftist Rioters Vandalize Churches and Synagogues

06-03-2020 - President Trump: Religious Freedom Is a ‘National Security Imperative’

06-02-2020 - Trump Signs Executive Order To Advance Global ReligiousFreedom

06-02-2020 - NYC Mayor De Blasio (D): Large Group Protests Are

                     Acceptable, Religious Observances Are Not

06-02-2020 - Rev. Franklin Graham Thanks Trump for Walk to St. John’s Episcopal


06-01-2020 - ​Historic U.S. churches damaged in protests – fire set at St. John's,

                     'Church of the Presidents'

05-27-2020 - ‘Conservative’ Supreme Court sides with liberal courts on transgender

                     prison surgery, criminal release

05-23-2020 - Harvard Prof. Slams Christianity’s ‘Malignant’ Belief in Afterlife <And to

                think that Harvard was originally established as a seminary - what a disgrace it

                has become.>

05-18-2020 - Judge Rules Against Oregon Governor’s Restrictions On Religious

                     Gatherings: ‘Null And Void’

05-15-2020 - Horowitz on Newsmax TV: Churches are an Essential American


05-14-2020 - The Religious Freedom of a Nation May Depend on One Small Cake


05-11-2020 - Justices to Decide If Religious Schools Can Choose Who Teaches Faith

05-11-2020 - Illinois Churches Sue After Governor Says Religious Services May Not

                     Resume For Up To A YEAR Under Coronavirus Plan

05-08-2020 - China Stages Violent Raid on Christian Church, Drags Worshipers Out

05-06-2020 - Little Sisters Under Fire AGAIN as Supreme Court Hears Obamacare Birth

                     Control Case

05-06-2020 - Catholic League Denounces Soros-Funded ‘Attack on Religious Liberty’

05-05-2020 - Little Sisters of the Poor Return to Supreme Court for Religious Freedom

05-02-2020 - Catholic League Decries ‘Soros-Funded Attack on Cardinal Dolan’

05-02-2020 - Cardinal Dolan: Left Wing ‘Snotty’ over My Dealings with President


05-01-2020 - Chinese Communists Demolish More Crosses on Christian Churches

04-26-2020 - ​WATCH: LA Pastor Placed Under House Arrest, Forced To Wear GPS

                     Ankle Bracelet For Refusing To Admit He Won’t Preach From Church:

                     "The stand I have taken is not for me---it has nothing to do with me---it's

                     for our religious freedoms"

04-14-2020 - Catholic League Warns ‘State Overreach’ Threatens Religious Liberty

04-14-2020 - Franklin Graham Condemns Attacks on Christian Marriage Beliefs

                     During Coronavirus

04-14-2020 - ​Christians Must Stand Up Against the Assault on Religious Liberty

04-12-2020 - Liberal Mayor: You’re Not Allowed To Attend Drive-In Church Service.

                     Judge: Nope, Gives Mayor Tongue-Lashing.

04-12-2020 - 'Unconstitutional': Judge allows drive-in service at Louisville church after

                     Democrat (of course) mayor 'criminalized' Easter services <Oh no!  It

                appears that the fine red state of KY has become infected with the Bluerona virus.

                Wake up Kentuckians!!  Don't become the next Virginia!>

04-12-2020 - AG Barr taking 'action' against gov't officials who are regulating

                     religious gatherings

04-11-2020 - Kentucky Officials to Report License Plates of Easter Churchgoers

04-10-2020 - ​Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Sued Again, This Time for Refusing 'Gender

                     Transition' Cake

04-10-2020 - Recovering The Religious Liberty Of The Founders

04-10-2020 - Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam (D), Announces Signing of Extreme

                     Abortion Bill on Good Friday <Just disgraceful on so many levels.>

04-04-2020 - Sen. Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY) Threatens Pro-Life Supreme Court


04-03-2020 - MSNBC Smears 'Religious Nationalists' as Responsible for Pandemic


04-03-2020 - LGBT Lobby Attacks Rev. Franklin Graham for Outreach in New York

04-03-2020 - Greensboro Faces Lawsuit for Arresting Christians Outside Abortion


04-01-2020 - NYT Ignores The Evidence To Slander Christians As Coronavirus Deniers

04-01-2020 - Franklin Graham’s Charity, Samaritan's Purse, Treats Virus Patients,

                     "Tolerant" Liberals & Lefties Mock His Faith

04-01-2020 - ​Idaho Governor Signs Law Banning Transgender People From Changing

                     Their Birth Certificates

04-01-2020 - NYC Mayor ​Bill de Blasio (D) Will 'Monitor' Samaritan's Purse Hospital for


04-01-2020 - Mayor de Blasio (D): NYC Desperately Needs Help, But Not From a

                     Christian Organization

03-30-2020 - ​NYT Now Blaming Christians for Coronavirus

03-27-2020 - ​New York Times Blames Evangelical Christians for Coronavirus

03-14-2020 - European Rights Court Rules Against Christians Who Won't Abort Babies

03-12-2020 - Scientific Proof Is A Myth

03-10-2020 - Bible verse scrubbed from locker room after atheists complain. So

                     community puts verse on T-shirts — and Scripture spreads wider

03-05-2020 - Vatican Blasts United Nations for ‘Attack on Freedom of Religion’

03-04-2020 - Kentucky High School Covers Up Bible Verse After Complaint from

                     Atheist Group

03-02-2020 - Watch: MSNBC's Chris Matthews Announces Retirement (Goodbye and

                good riddance, Mr. Tingles - we'll never miss you!  MSDNC hasn't gotten anything

                this right since they fired that crum bum, Keith Olbermann, in 2010.  Roswell

                Rachel, you're next, buddy!)

02-29-2020 - Supreme Court Declares America a Christian Nation on this day in

02-28-2020 - House Democrats Block Amendment to Save Babies Who Survive

02-28-2020 - Pew Survey: The Democrat Party Has a Serious God Problem

02-28-2020 - U.N. Chief Guterres Wants to 'Urgently Redistribute Power' and Fight

                     'Gender Inequality'​
02-26-2020 - FCC Hit with More Than 1,300 Complaints About J-Lo, Shakira Super

                     Bowl Halftime Show​

02-21-2020 - WSJ: Mainstream Christian Churches Languish, but Evangelicals Thrive
02-20-2020 - Is Carrying a Gun unChristian?​

02-20-2020 - Buttigieg's Brother-in-Law: 'Everything Pete Is Pushing' Is 'Anti-God'

02-20-2020 - Use Trans Pronouns Or Get Fired, Ohio Court Tells Christian Professor

02-18-2020 - Is Finland About to Make Christianity Illegal? Christian Lawmaker Facing

                     Fines and Prison

02-18-2020 - Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) Falsely Claims Late-Term Abortions Due to

                     ‘Devastating’ Problem
02-18-2020 - Pro-Life Leader Rips Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (D-NY) Alleged Hostility

                     Toward Pregnant Staff

02-17-2020 - Report: ‘Record Number of Violent Attacks Against Christians’ in India

02-17-2020 - Mayor  Pete Buttigieg (D-IN): 'We Are All Lifted Up' by Stories About


02-13-2020 - Open Doors CEO: Trump Admin's Religious Freedom Alliance a Good


02-12-2020 - Franklin Graham: Where’s the ‘Outcry’ Against Dems’ Abortion


02-08-2020 - Pope Francis Condemns the ‘Evil’ of Gender Theory

02-07-2020 - Fact Check: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Claims ‘3 of 4’ Americans

                     Believe Roe v. Wade Should Be Law

02-06-2020 - Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution

02-03-2020 - End the Hoax: There Are No Palestinians

02-02-2020 - A Global Catastrophe: "260 Million Christians Experience High Levels of


02-01-2020 - Pro-life Democrats ‘Fed Up’ with Party’s ‘Abortion Extremism’

​02-01-2020 - Washington Dems Push Mandatory LGBTQ Sex Ed for Kindergartners

01-29-2020 - Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Rips Christian Schools with ‘Anti-

                     LGBTQ+ Policies’

01-28-2020 - CNN Segment Ridicules Trump Supporters as Illiterate 'Rubes'

01-28-2020 - CNN's Don Lemon and guests mock Trump supporters as uneducated

                     and illiterate

01-27-2020 - Cardinal Burke: No Catholic Can Justify Policies That Promote Abortion

                     and Biden Consistently Does

01-27-2020 - Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN): No Room for Pro-Life Democrats in Our


01-25-2020 - California ‘Coordinated Attack on Civil Liberties of Pro-Life Americans’

01-24-2020 - First Muslim Miss USA Says She Now Follows Christ

01-23-2020 - Trump Is the Most Successful Pro-Life President in U.S. History

01-23-2020 - Supreme Court Blasts Discrimination, “Grotesque Religious Bigotry” In

                     School Choice Case

01-22-2020 - Netflix Misses U.S. Subscriber Target for 3rd Straight Quarter After

                     Mocking Christians, Abortion Activism

01-22-2020 - SCOTUS: Kavanaugh, Alito, & Breyer Suggest MT Discriminated

                        Against Religious Schools

01-21-2020 - ​It's Time To End The Bigotry Of Blaine Amendments

01-21-2020 - Guess how much San Antonio has spent to keep Chick-fil-A out of the


01-21-2020 - Study Finds Unborn Babies May Feel Pain as Early as 12 Weeks

01-20-2020 - Religious-schools case heads to a Supreme Court skeptical of stark lines

                     between church and state - The Boston Globe

01-18-2020 - Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann Makes Statement On

                     One Year Anniversary Of Fake News Attacks By Liberal Media

01-18-2020 - Open Doors: Religious Freedom Must Be a Baseline Human Right
01-18-2020 - Trump strengthens religious freedom with executive order – We need 

                     more prayer in America

01-16-2020 - Report: Radical Islam Still Driving Global Christian Persecution

01-16-2020 - ​Report: 260 million Christians Face ‘High Levels of Persecution’

01-16-2020 - Watch List 2020: China Targets Youth in Its War on Christianity

01-16-2020 - President Donald J. Trump is Safeguarding the Right to Religious

              Freedom for Students and Organizations

​01-16-2020 - Trump administration moves to protect prayer in public schools

               and federal funds for religious organizations

01-16-2020 - Trump upholds religious freedom with new executive order, benefiting

                      all Americans

01-16-2020 - ​U.S. Bishops Stress Importance of Religious Freedom Day

01-16-2020 - Donald Trump Proclaims Religious Freedom Day 2020

01-16-2020 - TN Gov. Bill Lee to Sign Bill Protecting Religious Freedom of Adoption


01-15-2020 - U.S. ​Space Force Bible critics condemn "unadulterated Christian

                     privilege"<The MRFF is a complete joke!> 

01-15-2020 - Jeff Sessions Fights Left’s ‘Unprecedented’ Attacks on Religious


01-11-2020 - Report: 3,000 Christian Sites in Europe Vandalized in 2019

01-09-2020 - Chickensh*t Chick-fil-A' Response After Smearing the Salvation Army

01-07-2020 - Trump to His Christian Supporters: Religion is ‘Under Siege,’ But He Will

                     ‘Never Stop Fighting for Americans of Faith’

​​01-07-2020 - CNN Settles Lawsuit with Covington Catholic Student Nick


01-02-2020 - Hollywood Attacks Christians by Mocking Breitbart Readers

12-29-2019 - NBC's F. Chuck Todd Bashes Christians in MTP Rant Against

                     Misinformation, Trump

12-28-2019 - ​Christian Post: Pete Buttigieg’s Bible ‘Missing a Lot of Pages’

12-27-2019 - A Response to the Editor of Christianity Today

12-24-2019 - ​Hungary Govt: Christians, Christian Culture Attacked Across Europe,


12-23-2019 - Franklin Graham Again Slams Christianity Today for Anti-Trump Stance

12-23-2019 - ​Christianity Today Doubles Down in Call for Trump Impeachment

12-22-2019 - Evangelicals Chastise Christianity Today

12-22-2019 - Christianity Today Editor: Trump's 'Public Morality' Makes Him 'Unfit for


12-22-2019 - Christianity Today Editor: It's 'Strange' That People Who Follow Jesus

                        Don't Call Out Trump Publicly

12-22-2019 - Christianity Today Editor: Trump's 'Public Morality' Makes Him 'Unfit for                       Office'

12-22-2019 - Pope Francis Tells Christians Not to Try to Convert Nonbelievers

12-20-2019 - ​Jerry Falwell: Christianity Today ‘Unmasked’ as Same ‘Liberal

                     Evangelicals’ Who Voted for Hillary

12-20-2019 - Christianity Today Editor Champions Theologian Who Excused Stalin's

                     Mass Murder

12-20-2019 - Christianity Today Editor: Trump Labeling Mag 'Far Left' is 'Inaccurate'

12-20-2019 - Tony Perkins: Trump Condemner Christianity Today Has ‘PC Worldview’

12-20-2019 - Christianity Today Calls For Trump’s Removal; Trump Responds

12-19-2019 - Losing our Religion: America becoming 'pagan' as Christianity cedes to


12-19-2019 - Billy Graham-Founded ‘Christianity Today’ Calls for Removal of Trump

12-12-2019 - WATCH: Trump Signs Executive Order Recognizing Judaism as

                     Nationality, Outlaws Anti-Semitism

12-10-2019 - Trump Accused of Antisemitism for Executive Order Protecting Jews

12-11-2019 - Report: Islamic Persecution of Christians ‘Gaining Traction’ in Africa

12-06-2019 - LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Bill Proposed in Congress

12-04-2019 - ​Chick-fil-A Grantee Covenant House Hosted Drag Queen Story Hour

11-28-2019 - Chick-fil-A: SPLC Donation Made 'to Change Lives'

11-27-2019 - Buildings Lit Red for Persecuted Christians on 'Red Wednesday'

11-27-2019 - Shock and Betrayal: Chick-Fil-A Has Donated to SPLC and Many Other

                     Left-Wing Groups

11-27-2019 - Even Christian Groups Are Boycotting Chick-fil-A After SPLC Donation

11-27-2019 - Chick-Fil-A Donates to Extremist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

11-26-2019 - Cowardice and Capitulation: The Shocking Things Chick-fil-A Funds

11-22-2019 - ​Chick-fil-A Put an Obama and Hillary Supporter in Charge, but Dumped


11-22-2019 - Franklin Graham: Chick-fil-A Told Me It Hasn't ‘Bowed’ to LGBT


11-21-2019 - Chick-fil-A Petition Urges Return to Support of Christian Ministries

11-21-2019 - The Other Genocide of Christians

11-21-2019 - Pope Cites Fictional French Epic to Prove Christians Are Violent

11-20-2019 - LGBT Agenda Shuts Down of Christian Adoption Agency

11-19-2019 - Mike Huckabee: Chick-fil-A ‘Betrayal’ Will Have ‘Far Broader’


11-19-2019 - Huckabee on Chick-fil-A 'Cave': They Bowed Down to Bullies -- Were

                     Convinced They Needed to Be 'More Woke'

11-19-2019 - GLAAD: Chick-Fil-A's Cave Not Enough, Brand Must Disavow Itself

11-19-2019 - Chick-fil-A Sells out the Christian Faith for Greed

11-18-2019 - EXCLUSIVE: Chick-fil-A To Stop Donations To Charities With Anti-LGBT


11-18-2019 - Salvation Army Leaders 'Saddened' by Chick-fil-A Decision to Drop


11-18-2019 - Chick-fil-A Will Stop Donating to Salvation Army, Christian Athletes

                     Following LGBT Pressure

11-18-2019 - Ban on Christian prayer at high school football game reversed by 11th


11-16-2019 - Pew: Democrats Viewed as Much More ‘Unfriendly’ to Religion than GOP

11-15-2019 - 'Too Many to Count': The Global Persecution of Christians

11-08-2019 - Lettuce Pray: Climate Change, Neo-Paganism, and the End of the World

11-08-2019 - Drag Queens Fundraise for Planned Parenthood with ‘Slave-Style

                     Auction’ of Christian Pastors

11-01-2019 - Kentucky Supreme Court tosses suit against Christian who refused to

                     make LGBT pride shirts

10-18-2019 - Pew: U.S. Christian Population in Freefall, 12% Drop in 10 Years

10-18-2019 - Left-Wing Hoax Claims Chick-fil-A Backs Death Penalty for Gays

10-17-2019 - Pew Research Survey: In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at

              Rapid Pace

10-12-2019 - Catholic League Decries Democrats’ Growing Hostility Toward Religion

10-11-2019 - Principal Refuses Chick-fil-A Meal 'Out of Respect to Our LGBTQ Staff'

10-11-2019 - Senator Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren (D-MA) Makes Fun of and

                     Mocks Christian men for Believing Biblical Principles

10-02-2019 - Harassment and imprisonment: Life as a persecuted Christian in Iran

​09-22-2019 - AZ Supreme Court Rules: Religious freedom for wedding invite

                     designers in Brush & Nib vs City of Phoenix

09-20-2019 - Chick-fil-A Has Doubled Its Sales Despite Increased Protests

09-13-2019 - Franklin Graham Slams ‘Mayor Pete’ for Twisting Christianity

09-13-2019 - ​Pope Francis invites religious, political leaders to sign ‘Global Pact’ for

                     ‘new humanism’

09-13-2019 - Purdue University Faculty Wants Chick-fil-A Banned from Campus

09-10-2019 - Lafayette pastor: The troubling case of Purdue faculty going after Chick-


09-09-2019 - LGBT Activists Seek to Destroy Christianity

09-08-2019 - The End of Comfortable Christianity?

​09-07-2019 - Polish Conservatives Campaign on Judiciary Reforms, Christian Values

09-05-2019 - Drew Brees Celebrates Christian Faith While Responding to Critics of

                     'Bring Your Bible to School' Video

09-05-2019- ​Following Texas Shooting, Chick-fil-A Employees Worked Late To Make

                     Sure First Responders Had Food

09-03-2019 - University faculty: Chick-fil-A hazardous to health

09-02-2019 - ‘They Called Us Satanic’: Bishop Exposes Christian Persecution in

                     Communist Nicaragua

09-02-2019 - MN tries to compel Christian filmmakers to celebrate gay marriage…

09-01-2019 - University of Kansas Faculty Wants 'Bastion of Bigotry' Chick-fil-A

                     Banned from Campus

09-01-2019 - Will floral artist Barronelle Stutzman's faith cost her everything?

08-30-2019 - DNC (Democrat National Committee) Embraces 'Religiously

              Unaffiliated,' Belittles Americans of Faith

08-30-2019 - ​Democratic Party Passes Resolution Against Christianity

08-30-2019 - MIT Study: There Is No Single ‘Gay Gene'

08-29-2019 - Pope Francis Goes Silent on Hong Kong Protests

08-29-2019 - Mike Pence Declares VA Hospitals Will Not Be 'Religion-Free Zones'

08-28-2019 - Trump Administration Praised for Standing Against U.N. Pro-Abortion


08-28-2019 - ​North Central College Student Details Mandatory Social Justice Training

08-28-2019 - Illinois Passes New Law Requiring LGBTQ Classes in Middle School

08-26-2019 - The Massive Growth of the Orthodox Episcopate Since 2006

08-27-2019 - (Jimmy Carter-appointed) Federal Judge Blocks Missouri Abortion Law

08-23-2019 - Muslim Congresswomen Tlaib's (D-MN), Omar's (D-MI) Islamic hate for

                     Israel spreading in Democrat party

08-23-2019 - ​NBC News Report: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working’

08-23-2019 - ADF fights state's effort to dismiss Catholic students' case

08-23-2019 - ​Top Leaders: Parents Must Get Children Out of Public School

08-23-2019 - Pop Music Icon Taylor Swift: “Obviously” I Support Abortion. “Can’t

                     Believe” People Want to Protect Unborn Children

​08-23-2019 - Court: Suit by St. Cloud, MN couple opposed to filming same-sex

                     weddings can continue (Larsen case)

08-22-2019 - Unfortunately it’s not over for Christian printer who refused to make

                     gay pride t-shirts and thought he’d won his case… 

08-22-2019 - 3 yrs later - VIDEO: Gay Iconoclasm: Holding the Line against the Radical

                     LGBT Agenda

08-22-2019 - Exit Strategy: Parent’s Tough Choices with Public Education

08-22-2019 - How to Clean Up Your School and Stop the Revolution

08-21-2019 - Children are LGBTQ's Main Target Now

08-21-2019 - Latest Research on Religiously Unaffiliated from Pew Research

08-21-2019 - Christian Who Refused to Pay Taxes Because They Fund Abortions Beats

                     IRS, Case Ends in Mistrial

08-20-2019 - The Left Stokes Racist Flames and Demonizes Millions

08-17-2019 - The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate-based scam that

                     nearly caused me to be murdered

08-15-2019 - ​Faith and Freedom in the Classroom

08-14-2019 - Chinese Communists Ban Christian Summer Camps

08-08-2019 - Christian Legal Defense Org ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) Fires

                        Back at Vassar College for 'Hate Group' Label

08-08-2019 - ​Iraqi Archbishop: ‘Extinction Is Coming’ for Middle East Christians

08-03-2019 - Chick-Fil-A Does not Bow to Social Pressure and Becomes Most Favored

                     Restaurant Chain

08-01-2019 - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) Justified Violence Against Jews

                     Twice in 7 Days

08-01-2019 - ​Apple News Blacklists Christian News Org ‘LifeSite’ for ‘Intolerance’

07-26-2019 - WATCH:  Google says 'Christian' unacceptable keyword -- 'Muslim' okay

07-24-2019 - Faith-Based Org to Help Vets: Google Blocked 'Christian' Keyword in Ads

07-23-2019 - NGO: Fulani Killings of Nigerian Christians Amount to ‘Genocide’

07-23-2019 - Pew Research Survey: What Americans Know About Religion

07-22-2019 - ​Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) Disses Texas Chick-fil-A Bill

07-21-2019 - Daily Beast Declares Baseball Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera 'Far-Right'

                        Because He Is a Christian Who Supports Israel

07-20-2019 - Gov. Abbott Signs Chick-fil-A Bill into Law to ‘Protect Religious Liberty’
​​07-19-2019 - Greg Abbott just signed the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill in Texas! 

07-19-2019 - Texas gov. signs bill making it illegal to kill babies who survive abortion

07-18-2019 - 'Hope is Back': Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis in Iraq

07-16-2019 - Boston Sued for Banning Christian Flag, Allowing 284 Others

07-16-2019 - USWNT’s Ashlyn Harris Blasts Former Christian Teammate: 'You Are


07-13-2019 - US organization exposes the horror of global Christian persecution: 'It's

                        a different world'

07-11-2019 - Dire warning about socialism creeping into Christianity

07-11-2019 - Survey: Half of Britons Atheist, Christians Fall to 38%, Islam on the Rise

07-10-2019 - Anti-Christian Attacks in France Quietly Quadrupled. Why?

07-10-2019 - Christian Persecution Group Targets Lobbyists for Oppressors 

07-04-2019 - Court Victory for Christian Kicked out of University for Gay Marriage


07-01-2019 - Trump Administration Delays Implementation Of ‘Conscience 

                     Protection’ Rule

06-28-2019 - WATCH: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to Christian Conservatives: We Are Not

                        Going to Let Big Tech Silence Us

06-25-2019 - DYS: Religious Liberty Is Slowly On The Mend At SCOTUS

06-23-2019 - Report: Christian Persecution Reaches ‘Mammoth Proportions’

06-22-2019 - ​Germany Sees Thirty Anti-Christian Attacks in Two Months

06-21-2019 - Secretary of State Pompeo Releases 2018 Int'l Religious Freedom

                        Report, Finds Extreme Hostility to All Faiths in China 

06-12-2019 - Texas Governor Abbott Signs Bill Supporting Chick-fil-A

06-12-2019 - Elementary School Teacher Bans 1st-Graders from Saying “Jesus” or

                     G-d”, but Allah is OK 

06-12-2019 - Here We Go Again: Christian Cake-Maker Jack Phillips Faces Another

                     Lawsuit From Transgender Person

06-11-2019 - Colorado Christian cakeshop sued a third time for discrimination

06-11-2019 - Google's Internal Emails Will Reveal Hatred of Christians and


06-10-2021 - Jack Phillips faces third lawsuit over refusal to make gender transition


06-07-2019 - Joe Biden in 2012 Said 'Life Begins at Conception'

06-04-2019 - Tiananmen Square Rally: Xi Jinping Has ‘Declared War on Religion’

06-01-2019 - U.S. Bishops Call for ‘Religious Freedom’ in Face of Persecution

05-30-2019 - Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Bill into


05-30-2019 - Baby the Size of an Apple Survives and Thrives After 23-Week Delivery

05-30-2019 - FAA Investigating Airports for Discrimination in Chick-fil-A Bans

05-28-2019 - Missouri's last abortion clinic says it may lose its license this week

05-28-2019 - Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg draw battle lines for future

                     abortion cases

​05-28-2019 - Mississippi State Professor Uses Exam to Blast Chick-fil-A for Promoting

                     American Values

05-27-2019 - Federal Investigation Launched After Chick-fil-A Airport Bans

05-26-2019 - Trump's HHS Moves to Protect Religious Health Providers

05-25-2019 - ​Why Liberals Hate Chick-fil-A

05-25-2019 - FAA Investigating 2 Airports For Religious Discrimination After

                     Booting Chick-Fil-A

05-24-2019 - Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) bashes Pro-Lifers and Christians on the

                     House floor

05-24-2019 - Purdue PhD Student Claims He Was Forced Out of Program for

                     His Christian Faith

05-23-2019 - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Announces Investigation of Yale for

                     Discrimination Against Christians

05-17-2019 - Pete Buttigieg: Christianity Has Extremist Factions, Just like Islam

05-16-2019 - It’s time for Catholics (and all religious people) to wake up to the

                     danger of the California Confession bill

05-16-2019 - FRC's Tony Perkins: Equality Act 'Egregious Attack' on Religious


05-16-2019 - ​Christian Student Group Wins Lawsuit with University of Colorado

05-15-2019 - Alabama abortion ban: Nation’s strictest abortion bill passes; no rape,

                     incest exceptions

05-14-2019 - Jihadists Bomb Christian Village in Syria, Killing Four Children

05-14-2019 - VP Mike Pence to Christian Students: Prepare to Be Shunned for

                     Defending the Bible

05-14-2019 - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Dems Embracing 'Extreme Left' That 'Has a Long

                     History of Antisemitism, of Anti-Israel Hatred'

05-14-2019 - Giuliani to Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI): Palestinian

                     Leader 'Close Ally of Hitler' in WWII

05-14-2019 - U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe: ‘I’ll Probably Never Sing the National

                     Anthem Again <Then renounce your U.S. citizenship and move to North                         Korea because we don't want you here.  And on your way out, don't forget                       to thank a vet for the freedom you once had, you world-class dingbat.  Read this

                Meg:  If America Sucks So Bad, You’re Free to Leave>

​05-13-2019 - Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Promotes Protection of World’s Christians in

                     Trump Meeting

05-13-2019 - WATCH: Why DON'T You Support Israel - Fmr Canadian PM, Stephen


05-13-2019 - PA Dem Brian Sims Locks Twitter Account After Massive Pro-Life Rally

05-13-2019 - Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Important’ for Hollywood to Oppose Georgia's

                     'Heartbeat' Law

05-12-2019 - Yankees Fans Call for Boycott After Ban of Kate Smith's 'God Bless


05-12-2019 - Texas Officials Illuminate Crosses After Atheists' Call for Removal

05-11-2019 - More 'heartbeat' abortion bans advancing in South, Midwest

05-10-2019 - BOOM: Police Report Filed Against PA Democratic State Rep. Over His

                     Harassment of Pro-Life Teenagers

05-10-2019 - More than 1,000 Conservatives Rally at Philly Planned Parenthood

                     Where Unhinged Dem Bullied Pro-Lifers

05-10-2019 - Trinity University Administration Rejects Student Government's Call to

                     Ban Chick-Fil-A

​05-10-2019 - Dennis Prager: 'The Left Has Substituted Itself for God'​ 

05-09-2019 - Texas Town Rallies Against Atheist Call to Remove Courthouse Crosses

05-09-2019 - Student Government at Christian College in Texas Votes to Oust Chick-

                     fil-A from Campus

05-08-2019 - ​Pennsylvania School Stops Principal from Saying ‘God Bless America’

                     After Pledge

05-08-2019 - ​Pro-Abortion Decision of Kansas Supreme Court Has National


05-08-2019 - ​Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Terrible at Christianity

05-08-2019 - Anti-Christian Group Sues Veteran Affairs over Bible Display

05-08-2019 - Seattle School District Urges Teachers to Follow CAIR Guidelines on

                     Blessing Muslim Students During Ramadan

05-08-2019 - Pro-Life Activists Rising up to PA Democrat Sims

05-08-2019 - Anti-Christian Group Sues Veteran Affairs over Bible Display

05-07-2019 - WATCH: CAIR Director Compares Israel to Nazi Germany at UC Irvine

05-07-2019 - ​Polish Woman Arrested for Defacing Icon with LGBT Rainbow

05-07-2019 - Georgia Gov. Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill into Law

05-07-2019 - Georgia Gov. Signs Pro-Life 'Heartbeat Bill' Protecting Unborn Babies

05-07-2019 - ​Epidemic of Jew Hatred on Campus: The Top Ten Neo-Nazi Incidents

05-07-2019 - Jasser: [Muslim Congresswomen] 'Ilhan Omar (D-MI)and Rashida Tlaib

                     (D-MN) Are Normalizing' Radical Islamism

05-06-2019 - Christians are most persecuted group in the world, study says

05-06-2019 - PA Democrat State Rep. Brian Sims Records Himself Rebuking Pro-Life

                     ‘Old White Lady’ Saying Rosary

05-06-2019 - ​Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) Blames Israel For

                     Attacking 'Our Palestinian People,' People Immediately Question Dual


05-06-2019 - PA Democrat Rep. Brian Sims Offers Planned Parenthood Donation for

                     Identities of Pro-Life Teens

05-06-2019 - Not One Democrat Presidential Candidate Defended Israel During

                     Rocket Attacks

05-06-2019 - Georgia Governor Signing ‘Heartbeat Bill’ : I’m Not Worried About What

                     Hollywood Thinks Of Me

05-05-2019 - Hagia Sophia: Archaeologists Uncover More Secrets at Ancient World’s

                     Largest Christian Cathedral

05-05-2019 - ​Tear-filled Alveda King on NDOP: 'Hallelujah!' for Trump

05-05-2019 - Muslim Group Boko Haram Kills 25 Christians in Door-to-Door Attacks

05-05-2019 - Orthodox Church Snubs Pope Francis on Bulgaria Visit

05-05-2019 - WATCH: Children at Muslim School in Philadelphia Sing Jihadist Songs

05-03-2019 - BBC News: Christian persecution 'at near genocide levels'

05-03-2019 - America’s Most Anti-Christian President

05-03-2019 - Trump administration has a heart for people of conscience

05-03-2019 - Facebook Bans 'Dangerous' Conservative Figures but Continues to Allow

                     Leftist Calls for Violence

05-03-2019 - Jesus was not a Palestinian

05-02-2019 - Decline of Christianity Will See German Church Congregations Cut in


05-02-2019 - Planned Parenthood CEO: My Proudest Moment is Forcing Christians to

                     Pay for Abortion Drug

05-02-2019 - Trump Administration Strengthens ‘Conscience Rule’ for Health Care


05-02-2019 - Report: almost half world not allowed to worship as they choose

05-02-2019 - NYPD Says Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes Up Staggering 82 Percent

05-02-2019 - NYPD: Hate crimes up 67 percent for the first quarter of 2019

05-01-2019 - Losing on marriage doesn't mean we give up

04-30-2019 - United Methodist Church council tells LGBT forces to hit the rainbow


04-29-2019 - American Church Membership At All-Time Low

04-29-2019 - Campus Lecturer Tim Wise: Christians Should Be 'Locked Up'

04-29-2019 - Left-wing activist who said Bible believers 'deserve to be locked up'

                     invited to speak at Harvard 'diversity conference' 

04-29-2019 - What Christians Face in a Neo-Marxist World

04-28-2019 - Franklin Graham responds to Pete Buttigieg controversy with powerful

                     statement about Christian faith

04-28-2019 - Pope Sends Money to Migrant Caravans Trying to Enter U.S.

04-28-2019 - Christians Fleeing Middle East Even After Fall of Islamic State

04-27-2019 - ​Bank of America Confronted About Support for Planned Parenthood

04-27-2019 - ​Trump Calls Out Gov. Tony Evers on Decision to Veto Born-Alive Bill

04-27-2019 - Synagogue Gunman: Trump Is 'Jew-Loving, Traitorous C*cksucker'

04-26-2019 - Satanic Temple Recognized as ‘Church’ with Tax-Exempt Status

04-26-2019 - National Review Condemns Franklin Graham as a Bad Christian

04-24-2019 - THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism

04-24-2019 - It’s Pascha, Not Easter!

04-23-2019 - Half of Americans back stronger role of religion in society

04-22-2019 - Obama, Clinton, Democrats Denounce Attacks on 'Easter Worshippers,'

                     Not 'Christians'

04-22-2019 - Trump-supporting BBQ food truck sells anti-PC shirts redefining 'LGBTQ'

                     — and the liberal outrage mob pounces

04-21-2019 - Swedish Teachers Stop Student Speech For Being Too Pro-Israel

04-21-2019 - Over 200 Dead, 600 Wounded As Muslim Terrorists Target Churches,

                     Hotels On Easter Sunday

04-20-2019 - Vermont's Republican Governor to Sign Bill Abolishing Columbus Day

04-18-2019 - Gallup: U.S. Church Membership Down Sharply in Past Two Decades

04-17-2019 - Pro-Family Groups Call on Media, Big Tech to Stop Southern Poverty Law

                     Center (SPLC) from Smearing Christians, Conservatives

04-17-2019 - Criminalization of Christianity is on America's horizon

04-15-2019 - Students Rebel Against Transgender Ideology in Nebraska, Alaska

04-15-2019 - Ohio Democrat legislator tried to EXEMPT black babies from pro-life

                     ‘heartbeat’ law!

04-15-2019 - Pearson high school history textbook teaches Trump is mentally ill and

                     his supporters are racists

04-14-2019 - Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens While 38K Veterans Are


04-11-2019 - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill into Law

04-11-2019 - 'Unplanned' Director to Senate: Silicon Valley Refused to Advertise


04-11-2019 - Boston College Student: Baby Who Survives Abortion Is Not a Baby
04-11-2019 - YouTube Hides PragerU Video of Candace Owens' Testimony in

                     'Restricted Mode'
04-11-2019 - Candace Owens Accuses Nadler of 'Anti-Black Bias' After Giving Her

                     Impossible Deadline Ahead of Hearing
04-10-2019 - Report: Google Manually Manipulates Search Results to Exclude

                     Conservative Sites

04-10-2019 - Pro-Life Leaders Applaud Senate Committee Hearing on Tech


04-10-2019 - ACLJ eSignature Petition: ​Defend “In God We Trust” from Atheist Attacks

04-09-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (R-MN) to CAIR: 'Some People Did

                     Something' on 9/11

04-09-2019 -  'Cages' for Child Migrants Were Built by Obama Admin

04-09-2019 - Gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor and 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete

                     Buttigieg: Time to Move Toward 'More Humane' Vision of Faith than

                     What VP Pence Represents

04-09-2019 - ​Crosses in Italian Cemetery Covered to Avoid Offence to Other Religions

04-09-2019 - Reports: After Years of Bulldozing Churches, China Targets Mosque

04-08-2019 - Gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor & 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete

                     Buttigieg (D) Falls for Fake News, Trashes Trump's Christian Supporters

04-08-2019 - Family Research Council Presses Democrat Districts to Protect Babies

                     Who Survive Abortion from Infanticide 

04-07-2019 - WATCH: CBS Cameras Cut Away the Moment Texas Tech Basketball

                     Team Starts Praying

04-07-2019 - Liberal teacher bans Samoset Middle School (Long Island, NY) student

                     from choosing Trump as her 'hero' for project. Teacher suggests Obama


04-07-2019 - Democrat & 2020 Presidential Candidate Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke

                     Calls Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu a 'Racist'

04-07-2019 - Gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor & 2020 Presidential Candidate Pete

                     Buttigieg (D) ATTACKS Evangelical Christians who support Trump

04-06-2019 - Cardinal: Church of Migration and Ecology Interests 'No One'

04-06-2019 - Emails Reveal Planned Parenthood Pressured California to Force

                     Churches to Pay for Abortions

04-06-2019 - ​Mormon church OKs baptisms for LGBT couples' kids

04-05-2019 - Feminist Professor Caitlyn Collins Shames Construction Worker for ‘Men

                     Working’ Sign – It Blows Up in Her Face

04-05-2019 - Blue State Blues: When Harvard Funds Antisemitism

04-04-2019 - Mormons ease opposition to same-sex couples and their kids

04-04-2019 - U.S. Envoy to Vatican Decries China’s Repression of Religion

04-04-2019 - Court upholds Kentucky's abortion law requiring ultrasounds

04-04-2019 - New Alabama Bill Would Make Most Abortions Illegal

04-04-2019 - Islamists Arrested After Plotting to Massacre Kindergarten Children

04-04-2019 - Is America becoming Godless? The number of people who have no

              religion rose 266% in three decades

04-03-2019 - New survey asks pastors: Do schools influence faith formation?

04-03-2019 - Texas Senate Approves Bill to Ban Funding of Abortion Providers

04-03-2019 - Georgia becomes latest state to push for 'Bible literacy' classes in public


04-03-2019 - Fined $55,000 for Calling a Male a Male

04-03-2019 - Trump Free Speech Order Already Working to Protect Students

04-03-2019 - Democrats Court Al Sharpton; Ignore Past of Racism, Antisemitism,


04-03-2019 - Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA): Protect Transgender Freedom

                     by Regulating All Americans

04-03-2019 - Google Employees Lash Out at Inclusion of Conservatives on Company's

                     AI Council

04-02-2019 - Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) Urges IRS to Investigate SPLC's Tax-Exempt                       Status

04-02-2019 - Snitches rewarded in China for exposing Christians

04-02-2019 - Rep. Byrne (R-AL): Bullying, Boycotts, and Censorship – The Left Is

                     Trying to Silence Conservatives

04-02-2019 - South Carolina bill would ban nearly all abortions as soon as six weeks

04-02-2019 - Watch: Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) to Force Vote on Born-Alive Act

04-02-2019 - Shattered statues and satanic symbols mark rise in attacks on French


04-02-2019 - Sorry You're Offended, But 'Palestine' Does Not Exist

03-31-2019 - More SPLC Employees Step Forward, Claim "Systemic Culture Of Racism

                     And Sexism"

03-31-2019 - Box Office: 'Dumbo' Flies in At #1, Pro-Life Movie 'Unplanned' Debuts

                     with Impressive $7M

03-30-2019 - Twitter Suspends, Then Quickly Unsuspends Account of Pro-Life Movie

                     'Unplanned' During Release Week

03-30-2019 - Trump Administration Grants $5.1 Million to Life-Affirming Health


03-30-2019 - ​Macron's France: Average of Three Church Attacks Per Day

03-30-2019 - Hollywood Erupts After Georgia Heartbeat Bill Passes: ‘F*ck This’

03-29-2019 - Texas AG to Investigate Ban on Chick-fil-A for Christian Values

03-29-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Faces Racism, Corruption, Sexual

                     Harassment Claims

03-29-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) suffers from 'systemic culture of

                     racism and sexism,' staffers say

03-29-2019 - Democrats Block Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

03-29-2019 - Georgia ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Clears Legislature, Proceeds to Gov.

                     Brian Kemp

03-29-2019 - Quebec’s bill to ban religious symbols sparks condemnation in province

                     and Ottawa

03-29-2019 - Democrats Dump POW/MIA Flags for Gay Pride Flags Outside Offices

03-27-2019 - Hagia Sophia to Be Turned Into Mosque in Response to US Shift on

                     Golan Heights - Turkish PM Erdogan

03-26-2019 - Greece Angered by Erdogan Proposal to Turn Hagia Sophia into Mosque

03-26-2019 - Trump Admin Expands Policy of No Taxpayer Funds for Overseas


03-26-2019 - Pope: ‘Family Based on Marriage Between One Man and One Woman’

03-26-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Attacks Nancy Pelosi for

                     'Use of Language' Against Anti-Israel BDS Movement

03-25-2019 - NJ Gov. Phil Murphy: ‘I Look Forward to Signing’ Assisted Suicide Bill

03-25-2019 - Utah governor signs into law bill to ban abortion after 18 weeks

03-25-2019 - California School District Forced to dump CAIR’s Islamic Indoctrination


03-24-2019 - Romania Builds Largest Orthodox Church in the World

03-24-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Tells Room Full Of Muslims

                     It Is Time To 'Raise Hell' In America

03-24-2019 - Christians in Muslim countries ‘143 times more likely’ to be killed by

                     Muslims than Muslims in non-Muslim countries

03-23-2019 - British Government Rules Christianity Is Not a Religion of Peace

03-23-2019 - 2 of 3 pastors: Schools a 'negative influence' on spirituality

03-23-2019 - America's First Two Muslim Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and

                     Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Will Both be Fundraising for Hamas-Linked

                     Organization, CAIR

03-23-2019 - Newly Uncovered Clinton Email Exchange Describes Plan To Thwart U.S.

                     'Jewish Leadership'

03-23-2019 - Democrat Party Officially Turns It’s Back On The Jewish Americans, Are

                     “White People” Next? 

03-23-2019 - Utah Governor Signs Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down


03-23-2019 - San Antonio Excludes Chick-Fil-A from Its Airport for Seven Years

03-22-2019 - New Poll: Most Americans Can't Tell You What's In The 1st Amendment​03-22-2019 - ​Planned Parenthood President: ‘No Such Thing as Infanticide in Medical


03-22-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) President Richard Cohen Resigns

                     From Embattled Left-Wing Nonprofit

03-22-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) chief Richard Cohen announces

                     resignation amid internal upheaval

03-22-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a ‘scam’, says Staffer

03-22-2019 - Republican-Democrat Rift Continues to Widen over Abortion

03-22-2019 - 25 Donor Networks Boycott Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)-Marked

                     ‘Hate Groups’ in ‘Hate Is Not Charitable Campaign.’ They Should Be

                     Ashamed of Themselves for Targeting Great Charities Like ADF, ACT for

                     America, and D. James Kennedy Ministries

03-21-2019 - MI5: Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by Islamist Cases'

03-21-2019 - South Dakota governor signs multiple pro-life laws including ultrasound

                     requirement, end-of-life parental involvement

03-21-2019 - Russia Plans Massive Jesus Statue On Site Previously Reserved for

             Lenin & Stalin

03-21-2019 - ‘Highly Profitable Scam’: Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ‘Ripping

                      Off Donors,’ Former Staffer Says

03-21-2019 - No One Saw It Coming: Rise of Christianity in Russia Baffles US


03-21-2019 - Arkansas Senate passes bill outlawing abortions that target Down

                     syndrome babies

03-21-2019 - Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Defend Free Speech on Campus

03-21-2019 - 'Us' Review: Intense Warning About the Horrors of Socialism

03-21-2019 - Trump: Time for U.S. to ‘Fully Recognize’ Israel’s Sovereignty over

                     Golan Heights

03-20-2019 - Filmmaker and apologist lays out why 'atheism is so attractive' to some

                     and what it took to change him

03-20-2019 - Report: Christian Persecution in India Jumps by 57% in 2019

03-20-2019 - Freshman Dem Rep. 'Horrified' by Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN)

                     Antisemitic Comments

03-20-2019 - Woke woman caught stealing crosses memorializing aborted babies,

                     tells cops she's merely 'cleaning up ... garbage'

03-20-2019 - Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week

03-19-2019 - Colorado ends crusade against Christian Baker Jack Phillips

03-19-2019 - The Divided States of America

03-19-2019 - 'Pure Genocide': Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly

                     Women and Children

03-19-2019 - Islamists Burn Houses, Murder Nine More Christians in Nigeria

03-19-2019 - ​Massacre: Muslim Terrorists Attack A College, Sorts Out Christians From

                     Muslims And Executes 70 Christian Students

03-19-2019 - Mainstream Media Purposely Ignored Mass Killings Of Christians Across

                     The Globe

03-18-2019 - WATCH: Why Isn't the Media Reporting on the Hundreds of

                        Christians Being Slaughtered by Muslims??  Paul Joseph Watson

03-17-2019 - Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians

​03-16-2019 - Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks

03-16-2019 - Turkey: Christchurch Protesters Want Hagia Sophia Turned Into


03-16-2019 - Christian Leaders, Oscar Winners Slam Motion Picture Association of

                     America's R-Rating of Pro-Life Movie 'Unplanned'

03-15-2019 - Court Shoots Down Lawsuit That Would Have Forced Churches to Pay

                     $1B More in Taxes

03-15-2019 - Supreme Court poised to save the Bladensburg Cross

03-15-2019 - The Democrat Party’s Anti-Semitism Problem Is Obama’s Legacy

03-13-2019 - Gov. Bevin (R-KY): Abortion Advocates Seeking ‘Mass Murder of

                     Innocent Babies’

03-13-2019 - Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann's Lawyer: 'They Messed

                     With the Wrong Kid'

03-13-2019 - There Have Been 334 Reported Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters

03-12-2019 - Actress Ilana Glazer Says NY Abortion Law ‘Making the World a Better


03-11-2019 - ​China Protests U.S. Criticism of Its Policies on Religion

03-10-2019 - Washington Post Fact-Checks Trump’s Claim Democrats Have ‘Become

                     Anti-Jewish Party’ 

03-09-2019 - Christian Basilica in Paris No-Go Suburbs Heavily Vandalised

03-09-2019 - Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka 'AOC') (D-NY) attacks

                     columnist lamenting Girl Scouts' leftist turn

03-09-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Follows Viciously Anti-

                     Semitic Instagram Account

03-09-2019 - Lawyer for Covington Catholic School Student Nicholas Sandmann Says

                     They're Planning to Sue CNN for More Than $250 Million 

03-09-2019 - ​Chick-fil-A is beating every competitor by training workers to say

                     'please' and 'thank you'

03-08-2019 - Pro-abortion Senator and 2020 Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris

                     (D-CA) on guns: ‘We cannot tolerate…when our babies are being


03-08-2019 - ​CA Democrat Wants Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number on Student


03-08-2019 - Fact Check -- FALSE: Muslim Congresswoman  Ilhan Omar's (D-

                     MN) Phony Claim About Congress and Anti-Muslim Bigotry

03-08-2019 - Officials Point to ‘Chaos’ in Schools Since Obama Discipline Policy

03-08-2019 - Utah Teacher Forces Catholic Boy to Wash Off Ash Wednesday Cross

03-08-2019 - Tennessee and Georgia State Houses Pass Fetal Heartbeat Abortion


03-07-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) Hatred Of Israel &

                     America Erupts Into 'Full-Scale Brawl,' Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) Freaks Out

03-07-2019 - Bill requiring school elective Bible course in Florida public schools OK'd 

                     in House

03-07-2019 - CA Veterans Home Threatens to Eject 84-Year-Old Widow for Bible Study

03-06-2019 - Thomas Sowell on Rise of Socialism: Educational System, Media Aren't

                     Encouraging People to Test Ideas Against Facts

03-06-2019 - Rush Limbaugh Exposes Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN),

                     Says What “Nobody Has the Guts to Say…

03-06-2019 - Alabama court grants unborn baby legal rights!

03-05-2019 - ​Jack Phillips wins second round in transgender cake battle as Colorado

                     drops complaint

03-05-2019 - Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran'

03-05-2019 - Tim Carney on ‘Alienated America’: Loss of Factory, Church, Community

                     Caused ‘American Carnage’

03-05-2019 - 22 States to Challenge Trump Rule Blocking Funds to Planned


03-05-2019 - Thomas Sowell warns U.S. may not resist siren song of socialism: 'I

                     wouldn't bet on it'

03-05-2019 - Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’

03-05-2019 - NEA President, Trans Advocate Push Gender Ideology on Kindergartners

03-04-2019 - Girl Scouts Partner with Abortion Industry, ‘Anal Sex’ Promoter Teen


03-04-2019 - Roseanne Barr TORCHES MeToo Movement 

03-04-2019 - The Facts on the Born-Alive Debate -

03-04-2019 - The Nuclear Option: Children's Books Latest Leftist Propaganda Vehicle 

03-04-2019 - PHOTOS: Bibles, Cross Left Untouched After Fire Destroys WV Church

03-04-2019 - Judeo-Christian Law Firm American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) Is Suing

                     Michigan for Its ‘Orwellian’ Witch Hunt Based on the Southern Poverty

                     Law Center’s (SPLC)  ‘Hate Group’ Labels     AFLC Story here.

03-03-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman lhan Omar (D-MN) Doubles Down on

                     Antisemitic Slur: No 'Allegiance' to Israel

03-03-2019 - British Actor Ian McShane on Race: 'When Asked About Race, White

                     People Should Shut the F**k Up’

03-03-2019 - Never Trump at CPAC Mocks Cancer, Christians, and Pro-Lifers

03-02-2019 - New Study Reveals Conservatives Make up Overwhelming Majority of


03-02-2019 - Washington Post Retracts Smears of Covington Catholic Boys After

                     $250M Lawsuit

03-02-2019 - Parallel universes are REAL argue physicists

03-01-2019 - VP Pence: Freedom, Not Socialism, Ended Slavery and Won Two World


03-01-2019 - Victory for Life: HHS Releases Final Rule Blocking Planned Parenthood

                     and Other Abortion Providers from Taxpayer Provided Title X Funds

03-01-2019 - ‘If the heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected’: Anti-abortion bill

                     gains momentum in Texas

03-01-2019 - Candace Owens at CPAC: The Democrats Are the 'Party of Slavery, Jim

                     Crow, KKK

02-28-2019 - ​Victory for Life: HHS Releases Final Rule Blocking Planned Parenthood

                     and Other Abortion Providers from Taxpayer Provided Title X Funds

02-28-2019 - China Cracks Down on Christianity by Demolishing Churches,

                     Confiscating Bibles

02-28-2019 - Pentagon Shuts Down Democrats' Demand for Transgender Military

02-28-2019 - HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Abortion: Some Think It Is Okay to

                     Murder Babies

02-28-2019 - Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Unveils Federalized School Choice


02-28-2019 - Twitter Warns Michelle Malkin for Violating Pakistan's Sharia Law on


02-27-2019 - United Methodist Church strengthens ban on same-sex marriage

02-27-2019 - Supreme Court Looks Likely to Allow WWI Peace Cross to Stand

02-27-2019 - Hear Supreme Court Justices Spar With Lawyers Over Removal Of The

                     Bladensburg Cross: Judge For Yourself

02-27-2019 - Gloria Steinem Compares Pro-Life Movement to Nazism: Hitler

                     'Campaigned Against Abortion'

02-27-2019 - Bishops ‘Outraged’ by Pro-Infanticide Vote of Catholic & Former Hillary

                     VP Pick, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA)

02-27-2019 - Bishop Invokes ‘Eternal Shame’ on R.I. Senators for Pro-Infanticide Vote

02-26-2019 - Pres. Trump Berates Democrats for Rejecting Protection of Babies

02-26-2019 - Supreme Court Set to Weigh Fate of World War I Memorial Cross

02-26-2019 - Why the People’s Republic of China Fears Religion

02-26-2019 - Pro-Life Movie Exposing the Truth About Planned Parenthood and

                     Abortion Receives “R” Rating for “Violence”

02-26-2019 - PayPal Censoring Groups With Help from Leftist, Anti-Christian Southern

                     Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

02-26-2019 - Christianity and the American University

02-25-2019 - Report: Leftist Interest Groups Calling the Shots at Many American


02-25-2019 - Abortion Poll: 17-Point Shift Toward Pro-Life Stance in Single Month

02-25-2019 - PayPal CEO Admits Partnership with Far-Left Southern Poverty Law

                     Center (SPLC) to Blacklist Conservatives

02-25-2019 - Left-Wing Activism, Ideology Pushed on Girl Scouts

02-25-2019 - Senate Democrats Fail to Protect Infants Born Alive After Abortions from


02-24-2019 - ​Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives

02-23-2019 - ​Selective Service May Force Women to Register For the Draft After the

                     National Coalition For Men Wins Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

02-23-2019 - Dr. Alveda King: ‘Delighted’ Trump Restricted Funding to Planned


02-22-2019 - Senate to Vote on Bill to Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion from


02-22-2019 - ACLJ Urges Supreme Court to Hear Important Case Involving

                     Government Discrimination Against Christian School 

02-22-2019 - Trump Administration: Abortion Is Not Family Planning

02-21-2019 - God's position on immigration, borders? Go to the Bible

02-20-2019 - Eight Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) Anti-Israel Outrages

02-20-2019 - Christian Sues Wisconsin College for Banning Her Jesus-Themed

                     Valentine's Cards

02-20-2019 - Farrakhan: ‘Wicked Jews’ Using Me to ‘Break Up the Women’s


02-18-2019 - Christian persecution: Armed gangs WIPE OUT 15 villages in Nigeria

02-16-2019 - Kentucky Senate Passes Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban

02-15-2019 - Blue State Blues: Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) Real Problem Is

                     America, Not Israel

02-13-2019 - Planned Parenthood, ACLU Push Illinois to Make Abortion Fundamental


02-12-2019 - Nick Cannon Calls Out Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sarah

                     Silverman for Past Use of Blackface

02-12-2019 - ​Noah's Ark Bible story 'could be proved true by ruins found in Iraq'

02-12-2019 - The Democrat Party Embraces Hate and Infanticide

02-12-2019 - FACT CHECK: Trump Is Correct on Democrat Gov's Infanticide Interview

02-11-2019 - Screw Off, LGBTQ Bullies: We Won't Apologize for Being Christians!

02-11-2019 - New Mexico Bill ‘Compels’ Medical Providers to Perform Abortions

02-09-2019 - McCarthy: If Pelosi Silent on Anti-Semitism, Republicans Will Act 

02-08-2019 - In Wake of Shocking Abortion-Through-Birth Legislation, ACLJ Demands

                     Records from New York Governor’s Office Exposing Abortion Industry’s

                     Control Over New York Law

02-08-2019 - Colorado University Sued for Refusing to Recognize Christian Club

02-08-2019 - 6 of 7 Democratic Senators Running for President Voted Against Pro-

                     Israel Bill

02-07-2019 - Planned Parenthood Makes False Claims About Late Abortions

02-06-2019 - House GOP Re-Introduces Born-Alive Act, Protect Babies from Infanticide

02-06-2019 - Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) Defends Radical Abortion Law: ‘I Am a Former Altar


02-06-2019 - Catholic Bishop: Democrats Have Become ‘the Party of Infanticide’

02-05-2019 - Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon Ignore Gov. Northam (D-VA)

                     Controversy After Previously Appearing in Blackface

02-05-2019 - Western Kentucky U Sponsors Service Trips - but Not for Christian


02-05-2019 - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX): Senate Democrats Have Pattern of 'Hostility to

                     Religious Faith'

02-05-2019 - Pew: Actively Religious People More Likely to Be ‘Very Happy’

02-04-2019 - Slate Mocks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for Using Fake Bible


02-04-2019 - United Methodists face vote on LGBTQ issues. Will it rip the church


02-04-2019 - Democrats' Nuclear Option: Rage over Blackface, Silence over Baby


02-04-2019 - Rhode Island and Vermont Democrats Propose Radical Abortion Bills

02-04-2019 - Senate Democrats Block Bill to Protect Babies Surviving Abortion

02-04-2019 - Nick Sandmann's Lawyers Release Video ‘The Truth’ About ‘March for


02-03-2019 - Lawyers for Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Prepare to Sue for Libel

02-02-2019 - Planned Parenthood’s Newest Report Exposes Its Lies About Its Abortion


02-02-2019 - WATCH: Covington Catholic High School Student Nick Sandmann: The
                     Truth In 15 Minutes

02-01-2019 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Hires High-Powered Defamation

                     Lawyer to Defend Tax-Exempt Status in RICO Lawsuit

01-31-2019 - Rush Limbaugh: When Homosexuality Is Deemed Genetic, LGBT

                     Community Will Become 'Pro-Life Overnight'

01-31-2019 - VA Gov. Northam: No ‘Regrets’ on Childbirth Abortion Comments

01-30-2019 - BREAKING NEWS : Supreme Court Rules 5-4: Oaths Not Taken on

               Bibles Illegal

01-30-2019 - Anglicans Push Back Against LGBT Guidelines

01-30-2019 - New Jersey to Allow 'Nonbinary' Option on Birth Certificates

01-30-2019  -Rev. Franklin Graham Urges Cardinal Dolan to Excommunicate Gov.

                     Cuomo (D-NY)

01-30-2019 - Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA): Aborted ‘Infant’ Saved if ‘Mother and

                     Family Desired’

01-30-2019 - Gov. Northam (D-VA) on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and

                     Then 'Physicians and the Mother' Could Decide If It Lives

01-30-2019 - House Democrats Change Minds, Vote to Keep ‘So Help You God’ in

                     Oath, said Removal was a "Mistake"

01-29-2019 - House Democrats to Strike ‘So Help Me God’ from Oath

01-29-2019 - Virginia Democrat Proposes Bill Allowing ‘Abortion’ as Woman Is


01-29-2019 - The Progressive Race to the Bottom

01-29-2019 - California College 'Discontinues' Pledge of Allegiance Because of 'White


01-29-2019 - Democrat Leaders Deny Muslim Reps Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib

                     (D-MI) Are Antisemites

01-25-2019 - George Soros, the New York Times, and anti-Israel propaganda

01-25-2019 - The 12 Apps That Every Parent Of A Teen Should Know About

01-25-2019 - ACLJ Petition:  Defend the Chaplain Flag, the Cross, and Christians Who

                    Serve Our Nation

01-25-2019 - Spotify Blacklists PragerU Ads

01-25-2019 - New York Times Wants to ‘Expose Christian Schools’

01-25-2019 - ​Coming to Jesus, armed: Virginia Senate OKs guns in churches

01-25-2019 - Bishop Apologizes for Being ‘Bullied’ into 'Premature Statement' on

                     Covington Incident

01-25-2019 - Kentucky Bishop Blasts Boys in MAGA Hats at Pro-Life March

01-24-2019 - New York Times Hit for Sympathetic Portrait of Black Nationalists Who

                     Taunted Kids

01-24-2019 - Timeline: How the Covington Hate Hoax Spread on Social Media

01-24-2019 - Exclusive – Donald Trump Jr.: Covington Catholic Hoax Shows Who the

                      Real Target of Fake News Truly Is

01-24-2019 - Report: Native American Nathan Phillips Has Criminal Background

01-24-2019 - ​8 Shocking Facts About New York's Radical New Abortion Law

01-24-2019 - Prominent Catholics Demand New York Democrat Gov. Andrew

              Cuomo’s Excommunication Over New Abortion Law

01-23-2019 - Judge Strikes Down Iowa ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law

01-23-2019 - New York Democrat Governor Cuomo Celebrates Allowing Abortion

             Up Until Birth, Orders World Trade Center Lit Pink

01-23-2019 - Muslim Congresswoman lhan Omar (D-MN) Spreads Fake News with

                     Attack on Covington Students

01-23-2019 - California State Senate Committee Bans Saying 'He' and 'She'

01-23-2019 - Nathan Phillips Did Not Serve in Vietnam Despite Media Claims

01-23-2019 - The Media Must Learn From the Covington Catholic Story - The Atlantic

01-23-2019 - Most Dangerous Places for Christians Get your copy of the 2019 World

                     Watch List

01-22-2019 - ​Catholic Advocates Condemn Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in Bid for

                     Presidency: ‘Hostility Towards People of Faith’

01-22-2019 - Radical Democrats Encourage Mass Shooting At Covington High School

01-21-2019 - Target Israel: George Soros-Funded Groups Leading BDS War on Jewish


01-21-2019 - Philippine Vote on Muslim Self-Rule Puts Christians on Edge

01-21-2019 - Lady Gaga: Vice President Mike Pence 'The Worst Representation of

                     What It Means to Be a Christian'

01-21-2019 - CNN's Dave Briggs: Catholic Student Doesn't Look 'Considerate'

01-21-2019 - Hollywood Melts Down over Covington Catholic Race Hoax: 'This is A

                     Disgrace. This is Not America.'

01-21-2019 - Catholic Priest Slams March for Life as ‘Repulsive and Futile’

01-21-2019 - The rise of Satanism in America, where members don't ACTUALLY

                     worship the devil - but push activism

01-21-2019 - Twitter Allows 'Verified' Calls for Violence Against Conservative High

                     School Kids

01-21-2019 - Journalists and Celebs Rush to Delete Tweets Slamming Catholic School

                     MAGA-Hat Kids

01-20-2019 - Native Activist, Nathan Phillips, Who Harassed Catholic Teens Identified

                     As Actor From 2012 Skrillex Video About Attacking Police

01-20-2019 - Left-Wing (and the Right) Attack Catholic School Kids to Demonstrate


01-20-2019 - Bible scholars fear Mount Sinai site to be bulldozed by Saudi Arabia

01-19-2019 - A Court Has Rejected This Planned Parenthood Talking Point as

                     Completely False

01-18-2020 - Covington Catholic Student Nicholas Sandmann Makes Statement On

                     One Year Anniversary Of Fake News Attacks By Liberal Media

01-18-2019 - Women's March Co-Chair Tamika Mallory Refuses to Acknowledge

                     Israel’s Right to Exist

01-17-2019 - The Pences: defenders of Christian values in the White House

​01-17-2019 - YouTube Admits It Meddled with Abortion Search Results - But Calls

                     Downranked Videos 'Misinformation'

01-17-2019 - Jury Awards $21 Million to Hotel Dishwasher Forced to Work Sundays

01-17-2019 - Former Planned Parenthood Director: Seeing Abortion Made Me Pro-Life

01-16-2019 - New York Law to Make Abortion a ‘Fundamental Right’

01-16-2019 - Ex-NY Assemblyman Calls Out Democrats Pelosi (D-CA), Schumer (D-NY)

                     for Silence on Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for Praising Radical Jew Haters

01-16-2019 - 46th Annual March For Life Has New Momentum: Science Is on Our


01-16-2019 - Watch the Pro-Life YouTube Videos Google Doesn't Want You to See

01-16-2019 - FLASHBACK: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Assures Congress 'We Don't

                     Manually Intervene on Any Search Result'

01-16-2019 - LEAK: ‘Huge Teams’ Engaged in Manual Interventions on Google Search


​01-16-2019 - ‘THE SMOKING GUN’: Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for

                     Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg

01-16-2019 - Report: 245 Million Christians Facing 'Extreme' Persecution Worldwide

01-16-2019 - Christians suffered an increase in persecution last year with 245

                     MILLION facing violence

01-16-2019 - Fr Pavone: Abortion Supporters Should Re-Read Roe vs. Wade

01-15-2019 - LifeWay Research survey says young adults are dropping out of


01-14-2019 - Pastor Forced to Resign over 'Homosexuality Is a Sin' Church Sign

​01-14-2019 - Poll: 70 Percent of Millennials Support Limits on Abortion

01-14-2019 - Oxford Union ‘Disinvites’ Conservative Catholic Leader

01-14-2019 - Gaffney, SC City Planning Commission Doubles Down on Law

                     Discriminating Against Churches – ACLJ Taking Action

01-12-2019 - Catholic Leaders Decry ‘Extreme Pro-Abortion Shift’ in Democrat-Run


01-10-2019 - US Protestants Are Converting to Orthodoxy in Large Numbers

01-10-2019 - Three Women in Congress Introduce Bills to Defund Planned Parenthood

01-10-2019 - Philadelphia's Catholic Archbishop: Democrats' Attacks on Catholic

                     Nominee ‘Bigoted Thinking'

01-10-2019 - Spiritual illness is crippling America

01-10-2019 - Report: Google 'Bug' Allows Anyone to Create Misinformation

01-09-2019 - ACLJ Submits Public Comment in Support of Pro-Life HHS Rule to Stop

                     Hidden ObamaCare Abortion Surcharge

01-09-2019 - Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) & Knights of Columbus: Congresswoman

                     Accuses Democrats of ‘Religious Bigotry’

01-09-2019 - Psychologists Declare Traditional Masculinity ‘Harmful’

01-08-2019 - Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL): Significant Number of Senate Democrats

                     Support Israel Boycott

01-08-2019 - Iraqi Christian Lawmaker - Churches Being Sold Nationwide

01-07-2019 - Heathens hold religious services rooted in Norse paganism aboard

                     aircraft carrier

01-07-2019 - Chuck Schumer, Self-Appointed 'Guardian' of Israel, Whips Against Pro-

                     Israel Bill in Senate

01-07-2019 - Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) Blasted for Antisemitic Tweet: 'They Forgot

                     What Country They Represent'

01-07-2019 - CNN Settles Lawsuit with Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann

01-06-2019 - Democrats in the House make us yearn for serious people

01-06-2019 - Foul-Mouthed Muslim Rep Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and the Duplicitous


01-05-2019 - Orthodox patriarch signs decree on independent Ukraine church

01-05-2019 - Bodies of 34 Christians Killed by Jihadists Found in Mass Grave

01-05-2019 - Ireland to Begin Legal Abortions January 7

01-05-2019 - Is the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia?

01-05-2019 - Stop Senate Bigotry Against Christian Judges | ACLJ Petition

01-05-2019 - Laos Cracks Down on Christianity as ‘Religion of the Europeans’

01-04-2019 - Vatican News Paid Tribute to 60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

01-03-2019 - Pew reports, 'Christians overrepresented in Congress': 55 percent

                     Protestant, 30 percent Catholic, 6 percent Jewish

01-03-2019 - Taxpayers To Pay for International Abortions in Democrats' Funding Bill

01-03-2019 - Socialist members represent growing force within new Democratic

                     House majority

01-03-2019 - Religious affiliation of the 116th Congress | Pew Research Center

01-02-2019 - Pro-abortion activist tells kids that abortion is 'part of God's plan'

01-02-2019 - $6.5M Lawsuit Claims Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Abetted Theft

                     and Published Confidential Docs in RICO Defamation of Glen Keith Allen

                     Over ‘Thought Crime'

01-02-2019 - WATCH: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) Makes Horrifying Remarks About

                     Trump Supporters While Speaking at Baptist Church

01-01-2019 - The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege

12-31-2018 - Major schism in Christianity looms as Ukrainian Orthodox Church tries

                     to break from historic rule of Moscow patriarch

12-31-2018 - Abortion Leading Cause of Death in 2018 with 41 Million Killed

12-29-2018 - Apple removes Christian ministry app following complaints by LGBT


12-29-2018 - Obama charged with 'facilitating' Christian persecution

12-29-2018 - The Progressive Movement’s Sordid Past

12-28-2018 - California Women's March Organizers Cancel Event for Being Too White

12-28-2018 - Legal Expert: European Court Ruling Could Open Door to Sharia in EU

12-27-2018 - University of Oklahoma Introduces Feminist 'James Bond' Course

12-27-2018 - NC State Students Launch Satanism Club

12-27-2018 - Orban: Bringing Africa's Problems to Europe Will Destroy Its Culture

12-27-2018 - William & Mary Apologizes After Donor Defends Kavanaugh, Blasts

                     Kaepernick in Speech

12-26-2018 - Fake News: NBC Spreads False Claim President Trump Did Not Visit

                     Troops at 'Christmastime'

12-26-2018 - Seven Men Who Tried To Paganize the Origins of Christmas But Failed

12-26-2018 - Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Must Have Missed Sunday School Because Even

                     Her Account of Jesus' Birth Is False

12-26-2018 - Anti-Catholic Democrat Senators Attack Nominees for Their Faith

12-26-2018 - UK Commissions Report into Worldwide Christian Persecution

12-25-2018 - Ohio Bans Dismemberment Abortions

12-25-2018 - Christians at risk of extinction in land where Christmas began

12-25-2018 - UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt orders review into persecution of

                     Christians around the world

12-25-2018 - Chinese Christians Defy Crackdown on Christmas: ‘We Will Not Forfeit 

                     Our Faith’

12-23-2018 - Life Begins at Conception - US HHS

12-23-2018 - Democrat Senators Attack Judicial Nominee for Catholic Faith

12-23-2018 - Exclusive/Watch -- Charlie Kirk: Leftists Want to Destroy Western


12-21-2018 - Witchcraft moves to the mainstream in America as Christianity declines

                     - and has Trump in its sights 

12-21-2018 - Pope Francis: Modern Christians Face ‘Cruel and Vicious Persecution’

12-20-2018 - Colorado's Religious Persecution of Masterpiece Cakeshop Continues

12-20-2018 - Postal Service Allegedly Canceled Christmas Stamps: Too Religious

12-20-2018 - ​U.S. Teams Up with Orban's Hungary to Aid Persecuted Middle East


12-19-2018 - ACLU Sues Texas Over State's Israel Anti-Boycott Law

12-19-2018 - Colorado baker who refused to make gay couple's cake faces second

                     LGBT bias allegation

12-19-2018 - Why Do So Many United Nations Members Support Terrorist

                     Organizations like Hamas? – We Won’t Stand for It | ACLJ

12-18-2018 - Trump signs bill to aid persecuted minorities

12-18-2018 - Christians 'Standing in the Way' of China's Xi Jinping's Totalitarian Rule

12-18-2018 - Universities Took $600 Million Tied To Muslim Nations While Forming

                     Grade School Curricula For US Students

12-17-2018 - New York’s War on Faith-Based Adoption Providers Is Only Hurting


12-17-2018 - Fact Check: ‘More Republicans Voted for the Civil Rights Act as a

              Percentage Than Democrats Did’

12-16-2018 - Actress Becomes Passionately Pro-Life After Movie Role

12-15-2018 - Patreon Tolerates Calls for Violence from Leftists While Demonetizing


12-15-2018 - Muslim Congresswoman lhan Omar (D-MN) Trolls Mike Pence: 'Jesus

                     Take the Wheel'

12-14-2018 - Federal Court Blocks Trump Admin’s Contraceptive Mandate Religious

                     Exemption for Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

12-14-2018 - China Continues Its Crackdown on Christians | ACLJ

12-14-2018 - Media's Smearing of Paris Dennard Reveals Their Totalitarianism

12-13-2018 - Protect Military Religious Liberty and Honor Chaplains

12-13-2018 - ​Members of Congress cannot use taxpayer money to settle sex abuse

                     cases anymore — here's why

12-13-2018 - Washington City Removes 'Christian' Nativity Scene from Public Park

12-12-2018 - Canada’s Supreme Court rules that LGBT rights come BEFORE your

              religious beliefs

12-10-2018 - 100 Christians snatched in China church raids overnight

12-10-2018 - Study: 'Marriage Has Declined Dramatically' Among 'Working Class

12-10-2018 - The Kavanaugh betrayal on Planned Parenthood

12-10-2018 - Kavanaugh and Roberts Reject Cases Involving Planned Parenthood

12-09-2018 - ​Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit


12-06-2018 - Pakistan Cracks Down on U.S.-Based, Christian Charities

12-06-2018 - DNC Chair Tom Perez Attacks Religion, Blaming People Who ‘Only’

                     Listen to the ‘Pulpit’ For the Democrats’ Failures on Abortion

12-04-2018 - UC-Berkeley pays $70,000 to settle anti-conservative bias lawsuit,

                     considers changes to speaker policies

12-04-2018 - Poll Shows Huge Democrat Bias Toward Muslims Over Christians

12-01-2018 - Left Attacks George H.W. Bush After His Death: 'Blatant Racism and

                     Toxic Masculinity,' 'F**k Him'

11-30-2018 - Virginia School Bans Christmas Carols Mentioning ‘Jesus'

11-28-2018 - “Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the U.S. are dying each year” –

                      and that means that over 100 will die this week

​11-27-2018 - The Gospel of Marx? Religious Leaders Call for ‘Redistribution,’

                     Denounce ‘Pathology of War’

11-27-2018 - School blocks Chick-fil-A as dining option, cites values

                     Mom Thanks Chick-fil-A Employees Who Played With Son When Others


11-26-2018 - UK School Accused of ‘Intimidating’ Christian Parents

11-25-2018 - Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture of Occupied Cyprus

11-24-2018 - Report: Half a Billion Christians Facing Global Persecution

11-22-2018 - Listen: Rush Limbaugh Tells the 'True Story of Thanksgiving'

11-16-2018 - Georgia Southern Univ. (GSU) mandates 'all students' take 'diversity and

                     inclusion' courses

11-11-2018 - Debra Messing Calls Out Women's March for Refusing to Denounce

                     Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

11-08-2018 - Washington Post Admits Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

                     'Undermined Credibility' with 'Blunders'

11-07-2018 - Christian Schools Told To Adopt LGBT Agenda Or Be Shut Down

11-04-2018 - Notorious Anti-semite Louis Farrakhan Leads 'Death to America' Chant

                     on Solidarity Trip to Iran

11-03-2018 - Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story

11-02-2018 - Gunned Down For Believing In Christ: The Mainstream Media Is Silent As

                     The Persecution Of Christians Escalates

10-23-2018 - Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Delivers Blow to Big Abortion, Requires

                     Abortion Clinics Meet Basic Safety Standards

10-22-2018 - Pastors Will Ask for God’s Blessing on Planned Parenthood Abortion


​10-19-2018 - Christmas songs mentioning Jesus barred from middle school's

                     concerts. The reason is far from jolly.

10-16-2018 - Former fire chief who wrote Christian book and got terminated over it

                     wins huge settlement with city

10-10-2018 - Gay Marriage Cake: UK Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Christian


10-10-2018 - CNN Says Mobs Have 'Constitutional Right' To Chase Republicans Out of


10-08-2018 - United Methodist Minister: Abortion Clinic Shows "a Reverence for

             Life" by Killing Babies (originally published on 10-08-2015)

10-05-2018 - Bible prophecy COMES TRUE as fish swim in Dead Sea in Israel

10-04-2018 - Americans Have Almost Entirely Forgotten Their History

10-03-2018 - 100,000 U.S. Christian Churches Demand Withdrawal of Kavanaugh's

                     Supreme Court Nomination  (A shocking display of mass, knee-jerk

              stupidity from a whole lot of "educated" people who have no concept of

              the rules of law nor evidence.)

10-02-2018 - Why Leftists Feel Entitled to Block Highways, Shut Down Speakers, and

                     Harass Public Officials

10-02-2018 - Discussing the Main Reasons for Loss of Faith

10-01-2018 - ‘New Age’ beliefs common among religious, nonreligious Americans

09-28-2018 - ​The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): A Massive, Multi-Million-Dollar

                     Character Assassination Machine

09-28-2018 - Beijing Replacing Crosses with Chinese Flags in Christian Communities

09-27-2018 - Muslim Mob Stones Three Christians to Death in Kenya

09-27-2018 - Government Attempting a New Way to Tax Churches and Non-Profits

09-25-2018 - Bible news: Exodus proof found? Archaeologists find 'first evidence of


09-23-2018 - "We Are Bigger than Your Jesus!" Muslim Extremist Persecution of

                     Christians, March 2018

09-22-2018 - Vice President Mike Pence warns Christian conservatives against

                     complacency in midterm elections

09-17-2018 - Soros-funded NGO Takes Legal Action to Block Vote on Defining

                     Marriage, Family

09-17-2018 - Raising Kids With Religion Or Spirituality May Protect Their Mental

                     Health: Study

09-13-2018 - Chelsea Clinton: Would Be ‘Unchristian’ to Return to Time Before Legal


​09-12-2018 - Where Does the Targeting of Cake Artist Jack Phillips Stop?

09-10-2018 - Christian Socialism Is a Sinful Mix of Greed and Envy

09-10-2018 - AP News: Group: Officials destroying crosses, burning bibles in China

09-09-2018 - China outlaws large underground Protestant church in Beijing

09-08-2018 - Federal Judge Calls Catholic Church a ‘Sect,’ Denies Higher Court’s


09-08-2018 - Birth of 'first red heifer in 2000 years' fulfils Bible prophecy and signals

                     'end of days' 

09-08-2018 - Bible prophecy fulfilled as 'first red heifer in 2,000 years born in Israel'

​09-07-2018 - News You Should Know: D.C. Metro Doesn’t Want Your Religious


09-07-2018 - Media Bias on Cake Artist Jack Phillips' Case Shows the Facts Are Not on

                     the Opposing Side

09-07-2018 - Hate Crimes Laws are Foolish, & Christians Supporting Them are Even

                     More Foolish

09-05-2018 - Modern exodus: Catholicism has lost more of its faithful than any other

                     religion in the U.S.

09-02-2018 - Muslim Extremists Attack Coptic Christian Homes in Egypt

09-02-2018 - New Mexico Teen Arrested by FBI Makes Confession About Islamic

                     Extremist Training Camps in America

08-31-2018 - Great News! Proposed California Law Silencing a Biblical View of

                      Sexuality Dies in the State Assembly

08-31-2018 - Univ of Iowa Kicks Christian Group Off Campus, Becket Fights Back

                     and Wins!

08-30-2018 - College rules that conservative group’s 9/11 memorial posters are

                     offensive and upsetting to Muslims

08-30-2018 - Muslim Militants Burn Alive Christian Pastor and His Family in Nigeria

08-30-2018 - How free is your state? New Cato report lists the best and worst states

                     for freedom in America    FULL CATO STUDY here.

08-30-2018 - Twitter Blocks Some Conservatives Including VP Mike Pence from

                     'Moments' Feature

08-30-2018 - Colorado Congressman Calls for DOJ to Investigate Continued

              Government Hostility toward Cake Artist/Baker Jack Phillips

08-29-2018 - Colorado Cake Baker Turns Tables in Anti-Religious Bias Lawsuit

08-29-2018 - Categorizing Americans' Religious Typology Groups - Pew Research

                     Center     Full Report here.    Take the Typology Quiz here.

08-28-2018 - 10 Times Google's Far-Left, Anti-Trump Bias Was Exposed

​08-28-2018 - Group Petitions Catholic Archbishop to Remove LGBT-Activist Priests

                     from Ministry

08-28-2018 - Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture

08-28-2018 - U.S. court rejects atheists' appeal over 'In God We Trust' on money

08-26-2018 - Reports Of Christianity’s Death In Europe Have Been Greatly

              Exaggerated - The Knights Templar Order

08-26-2018 - The government is targeting Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips


08-26-2018 - Sacrilegious spies: Russians tried hacking Orthodox clergy

08-25-2018 - Pew Study: Why Young Ex-Christians Are Ex-Christians, According to the

                     Latest Research    FULL STUDY

08-25-2018 - Atlanta Charter School Reinstates Morning Pledge of Allegiance After


08-25-2018 - David Horowitz Wins Credit Card Donation Showdown, Credits Breitbart,


08-24-2018 - Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Alert Details on Southern Poverty

                     Law Center (SPLC) Activities

08-23-2018 - Report: New York the Least Free State in the U.S.

08-23-2018 - Kennesaw State University cuts 4 of 5 cheerleaders who knelt for


08-22-2018 - Federal Judge’s Decision In Favor Of Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselors

                     Appealed By The New York Attorney General

08-22-2018 - Facebook: 99.9999% Drop in PragerU Traffic an 'Error'

​08-21-2018 - Hawaii attorney general out of bounds to intimidate churches,

                     charitable orgs

08-16-2018 - PragerU Breaks Down Why the Left Demonizes Masculinity

08-15-2018 - Colorado is targeting Christian baker Jack Phillips — again. This

              time, he’s going on the offensive

08-14-2018 - Bokhari: Why Tech Giants Aren't the Same as Christian Bakeries

08-14-2018 - China rips down posters of Jesus and replaces them with President Xi

                     and ban kids visiting Church

08-10-2018 - Hungary Bans Gender Studies Programs, Cites Concerns with Lack of


08-09-2018 - SC churches seek lifelines as attendance drops, closures rise

08-09-2018 - Bay Area Professor Charged with Assaulting 7 Conservatives with Bike

                     Lock Gets Probation

08-09-2018 - The Pitiful Roots of Anti-Americanism

​08-09-2018 - Attorney General Jeff Sessions Calls Out Southern Poverty Law Center


08-08-2018 - PEW STUDY: Why America’s ‘nones’ don’t identify with a religion

08-08-2018 - Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem Issues Statement on Israeli Nation-State


08-07-2018 - Christian Group Protest LGBT Propaganda in Beloved Children’s Story

08-06-2018 - Top 10 Black Racists

08-06-2018 - Survey: 40% of Americans Could Not Name a Single First Amendment

                     Right     Full Survey here.  (Thank you gubbment schools!)

08-05-2018 - South Africa on brink of ‘ANARCHY’ as president demands white

                     farmers’ land is SEIZED

​08-04-2018 - 40 Percent of Americans Can't Name First Amendment Rights: Survey

08-04-2018 - Report: Abortion Accounts for 61% of Black Deaths in America

08-02-2018 - China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

08-01-2018 - Pope Francis: Sacrificing Children for Career Is Modern ‘Idolatry’

​08-31-2018 - Under the Law: Israeli Christians Worry About Secondary Status in

                      Jewish Nation-State

07-31-2018 - Islamist Pakistani Leader Stokes Fears of Christian Persecution

07-30-2018 - Hungarian PM Orban: Central Europe Is Anti-Globalist Bastion of

                     Christian Culture, National Identity

07-30-2018 - 'Pure Genocide': Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly

                     Women and Children 

07-29-2018 - Watch: Experts Discuss the Impact of War on Religious Liberty

07-29-2018 - 'National Disgrace' – UK Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100%


07-29-2018 - Pastor Slams NAACP for Supporting ‘Black Genocide’ of Abortion

07-28-2018 - Republicans Say Brett Kavanaugh Is ‘Powerful Voice’ for Religious


07-28-2018 - Watch — Religious Freedom Ambassador Sam Brownback: ‘Faith Is a

                     Good Thing’

07-28-2018 - VP Mike Pence: Christian Persecution in North Korea ‘Has No Rival on


07-28-2018 - Putin: Christianity is the Foundation of Russian Nationhood and Cultural


07-27-2018 - Sam Brownback to Headline 'Impact of War on Religious Freedom'


07-26-2018 - Frank Wolf– Trump Has ‘the Right Team’ to Advance Religious Freedom

07-26-2018 - Egypt: Muslim mob attack on church encouraged by police promise ‘No

                     church will be allowed here’

07-25-2018 - State Department: 'Civil Society' Is 'First Line of Defense' for Religious


07-24-2018 - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Religious Freedom Shows Human

                     ‘Capacity for Greatness'

07-24-2018 - Stripe, PayPal, Patreon: The Right Is Being Banned from Online


07-24-2018 - Italian Bishop: I Would ‘Turn All Churches into Mosques’ to Save


07-21-2018 - Presbyterian Church USA condemns all “religiously inspired violence,”

                      ignores jihad violence

07-21-2018 - End of the World: Blood Moon on July 27 will spark apocalypse

                     according to Bible  (Oh no!  Not again!!  THIS time it's FOR SURE!! ...just

                     like last time...)

07-20-2018 - Exposé: Life in Egypt Is ‘Hell’ for Christian Women

07-20-2018 - After Gay Coup, Catholics Aim to Drop ‘St. Patrick’ from Boston Parade

07-19-2018 - More Universities Adopt 'Anti-Oppression Guide'

07-19-2018 - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: President Trump Making 'Clarion

                     Call for Religious Freedom Around World'

07-18-2018 - CEASE & DESIST: Town Orders Family to Stop Hosting Bible Studies on


07-18-2018 - 'Anti-Oppression Guide' spreads to multiple college libraries

07-18-2018 - History Explains Eastern European Hostility to Islam

07-16-2018 - Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Protects Catholic Bishops from Intimidation 

                     by Abortionists

07-16-2018 - Franklin Graham stands tall in face of LGBTQ-pressed censorship

07-13-2018 - The Pro-Abortion Left is Desperate to Block Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s

                     Confirmation to the Supreme Court

07-10-2018 - Christian Doctor Fired in UK for Suggesting Gender Is Biological

07-10-2018 - California university works to reduce number of white people on


07-14-2018 - Leftist Smear Factory SPLC Tries to Save Credibility By Defending False

                     ‘Anti-LGBT Hate Group’ Label That Inspired a Terrorist Attack

07-11-2018 - Killing In The Name Of Islam: Christian Death Toll Rises To 1,870 In 190

                     Days With Fresh 120 Killed In First Seven Days Of July 2018

07-10-2018 - Watchdog: 'Overwhelming Evidence' UN Fails to Combat Anti-Semitism

07-10-2018 - Matthew 25: Do We Go to Hell for Not Feeding the Hungry?   


07-10-2018 - What Bible says about illegal immigration (from 10-28-2014)

07-09-2018 - Democrats Love Socialism Because They Want To Take Your Stuff And

                      Enslave You

07-09-2018 - Respecting the Rule of Law (On Immigration) Is Not Bigotry

07-09-2018 - Report: Harvard, Yale Defy Federal Guidelines, Will Continue Racial

                     Discrimination in Admissions

07-09-2018 - Netherlands: School bows to Turks and bars student documentary on

                     Aramean Genocide

07-09-2018 - Netflix Airs ‘Salute to Abortion;’ Host Declares: ‘God Bless Abortions!”

07-08-2018 - Presbyterian Church General Assembly refuses to condemn Hamas, anti-

                     Hamas activist gets death threat

07-08-2018 - Nigeria’s Fulani Jihadis Grow Deadlier than Boko Haram, Killing

                     Hundreds of Christians in Days [Extreme Content Warning]

07-08-2018 - Middle East’s Christians are Dwindling Despite Deep Roots

07-07-2018 - Catholic Bishop Says Gay Adoption Is ‘Moral Abuse’ of Children

07-07-2018 - 'Indifference kills': Pope fears Christians will disappear from the Middle


07-06-2018 - The Democratic Party's Christian Problem

07-06-2018 - Catholic Diocese in Texas is removing ‘gun-free zone’ signs from

                      church entrances for safety reasons

07-05-2018 - Nigeria to Christian Farmers: We Can't Save You, Surrender Land to

                     Fulani Terrorists

07-04-2018 - UK Court Upholds BAN on Praying Outside Abortion Clinic

07-03-2018 - Backlash Over Secret 'Roe v. Wade' Film Shooting With Jon Voight,

                     Stacey Dash

07-03-2018 - Reuters Poll: Young White Americans Flee Democrat Party in Droves

                     Since Trump's Election

07-03-2018 - 'Pure Genocide': Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly

                      Women and Children

07-03-2018 - OCPA: Oklahoma’s religious left baptizes the blob

07-02-2018 - Amy Coney Barrett: Progressives Use Religious Ignorance, Bigotry to

                     Slime SCOTUS Candidate

07-02-2018 - Rachel Held Evans: Think Twice about Overturning Roe – We’d Have

                     More Blacks

07-01-2018 - Study: Nearly Half of Women in Sweden's 'Vulnerable' Areas Feel Unsafe

                     After Dark

07-01-2018 - #WalkAway Movement to Abandon Liberalism Goes Viral

​​06-29-2018 - Supreme Court Keeps Woman's 'Right to Prayer' Lawsuit Alive

06-27-2018 - Ex-Vatican Doctrinal Chief: Many Catholics Feel ‘Abandoned and

                     Betrayed’ by Shepherd  (Webmaster's note:  Come home to Orthodoxy

              and you won't have this problem.)

06-27-2018 - Gov. Matt Bevin publicly signs bill allowing Kentucky's public schools to

                      teach the Bible - WDRB 41 Louisville News

06-27-2018 - The Unscientific Claims of Evolution

06-26-2018 - Why millennials are really leaving religion (it’s not just politics, folks)

06-26-2018 - Muslim Herdsmen Slaughter 120 Nigerian Christians Returning from

                     Church Funeral

06-22-2018 - WashPost Columnist: ‘Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Has Lost All


06-22-2018 - Pope Francis: US Must Open Borders To 'As Many Migrants As Possible' 

06-21-2018 - Pew Research:  Global Uptick in Government Restrictions on Religion in


06-21-2018 - Meet the pastor who wants you to ‘quit church’: ‘We’re all messed up’ 

06-19-2018 - Canadian Supreme Court: Christian law school can be denied

                     accreditation due to view on marriage

06-19-2018 - After the SPLC Settled Maajid Nawaz’s Lawsuit For $3M, About 60

                     Organizations Are Considering a Lawsuit Against the SPLC, Liberty

                     Counsel President Mat Staver Told PJ Media

06-19-2018 - “Communist Cadet” Discharged From Military Duty

06-19-2018 - Zuhdi Jasser: Here’s how to win and lose the battle for mosques in the


06-18-2018 - Muslim professor demanded students praise Allah and remove shoes

                     before entering office

06-18-2018 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) settlement with Maajid Nawaz,

                     Quilliam Foundation dings credibility

06-18-2018 - Maajid Nawaz: SPLC Apologizes, Settles for "Extremist" Label

06-17-2018 - Outrage as a Thousand Muslims Pray in French Street Following End of


06-16-2016 - Christian persecution: Priest STABBED in Bethlehem

06-14-2018 - Younger Greeks Turning their Back on Religion, New Research Claims

06-14-2018 - Addictive Video Games Can Impact Children’s Brains Similar to Drug

                     Abuse or Alcoholism

06-14-2018 - More Millennials are Embracing Socialism, Even Communism — Here’s

                     What They Need to Know

06-14-2018 - Turkey Claims 'Thousands' Teachers Sent to Influence Turkish Children

06-14-2018 - University of Texas Puts 'Toxic Masculinity' Project on Hold After


06-14-2018 - Churchgoers Live Six Years Longer on Average

06-14-2018 - Busted: Six Examples Of Leftists Being Exactly What They Claim To


06-13-2018 - California School District Forbids Parents to Remove Kids From Graphic

                     Sex Ed Class
06-13-2018 - The Age Gap in Religion Around the World

06-13-2018 - The Chick-Fil-A Furor Reveals Our Disturbing Crisis of Conviction

06-13-2018 - The Church and Homosexuality: A Meditation

06-13-2018 - Religious people live four years longer than atheists, study finds

​06-12-2018 - Dear Mom & Dad: Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids - This

              Video Will Wake You Up

06-11-2018 - Anthony Bourdain: Casualty of Leftist Mindset

06-11-2018 - Christian Zionism & Dispensationalism

06-11-2018 - Bishop Kallistos Ware Comes Out for Homosexual "Marriage"

06-10-2018 - CrossFit Makes Bold Statement: “Christians Need to Shut the **** Up”

06-10-2018 - Man Allegedly Asked To Leave Restaurant Over Cross Necklace

06-10-2018 - Rise of Secularization Fueling Violence & Verbal Abuse Against Christian


06-09-2018 - Backlash: Concerns Over Public School Are Driving Red-Hot Homeschool


06-09-2018 - Glenn K. Beaton: Here’s how I went from Marxism to Conservatism

06-09-2018 - Chinese Government Destroys Popular Catholic Pilgrimage Site

06-09-2018 - NY Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan Slams Jesuit Priest for

                     ‘Capitulating’ to Abortion Culture

06-08-2018 - Talk Is Cheap When It Comes to Protecting Our Schools

06-08-2018 - Austria To Expel Dozens of Imams, Shut Down Radical Mosques

06-07-2018 - 7 Facts About the Blessing of Home

06-07-2018 - Trump Excludes Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Groups from Iftar Dinner

06-06-2018 - However 'Secular' We Think We Are, The Roots of America's Liberty Are

                     Explicitly Biblical

06-06-2018 - Mike Shellenberger Denounces Liberal ‘Progressive’ Policies For

                      Destroying California, Making an Unequal Poverty-Striken Dystopia Like

                      the Film ‘Elysium’

06-06-2018 - Facebook, Amazon, Google And Twitter All Work With Left-Wing, Anti-

                     Christian Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

06-05-2018 - Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing

                     social engineering and violence in public schools

06-05-2018 - An Open Letter to a Gay Rights Advocate

06-05-2018 - Franklin Graham: ‘There’s an Agenda’ to ‘Lure’ Children ‘into


06-04-2018 - Supreme Court Sides with Colorado Baker in Wedding Cake Case

06-04-2018 - Catholic League: SCOTUS Cakeshop Ruling Big Loss for ‘Gay Bullies’

06-03-2018 - England's Top Family Judge: Society Should 'Welcome and Applaud'

                     Decline of the Nuclear Family

06-02-2018 - Columbia Professor Urged to Step Down After Blaming Israel for 'Every

                     Dirty' Act in World

06-01-2018 - Almost all species on Earth today came into being at about the same

                     time, scientific study declares

06-01-2018 - Hate-Promoting Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Smears Bolton’s

                     Chief of Staff, Media Run with It

05-31-2018 - Professor calls for ‘toxic masculinity’ training in children as young as


05-30-2018 - Educational decline: Homeschooling surges as parents seek safer option

                     for children

05-30-2018 - VIDEO: Bill Press Mocks Mike Pence's Christianity

05-30-2018 - Pew Study Shows Atheism is Dying While Islam Projected to Dominate

                     by the Turn of the Century

05-30-2018 - A California church flirts with an unusual social experiment: to never

                     call police again

05-29-2018 - State Dept.: North Korea Using Executions, Torture Against 'Serious

                     Threat' of Christianity

05-29-2018 - Democrat Lawmakers Move To Restrict Christians' Right To

              Oppose Homosexuality

05-29-2018 - ​How Our World Stopped Being Christian: Anatomy of a Collapse

05-29-2018 - Attitudes of Christians in Western Europe | Pew Research Center 

05-29-2018 - House Majority Leader McCarthy: 'Conservative Christians Are Being

                     Silenced' in Corporate America Mainstream Media

05-28-2018 - “White and Christian” Survey Shows Changing Demographics in

                      American Culture

05-24-2018 - DeVos Infuriates Left: 'School Decision' to Report Illegal Students to ICE

05-24-2018 - NFL Anthem Rules Expose the Left’s Warped View of Patriotism

05-23-2018 - Valedictorian Claims High School Censored Graduation Speech

05-23-2018 - ​Oregon student suspended for wearing Trump shirt sues school

05-22-2018 - Here's 4 Reasons You Should Tell Netflix, 'Adios!'

05-22-2018 - Guns Aren't the Problem. The Collapse of the Morality You Mock is the


​05-21-2018 - Swedish town that banned church bells has approved a mosque’s call to


05-21-2018 - This Book Will Equip Your HS Graduate To Successfully Deal With A

                     Godless University

​05-21-2018 - Texas cheerleaders are being sued by their own school district. You

                     already know why.

05-19-2018 - Seven Dead After Attack on Orthodox Church in Russian Province of


​05-18-2018 - Great Again: Fewer Americans Putting Off Marriage, Children, College

                      Because of Money Troubles

05-17-2018 - Feminists left stunned and confused by honest facts about the

              "wage gap"

05-16-2018 - Protestant numbers drop sharply while those who declare no religion

                     nearly double, polls indicate

05-16-2018 - This Isn't Bigotry.  It's a Religious Disagreement.

05-15-2018 - Not a single Democrat showed up for Jerusalem embassy opening: CNN

                     complains ‘non bi-partisan’

05-15-2018 - California assisted death law overturned in court

05-15-2018 - Evangelical Christian Leaders Praise Trump and Thank Americans of

                     Faith in Jerusalem

05-14-2018 - The Only Thing Preventing Us From Descending Into Civil War

05-14-2018 - Chaplain under attack for his religious beliefs even after complying with

                     Army rules

05-14-2018 - Mitt Romney calls Trump’s pastor pick for historic event a ‘bigot’ –

                     here’s his response

05-13-2018 - Transgender: AG Sessions Ends Obama's Mixed-Sex Prison Policy &

                     Other Similar Ones

05-12-2018 - California bill proposes to drop American holiday and replace it with

                     this Communist celebration

05-12-2018 - Oklahoma Passes Law Protecting Christian Adoption Agencies from


05-11-2018 - The "White Minority" Illusion
​​05-11-2018 - College demands student remove Jesus, Bible references from

                     graduation speech. Then she fights back and wins with the help of the


05-11-2018 - Catholic University in Iowa Opens Sex-Segregated Islamic Prayer Space

05-11-2018 - Reed College Students Demand Removal of White Authors from

                      Humanities Course

05-10-2018 - Could a security camera have captured a miracle angel?

​05-10-2018 - Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting

              religious landscape: PRRI

05-10-2018 - World's Christians Facing 'Bleak Future' Without U.S. Christians' Support

05-10-2018 - U.S. Religious Freedom Ambassador: A 'Global Religious War' Rages

              Against Christians

05-10-2018 - (AUDIO) Rabbi Lapin: Here’s the proof that lefty liberalism is an

              incoherent fraud

05-10-2018 - Tucker Carlson: 'Modern Liberalism Is a Religious Movement' to Replace


​05-09-2018 - Trump Era Brings Home 14 Unjustly Detained Americans and Counting

05-09-2018 - Columbia University: ‘God Hates Guns, Loves Gay Porn’

05-09-2018 - Twitter Is Banning Conservatives for Posting Facts

05-09-2018 - Mormons Sever all Ties with Boy Scouts of America

05-08-2018 - Minnesota Democrats openly take offense to ‘In God We Trust’ motto

05-08-2018 - Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock: Liberalism 'Hazardous' to Black Families

05-07-2018 - Facebook Labels You As A Liberal or Conservative -- You Can Turn

              it Off

05-07-2018 - Broward School Officials: Parkland Gunman Assigned to Deferred

                      Disciplinary Program Supported by Obama

05-06-2018 - Hungarian PM Orban Getting Tougher on Immigration: 'We Are Building

                     a Christian Democracy'

05-06-2018 - Bill Allowing 'In God We Trust' Motto in Schools Challenged in MN


05-06-2018 - Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Refuses to Call on Tony Cardenas to Resign

                     After Child Molestation Claim

05-06-2018 - Christian group barred from Amazon charity program, but anti-

              Semitic, terrorist groups allowed in because of the SPLC's bogus

              "hate map."

05-04-2018 - Trump’s New ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Alarms LGBTQ Groups

05-04-2018 - Mormon support for gay marriage gradually grows

05-02-2018 - 5 Ways The Teacher Strikes Revealed Public Schools Indoctrinate


05-01-2018 - Report: 39% of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No Republican


05-01-2018 - Zuckerberg's Announcement Means Final Remaining Conservative

                     Voices on Facebook Will Be Eliminated by Election Day

05-01-2018 - Bible historical evidence: King David city 'found in Israel by


04-30-2018 - Urgent push to criminalize criticism of Islam 

04-28-2018 - Churches Band Together To Vow Never To Call Police 

04-28-2018 - Alabama Teacher Says School Told Her to Remove 'Just Pray' Shirt

04-27-2018 - No, Teachers Are Not Underpaid

04-27-2018 - University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue

04-26-2018 - The Public, the Political System and American Democracy | Pew

              Research Center

04-25-2018 - 80% of Americans Believe in God. Pew Found Out What They Mean

04-25-2018 - California Lawmakers Consider A Bill That Would Ban the Bible

04-25-2018 - FactCheck:  California Bill Would Not Ban the Bible

04-25-2018 - 7 demographic trends shaping the U.S. and the world in 2018 | Pew

                     Research Center

04-24-2018 - The great exodus out of America’s blue cities

​04-24-2018 - Snopes is a Sneaky Liar About California's Bill to Ban Christian LGBT

                     Talk      (Here is Snopes' opinion)

04-24-2018 - California Pro-Homosexual Bill Will Ban the Bible

04-24-2018 - Finland ends its experiment with "Universal Basic Income"

​04-23-2018 - New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible

04-23-2018 - End of the world 2018: Rapture to take place on April 23

                     Hmmmm, still waiting.......

04-23-2018 - Pakistani Christian Girl Murdered in Acid Attack After Refusing to Marry


​04-21-2018 - How a church (St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church) destroyed on 9/11

                     became mired in controversy

04-20-2018 - TruthorFiction:  California Bill Would Ban the Bible - Disputed!

​04-20-2018 - One Step Closer:  Could a California Bill Ultimately Lead to the Banning

                     of Bibles?

04-19-2018 - If Your Church Accepts Homosexuality, It’s Time to Look For a New One

                     – Russian Bishop

04-19-2018 - Has Surrendering to Leftists for Decades Made America Any Better?

​04-18-2018 - Better government services linked to less religiosity in U.S. and world,

                     study says

04-18-2018 - Same Sex Attraction: Identity Or Feeling... Doctor Weighs In

04-17-2018 - Easy access to black magic and Satanism via Internet increases

                     exorcism demand

04-17-2018 - Leading Researcher Cautions About Long-Term Effects Of 'Alternative

                     Family Forms'

04-17-2018 - Compulsory Biometric ID Announced by European Commission

04-16-2018 - Chinese Christian Advocates: Xi 'Has Particular Animosity' Against


04-16-2018 - CENSORED! How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative

                      Speech   Full Report here.

04-16-2018 - Gov't Must Impose 'Transgender' Demands Nationwide, Says Judge

04-16-2018 - NBC's 'Timeless' Mocks Christians: 'God Doesn't Exist'

04-13-2018 - Antifa’s Back! And They’re Shutting Down Christian Conferences -

                     Here’s The 411

​04-12-2018 - 4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust,

                     study shows

04-10-2018 - Double Standard: Some School Administrators Slow to Approve Pro-Life

                     Student Walkout

04-03-2018 - University event aims to combat ‘Christian Privilege’

04-02-2018 - John Bolton Could Be First National Security Chief to Prioritize Religious


04-01-2018 - Americans Grapple With Evil Amid Decline in Religious Faith

03-31-2018 - 6 Christian Communities that Can't Practice Their Religion Freely This


03-30-2018 - North Korean Christians Live in Fear Their Children Will Expose Them

03-30-3018 - English Catholic Church Desecrated in 'Satanist' Attack

​03-28-2018 - U.N. Watch Blasts Human Rights Council for Defining Practice of

                     Judaism as 'War Crime'

03-27-2018 - Palm Sunday in Cuba: Dozens of Women Beaten, Arrested for Practicing


03-26-2018 - Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to Black Churchgoers: Catholics and Jews

                     Don’t Have Your 'Rhythm'

03-25-2018 - Islam Poised to Pass Anglicans as Preferred Religion of Britain’s Young


03-23-2018 - Reports Of Christianity’s Death In Europe Have Been Greatly


03-22-2018 - Seventy Percent of British Youth Profess ‘No Religion’

03-19-2018 - 66 Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian and United Church of Christ

                     Leaders Sign Letter Supporting Abortion

03-19-2018 - Democrat Lawmaker Blames Bad Weather on Jews 'Controlling the


03-19-2018 - 9 Democrat Lawmakers with Ties to Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

03-19-2018 - Kids Aren’t Really Converting and That’s Why They "Leave" the Church

03-18-2018 - Court Rules WWI Memorial Must be Torn Down

​03-16-2018 - They Love 'Degenerates': The Left's Disturbing Pattern Of Calling Evil

                     Good And Good Evil

​03-16-2018 - ‘Islam Belongs to Germany’, Merkel Insists After Minister Highlights

                      Nation's Christian Heritage

03-15-2018 - Abortionist: Babies can’t scream while I abort them because I cut their

                     cords first

03-14-2018 - 11-Year-Old Genius Out to Prove Stephen Hawking Wrong After His

                      Death: “God Does Exist”

03-14-2018 - Democrats Join Farrakhan and British Labour Party in Antisemitic Sewer

03-13-2018 - Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit against Trump Administration’s End to

                     Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate

03-13-2018 - Joy Behar: ‘I Sincerely Apologize for What I Said’ About VP Pence and His


03-12-2018 - Student Booted from Christianity Class for Arguing that There Are Only

                     Two Genders

03-09-2018 - Matthew 25: Do We Go to Hell for Not Feeding the Hungry?


03-06-2018 - Prager: Why Christians Support Israel

03-05-2018 - College Librarians Blame 'Christian Fragility' for Microagression

03-05-2018 - PragerU: Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

03-02-2018 - Christian Satire Site Pokes Fun at CNN, Gets Fact-Checked by Facebook

03-01-2018 - Harvard Punishes Christian Student Group for Believing in Christianity

03-01-2018 - Nationwide LGBT Assault on Christian Adoption and Foster Care

                     Agencies Flares Up

02-28-2018 - Louis Farrakhan: 'Jews are my enemy,' 'white folks are going down'

02-27-2018 - What Has America Done to Christianity?

02-22-2018 - Anti-Christian Group Declares War on Religious Freedom in Trump’s


02-21-2018 - Kentucky governor: Blame America’s moral crisis for school shootings,

                     not guns

02-20-2018 - Pakistan: Thousands-Strong Muslim Mob Demands Beheading of

                     Christian Teen for 'Blasphemy'

02-20-2018 - Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) Says ‘We Cannot Tolerate A Society’ In Which

                     ‘Our Babies Are Being Slaughtered,’ but Takes Tens of Thousands of

                      Dollars from Pro-Abortion Groups

02-19-2018 - Apple removes Good Friday, Easter from calendar for iPhones

02-19-2018 - Iraqi Archbishop: Muslim ‘Slow-Motion Genocide’ of Christians Began

                     1400 Years Ago

02-17-2018 - Florida Teacher of the Year on Gun Violence: Parents Need to ‘Step

              Up’ and Control Their Kids’ Behavior      Full Text of Her Tweet

02-17-2018 - Starbucks CEO: White Men Are Root Of All Evil

02-16-2018 - Candace Cameron Bure’s Surprising Response to The View's Joy Behar

                     Mocking Christianity

02-15-2018 - Swedish Bishop Claims He Is 'Looking Forward' to Hearing Muslim Call

                     to Prayer in Sweden

02-14-2018 - ‘God the mother’ human trafficking scare

02-14-2018 - The End of White Christian America | Harvard Divinity School

02-13-2018 - Sweden Has Become a 'Base' for International Radical Islamic Extremist


02-12-2018 - Roman Colosseum to Be Lit Blood Red for Persecuted Christians

02-11-2018 - Gay Athletes' Attack on Vice President Mike Pence Repays Tolerance

                     with Anti-Christian Bigotry

02-04-2018 - Map of US Shows Which States Have The Highest Number of People

                        Who Still Believe In God

02-03-2018 - Cardinal Marx endorses blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples

02-02-2018 - GELLER: Iran Arrests 29 Women for Appearing in Public Without a Hijab

                     While Western Feminists Impose World Hijab Day

02-02-2018 - Public Minnesota Kindergarten Class Teaches Children About 'White


02-02-2018 - In Gender-Inclusive Guidelines, Catholic College Eliminates Use of

                     ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’

01-31-2018 - Queen Elizabeth Claims She Is 'Direct Descendant Of Prophet


01-31-2018 - Atheist group forces New Mexico college to remove Christian crosses

                     from its campus

01-30-2018 - Is Christianity Shrinking in America? "Yes" and "No"

01-29-2018 - More than a Photo: Obama's Close Associations with Notorious Anti-

                     Semite Louis Farrakhan

01-29-2018 - Bulgarian gov’t hears voice of Church, postpones decision on Istanbul


01-27-2018 - Dershowitz: I Wouldn't Have Campaigned for Obama If I Knew About

                     Farrakhan Photo

01-27-2018 - Atheist orgs ‘intimidate’ Trump’s Cabinet over Bible study — see Ben

                     Carson’s defiant response

01-26-2018 - Harvard Research Shows Christianity Growing Stronger - Family

              Action Council of Tennessee

01-26-2018 - Obama: 'I'm Basically a Liberal Jew'

01-26-2018 - VIDEO: Google Home Assistant Refuses to Define Jesus Christ, but No

                     Problem with Muhammad, Buddha

01-26-2018 - Senate to Vote on Pain-Capable Bill to Ban Abortions After Five Months

01-25-2018 - Judge forces University of Iowa to recognize Christian student group on

                     same terms as Muslim group

01-25-2018 - Bulgarian Church taking stand against gender ideology of Istanbul


01-25-2018 - Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-up

01-25-2018 - The Photo That Never Saw The Light of Day: Obama With Farrakhan In


01-25-2018 - Does Google Home know who Jesus is? Brentwood resident says no |


01-24-2018 - Christianity Is Under Serious Attack in Jerusalem

01-24-2018 - Report: American Religiosity ‘Growing More Exceptional All the Time’

01-24-2018 - Meghan McCain: 'Young Republicans Aren't Going to Stand' for

                      Evangelicals' Anti-LGBTQ 'Crap'

01-24-2018 - Church of England Sneaks Transgender 'Re-Baptism' into Liturgy

01-24-2018 - VIDEO:  New Jersey Middle School Instructs Students Islam Is the “True

                     Faith” – Thomas More Law Center Files Federal Lawsuit

01-24-2018 - Surprising Harvard Study: American Religion 'Persistently and

              Exceptionally Intense'

01-23-2018 - Christianity 'Patently Persisting,' Not Shrinking in US, Unlike Other

              Developed Nations: Study

01-23-2018 - Christian Filmmakers Ask Appeals Court to Stop Minnesota From

                     Forcing Them to Film Gay Weddings

01-23-2018 - Christian Filmmakers Must Work Gay Weddings Despite Religious

                     Beliefs, Minnesota Court Rules

01-22-2018 - New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Growing Stronger

01-22-2018 - White Supremacy in the American Orthodoxy Church: An Open Letter to

                     the Assembly of Canonical Orthodoxy Bishops of the U.S.A.

01-21-2018 - HHS ushers in the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom,

             thank God

01-19-2018 - AUDIO: Listen to Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice throw

                     down with former Obama staffer on school choice, voucher benefits

01-19-2018 - AUDIO: Former Planned Parenthood employee shares a big reason why

                     young people are pro-life

01-19-2018 - HHS is targeting health workers’ religious objections. Here’s why.

01-18-2018 - HHS Announces New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division

01-18-2018 - ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’ taught in required class for college’s

                      elementary education majors

01-18-2018 - Trump to Let Health Practitioners Skip Procedures on Religious Grounds

01-17-2018 - Report: 'Thousands of Christians, Ahmadis, and Hindus' Fleeing

                     Pakistan to Survive

01-17-2018 - What Did the Early Christians Think About Abortion?

01-16-2018 - Report: Middle East Christians on the Eve of Destruction

01-16-2018 - Why the LGBT Left Promotes the Sexualization of Children

01-16-2018 - West Virginia Legislators Propose Bill to Require the State's Schools to

                     Offer Bible Elective

01-15-2018 - One Million Moms calls for Scholastic protest over ‘pro-homosexual,’

                      ‘pro-transgender’ books

01-15-2018 - Iowa lawsuit pits gay rights against religious freedom

01-14-2018 - LGBT Liberals Get Brutal Dose Of Reality When They Show Up At Chicago

                     Muslim Convention

01-14-2018 - Why Professing Christ Is Becoming a ‘Hate Crime’ in the West

01-14-2018 - A quarter of non-believers pray when faced with a crisis

01-12-2018 - VIDEO: China blows up Christian megachurch with dynamite

01-11-2018 - Twitter Engineer Admits to Banning Accounts that Express Interest in

                     God, Guns, and America

01-11-2018 - Teacher union calls for boycott of Oklahoma Wesleyan-trained teachers

01-10-2018 - Islam could be the second-largest religion in the US by 2040

01-09-2018 - Up to 10,000 Catholics are leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina every year

                     because of discrimination by Muslims

01-09-2018 - Pope Francis: Migrants Must ‘Conform to the Rules of the Country’

                     Hosting Them

01-08-2018 - Georgetown University Claimed Jesuit Values Fulfilled in Approving

                      LGBT Exploration Space for Residents

01-08-2018 - Hell freezes over: how the Church of Satan got cool

01-08-2018 - Rabbi Lapin: ‘Christianity is the last unprotected minority’ and the war

                     on it is real

​01-03-2018 - Mennonite Church USA's Largest Conference Leaves Denomination Over


01-03-2018 - Report: Declining Church Attendance Is Problem for Everybody, Not Just


01-02-2018 - Don't Be Fooled By The Nice Talk: Islam Views Christianity As The


12-31-2017 - Planned Parenthood Closed 32 Facilities in 2017

12-29-2017 - Terrorists Attack Coptic Church in Cairo, at Least Eight Killed

12-29-2017 - ​Oregon Court Upholds $135,000 Fine Against Christian Bakers Who

                      Refused to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

12-28-2017 - California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids 'Gay Sex' -

                     No Opting Out

12-28-2017 - Poll: Fewer Americans say they donated to a religious charity this year

12-28-2017 - San Jose State Biology Professor: 'Chromosomes Don't Determine Sex'

12-28-2017 - Truth vs Myths About The Nativity of Christ

12-27-2017 - President Trump Wins The 'War On Christmas' -- Newsweek Compares

                     Him To Hitler

12-27-2017 - Islamic State Has Lost Most of Its 'Caliphate,' Bulk of It Since Trump

                     Took Gloves Off Military

12-27-2017 - Why Is '60 Minutes' Misleading America on Lethality of Islamic


12-26-2017 - Work Stops on St. Nicholas Shrine at World Trade Center Site   VIDEO

12-26-2017 - Parent of ‘Transgender’ Teen Warns: ‘We Have to Fight This Radical


12-25-2017 - Under Siege -- Radical Islam's War On Christmas

12-25-2017 - How Christmas Has Shaped Our History and Values

12-25-2017 - Queen's Christmas Address Reflects on Horrors of Radical Islamic

                     Terrorism in 2017

12-24-2017 - New Research Suggests Christmas Story of Visit by Wise Men Was

                     ‘Historically True’

12-23-2017 - Under Trump, Both Christmas And Jesus Are Welcome In The Public


12-23-2017 - ‘Orwellian’: London Assembly Votes to ‘Arrest and Prosecute’ Pro-Life


12-23-2017 - Atheists Give Trump ‘Lump of Coal’ for Christmas for His Support for

                     Religious Liberty

12-23-2017 - Hundreds of Muslims Storm 'Unlicensed Church', Smashing Contents

                     and Assaulting Christians

12-23-2017 - For Believers in Hostile States, Christmas a Time of Fear

​12-23-2017 - Homeowners' Association Forces Pennsylvania Family to Remove

                     'Offensive' Christmas Display

12-23-2017 - AP News: Coptic diocese says hundreds assault church in Egypt

12-22-2017 - Washington DC Subway Bans Christmas, Offers Gay Hookups

​12-21-2017 - Franklin Graham says LGBT community targets Christians to accept

                     lifestyle: ‘It ain’t gonna happen’

12-21-2017 - RABBI SHMULEY: Trump’s Emergence as a Great Champion of the Jewish


12-21-2017 - University Employee Called Christmas Trees, Dreidels Inappropriate for


12-21-2017 - Dear Lonely Christian Trump Haters: Trump Has Ben Carson Open

                     Cabinet Meeting With An Epic Prayer

12-21-2017 - Bring Back Christmas: Which Retailers are 'Naughty' and 'Nice' on Saying

                     'Merry Christmas'?

12-20-2017 - US Protestants Are Converting to Orthodoxy in Large Numbers (Russian

                     TV News)

12-20-2017 - Haley warns US ‘taking names’ of UN opponents of Trump's Jerusalem


12-20-2017 - CNN Promotes Children's Book with Gay-Married Santa Claus

12-20-2017 - U.S. religious leaders, including Orthodox bishop, sign open letter

                     against transgender ideology

12-19-2017 - VIDEO: 'The 12 Dons Of Christmas' Parody Song Will Drive Your Liberal

                     Relatives Nuts

12-19-2017 - U.S. Religious Leaders Reject Transgenderism, Gender ‘Cannot Be

                     Separated’ from Biological Sex

12-19-2017 - Bishop Aubrey Shines Dispels 'The Palestinian Myth': 'Jerusalem Is the

                     Historic Capital of the Jewish People'

12-18-2017 - History 101: America’s Early And Violent Introduction To Islam

12-18-2017 - Church of England hosts joint ‘celebration’ of Muhammad’s birthday

                      and Christ’s Advent — and diocese defends it

12-17-2017 - The Rise of Feminist Witchcraft

12-16-2017 - Grassroots Group Urges Major Retailers to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Again

12-15-2017 - College Professor Wants Racist 'Jingle Bells' Song Banned.  Let's Not

                     Forget 'White Christmas' and 'Black Friday.

12-15-2017 - Johnson Amendment Repeal Removed from Final GOP Tax Bill

12-15-2017 - ​Senate Parliamentarian Kills Efforts to Lift Rules Against Churches'

                     Political Speech

​12-13-2017 - Republican In Firestorm For Ringing Salvation Army Bell

12-13-2017 - Renown Physicist's Bombshell “God” Discovery Spells Trouble for


12-13-2017 - BBC: Should Pro-Life Campaigners Even Be Allowed Right of Protest?

12-13-2017 - LGBT Grinches Attack Doughnut Shop Over Christmas Drive with

                     Salvation Army

12-13-2017 - Is Christmas a Religious Holiday? A Growing Number of Americans Say


12-13-2017 - University of Wyoming Conservative Group Defunded After Hosting

                     Dennis Prager

12-12-2017 - David Horowitz Discusses the Left in the University on Dennis Prager


12-12-2017 - Reaction To Moving American Embassy To Jerusalem Destroys The

                     Claim Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

12-12-2017 - Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Trans Pupil Sues


12-11-2017 - Greek Drama: Construction on WTC Shrine Grinds to a Halt Amidst

                     Financial Scandal

12-11-2017 - MSNBC's Joy Reid Teams with Anti-Christian Frank Schaeffer to Insult

                     Trump, Conservatives, Christianity

12-11-2017 - Evangelicals and Domestic Violence: Are Christian Men More Abusive?

12-11-2017 - Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society

12-11-2017 - Former Facebook exec: Social media is ripping apart society

12-11-2017 - God Robot: People 'will worship AI MESSIAH in Way of the Future'


12-10-2017 - Biological Evidence That Jesus was Born in December

12-10-2017 - Nobody Realized Trump Made Jerusalem Decision Exactly 1 Year After

                     Obama Gave Holy Sites to Islam

12-10-2017 - How these churches brought millennials back to worship

12-09-2017 - Archaeological Discovery Is Nightmare for Devout Muslims

12-09-2017 - Polish PM-Designate Dreams of 'Re-Christianised Europe', Defends

                     Poland's Migrant Policy

12-08-2017 - Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Our Lord Satan Will Destroy

                     Donald Trump’

12-08-2017 - Loyola University Students Question Catholic School's Emphasis on


12-08-2017 - Missouri High School Punishes Student for Referencing Facts About

                     Muslim Extremism

12-08-2017 - Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too

                     Much Attention

12-08-2017 - Participation in traditional religions is declining among Americans, but

                     the practice of witchcraft is on the rise

12-08-2017 - Pope Francis Suggests Changing The Words To The 'Lord's Prayer' : The

                     Two-Way : NPR

12-07-2017 - FBI Hate Crime Report: No Anti-Muslim Backlash

12-06-2017 - Orthodoxism Is Declining in the Overall Christian Population

12-06-2017 - Evangelical vs. Born Again: A Survey of What Americans Say and Believe

                     Beyond Politics

12-06-2017 - Jerusalem 101: Why President Trump's New Policy Is Such a Big Deal

​12-05-2017 - Supreme Court May Side with Christian Baker in Same-Sex Wedding

                     Cake Case

12-01-2017 - Digging Down Deep into Protestant-Catholic Differences

12-01-2017 - Anglican Minister Urges Prayers for Prince George to Be Gay

11-30-2017 - Pew Research: Europe’s Muslim Population Set to Triple by 2050

11-30-2017 - God's Un-American View of the Poor and Why It Matters

11-30-2017 - 30 Years Later, Alarmists Still Predicting The Apocalypse

11-29-2017 - 4 Tremors That Have Made Darwin Irrelevant

11-27-2017 -Christianity is growing (Full Text of Indiana Univ & Harvard Study)

11-29-2017 - The Fastest Growing "Religion" in America: Selfism

11-24-2017 - The War on Advent - Fr Bill's Blog

11-24-2017 - Parents and Students Stand Up to Forced Gender Ideology in School

11-24-2017 - Church of Sweden to stop clergy calling God 'he' or 'the Lord' in bid to

                     crack down on gendered language

11-24-2017 - Centuries-Old Church Bells Silenced After Single Noise Complaint

11-22-2017 - Life After Death Is Real, Concludes Scientific Study Of 2,000 Patients

11-20-2017 - Pres. of American College of Pediatricians Sure to Offend Libs With

                     Trans-Gender Kids Announcement

11-20-2017 - 'Stop saying Christmas' Priest warns Christians to abandon the word

11-17-2017 - Muslims Are Converting to Christianity in Record Numbers

11-16-2017 - Latest Big Social Media Site in Russia Is Just For Christians

11-15-2017 - Atheists say they ‘put an end’ to coach praying with players — and

                     students send a huge message back

11-15-2017 - Purdue University President Calls Out Liberal Faculty​
11-14-2017 - Populist French Mayor Told To Remove Nativity From City Hall

11-14-2017 - China Urges Christian Peasants to Replace Jesus Images with Xi Jinping

11-13-2017 - Unprecedented: Lebanon’s Christian Patriarch Visits Saudi Arabia

11-13-2017 - The Slithering Deception of ‘Progressive Christianity’

11-13-2017 - Fundraiser started for Orthodox church ravaged by fire in Ohio

11-13-2017 - Supreme Court will consider deceptive anti-abortion ‘crisis pregnancy


​11-12-2017 - Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined

                       not at Birth

11-12-2017 - Church of England: Let little boys wear tiaras

11-11-2017 - Public Orthodoxy: Promoting Cultural Marxism and LGBT Blasphemy

11-09-2017 - Listen: Basketball coach denied a job because of her religious beliefs

                     speaks out

​11-08-2017 - Leif Eriksson: the first Orthodox Christian in America

11-08-2017 - Why so much hatred against Christians in America?

11-07-2017 - Speaker of the House Paul Ryan shuts down Texas prayer critics:

                     ‘People who do not have faith don’t understand faith’

11-03-2017 - Pope Francis Signals Willingness to Discuss Ordaining Married Men to


11-03-2017 - Hungary Asks 'Is Everyone Entitled to Religious Freedom Except for

                     Christians?' After Pope Anti-Cross Ruling

11-02-2017 - Patriarch of Jerusalem warns a proposed bill could threaten Christians

11-01-2017 - Pamela Geller's 'Fatwa: Hunted in America' Released

10-31-2017 - More students, young Americans turn to paganism

10-30-2017 - French High Court Orders Removal of Cross Above Statue of Pope John

                     Paul II

10-28-2017 - University 'Acted Lawfully' by Expelling Christian Student for 'Biblical

                     Marriage' Facebook Comments

10-28-2017 - Historic Alexandria, VA church decides to remove plaques honoring

                     Washington, Lee

10-24-2017 - After Branding Christianity a 'National Security' Threat, China Moves to

                     'Sinicize' Religion

10-25-2017 - Church of Antioch Patriarch: ‘Without Christians in Middle East There Is

                     No Middle East’

10-20-2017 - Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology

10-16-2017 - Report: 75% of Victims of Religious Persecution Are Christians

​10-13-2017 - President Trump: ‘We Are Stopping Cold the Attacks on Judeo-

              Christian Values’

10-13-2017 - Bookseller Shut Down for Selling Knights Templar Mugs

10-12-2017 - Studient Union President Facing Impeachment for Pro-Life Views

​10-12-2017 - Hungary's Orban: Protect Middle East Christians or Anti-Christian

                     Persecution Will Come to Europe

10-10-2017 - Study: Anti-Christian Bias Hasn’t Grown. It’s Just Gotten Richer.

10-07-2017 - U.S. Bishops Hail Trump HHS Contraception Mandate as ‘Return to

                     Common Sense’

10-06-2017 - Trump Administration Rescinds Obamacare’s HHS Contraceptive


10-06-2017 - Trump DOJ and HHS Issue Major Religious Liberty, Pro-Life Protections

09-22-2017 - Christian Filmmakers Must Work Gay Weddings Despite Religious

                     Beliefs, Minnesota Court Rules 

09-21-2017 - Orthodoxy in America Has a Convert Problem 

09-18-2017 - DOOMSDAY: World Will End On September 23, Says Christian

                     Numerologist  (Webmaster says:  Oh no!  The end of days!!  Again!!??                            For sure this time!!!  A "Christian" Numerologist?  Really???  What the

                      Bible says about Occultism here, and here.)

09-13-2017 - OK Cupid Online Dating Website Partners with Planned Parenthood to

                     Filter Out Pro-Life Users

09-13-2017 - Christian Florist: Gay Couples Have 'Every Right to Live the Way They

                     Believe,' Christians Want the Same Freedom

09-09-2017 - 20 States Ask Supreme Court to Release Videos Exposing Planned


09-09-2017 - Pope Francis Shifts Power From Rome With ‘Hugely Important’ Liturgical


09-08-2017 - When Does the Media Love Christianity?  Bill O'Reilly: BOR Staff Column

09-08-2017 - Cardinal Dolan Bears False Witness Against Steve Bannon as Catholic

                     Bishops Choose 'Social Justice' over Constitution on Illegal Immigration

09-07-2017 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Gets Creative to Label 'Hate Groups'

09-06-2017 - The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Has $69 Million Parked


09-06-2017 - Survey: White Christians now a minority of US population

09-04-2017 - More than half in UK are non-religious, suggests survey

09-03-2017 - Does the Separation of Church and State really exist?  ACLJ

09-02-2017 - Footprint find on Crete may push back date humans walked upright

​08-31-2017 - 500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than

                     Martin Luther

08-31-2017 - Google Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Take Down 'Hateful' Article

                     or Be Demonetized

08-31-2017 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Transfers Millions in Cash to

                     Offshore Entities

08-31-2017 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): Army Bases Are Confederate


08-30-2017 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Lists Middle Schools on its

                     Confederate 'Hate' Map, After Similar 'Hate Map' Inspired A Terror


​08-30-2017 - Rush Limbaugh targets ‘leftist freaks’ at Southern Poverty Law Center

                        (SPLC), warns conservative CEOs not to partner with group

08-30-2017 - Louis Farrakhan’s Jesus Is Not Our Jesus | News & Reporting

​08-30-2017 - A History of Subversion: The Left's Attack on American Heritage,

                     Monuments Goes Far Beyond the Trump-Era

08-29-2017 - The Abnormal Cannot Dictate What's Normal

08-29-2017 - Complementarians Issue New Manifesto on Gender Identity

08-29-2017 - Innocent Town Amana Colonies Was Listed on the SPLC 'Hate Map'

                     Because a Daily Stormer Book Club Met There Once

08-28-2017 - More Christian Bakers Attacked for Refusing Marriage Cake to Lesbian


08-28-2017 - The Rise and Fall of the Christian Bookstore

08-28-2017 - Muslim Reformer Maajid Nawaz Joins Dr James Kennedy Ministries in

                     Suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for 'Hate' Defamation

08-25-2017 - Franklin Graham Challenges Christians to Break this New Law

08-25-2017 - Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Revolt Against American Law - Full

                     Frontal Attack on Law-abiding Americans & Christians

08-25-2017 - No More Prayers on the Football Field! 

08-23-2017 - Dr. James Kennedy Ministries Sues the Southern Poverty Law Center

                     (SPLC), Guidestar and Amazon Over 'Hate Group' Designation

08-23-2017 - Dr. James Kennedy Ministries sues over listing on Southern Poverty

                     Law’s (SPLC) ‘hate map’

08-24-2017 - Supreme Court Rules Islam BANNED In Public Schools

​08-23-2017 - IRS again pressured to hammer U.S. churches

​08-22-2017 - Christian Orgs Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity Review Site

                     Guidestar, Then Dropped

08-18-2017 - White Supremacy and Orthodox Christianity: A Dangerous Connection

                     Rears Its Head in Charlottesville | Religion Dispatches

08-17-2017 - Pacific Justice Institute on Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) website

                     as hate group

08-17-2017 - California Bill: 1 Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun

​08-16-2017 - Defector: Christianity Thrives in North Korea as Citizens 'No Longer

                     Respect' Kim Jong-Un

08-14-2017 - Don’t Even Think About Being Evil - WSJ & Heather Mac Donald

08-13-2017 - Pope Francis Warns Against Consulting ‘Horoscopes and Fortune-


08-11-2017 - Far left ABC News Hack Continues to Bash US Christians - Excuse Islamic

                     Violence (cc: ABC's Matthew Dowd)

08-10-2017 - Atheists Sick Over Massive Archaeological Find... The Lost City Jesus

                     Cursed, Bethsaida

08-10-2017 - There’s a BIG Difference Between Radical Christianity and Radical Islam

                     (cc: ABC’s Matthew Dowd)

08-09-2017 - Alert: Federal Court Says Criticism of Islam Can Be Punished

08-07-2017 - Atheists thought immoral, even by fellow atheists: study

​08-03-2017 - Senator James Lankford (R-OK) defends Christian nonprofit

              Alliance Defending Freedom from ABC News ‘hate group’ smear

08-03-2017 - Military Thanks Trump for Transgender Ban: ‘Courageous Decision’

08-03-2017 - This is why atheists are appalled by Christians in the White House

08-01-2017 - Revival? VP Pence and high-level government officials meet weekly for

                     Bible study in White House

08-01-2017 - 'Bible Answer Man' Hank Hanegraaff: I’ve Put Everything on the Line

              to Acquire the Treasure of Orthodoxy

08-01-2017 - Survey: Millennials want religious freedom but don’t really know what it


08-01-2017 - Number of non-religious Americans who accept polygamy as ‘morally

                     acceptable’ is increasing

08-01-2017 - Leaked George Soros Plan to Turn Ireland into a Pro-Abortion Country

07-31-2017 - Bible Studies at the White House: Who's Inside This Spiritual Awakening?

07-29-2017 - Justice Department Argues Congress, Not Courts, Makes Sexual

                     Orientation Laws

07-28-2017 - Lesbian mom asks Christian judge to recuse himself from divorce case

07-28-2017 - Colleges Treat Conservatives as Enemies, But Would Welcome a

                     Guantanamo Inmate Yelling Death to America

07-28-2017 - Secretary of State Tillerson Standing Between Muslim Brotherhood and

                     Terror Designation

07-28-2017 - Pro-Transgender Boy Scout Leader Slams President Trump For Politics

07-28-2017 - Blue State Blues: Where We Stand on Islam

07-28-2017 - University of Minnesota organization bans straight, white people from

                     joining safe space

07-28-2017 - Former Guantanamo Detainee Gave Taxpayer Compensation Money to

                     Jihadi Terrorists

07-28-2017 - Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in


07-27-2017 - 6 Myths About Transgender People in the Military

07-26-2017 - Watch how liberals confuse our youth with numerous gender pronouns

07-26-2017 - Congessman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) schools CNN's Erin Burnett on the

                     Constitution and Christianity

07-25-2017 - Family of original "Bible Answer Man" calls on Orthodox convert

             Hank Hanegraaff to step down (see related story on 04-10-2017                  below)

07-24-2017 - No Go Zones: Breitbart's Raheem Kassam Unveils New Book on Islamic

                     Ghettos In Western World

07-24-2017 - Planned Parenthood issues shocking new information on how to talk to

                     pre-schoolers about sex

07-24-2017 - World Council of Churches Sends Message of Support For Palestinian

                      ''Campaign For Jerusalem

07-24-2017 - California Imam Prays for Allah to 'Annihilate' Jews in Public Sermon

07-22-2017 - Leaders Push Senate to Pass Bill to Protect Mid-East Christians

07-20-2017 - Melinda Gates Commits $375 Million to Global Family Planning to

                     Counter Trump’s Pro-Life Policy

07-20-2017 - Trump Leading Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation; Should Be

                      Number One Issue for Feminists & ACLU, but it's not

07-20-2017 - Students at this university are raising a petition against ‘fried food for

                     homophobes’ aka Chick-fil-A

07-20-2017 - Family removes mother’s roadside cross memorial after atheist group


07-20-2017 - Poll: One in Five Brits Think Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Were


07-19-2017 - 5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking Out of Context

07-19-2017 - ROCOR Holy Synod instructs faithful to disregard “pastorally harmful”

                     statements from Sister Vassa


                     Nino Equal-to-the-Apostles Orthodox Church

​07-19-2017 - Gay activist says it’s time to target Christians: Time to ‘punish the


07-19-2017 - Four things celebrities (and every woman) should know before

                     endorsing Planned Parenthood

07-19-2017 - Four Outrageous Temple Mount Lies Being Pushed by Muslim Leaders

07-19-2017 - Pamela Geller: Linda Sarsour’s Jihad

07-19-2017 - Facebook Blocks More Than Two Dozen Popular Catholic Pages Without


07-19-2017 - Philly Archbishop Decries Vatican Article Attacking U.S. Christians as

                     ‘Willfully Ignorant’

07-18-2017 - Religion of Peace??  What Makes Islam So Different?

07-18-2017 - Pakistan: Authorities Detain Christian Teenager on Charges of ‘Insulting


07-18-2017 - London Mayor Says There Should Be ‘No Red Carpet for Trump’, Claims

                     President Insulted Muslims

07-17-2017 - Franklin Graham Explains How God Views Transgendered People

07-17-2017 - Canada's Justin Trudeau Issues Formal Apology, Awards Al-Qaeda

                     Terrorist Convicted Of Slaughtering U.S. Serviceman $10.5 Million

07-17-2017 - UK's First State-Funded Muslim School Taken Over by Gov After Pro-

                     Rape Books Found

07-17-2017 - Astonishing number of UK Christians say their faith is marginalized

07-16-2017 - Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI: Church Is ‘on the Verge of Capsizing’

07-14-2017 - ABC News smears prominent Christian nonprofit, Alliance Defending

                     Freedom, as ‘hate group’ in recent article

07-14-2017 - Elkhart, Indiana school district kowtows to atheist group, promises to

                     end graduation prayers

07-14-2017 - Papal Adviser Bashes American Christians in Bigoted Screed

​07-13-2017 - Ten Years Of Hamas Rule And Gaza Deemed 'Unlivable,' UN Report Says

07-13-2017 - More Christian Refugees Arriving under Trump than Muslims

07-12-2017 - New study names the 10 most post-Christian cities in the US

​07-12-2017 - Pro-Abortion Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Now Wants Congress To

                     'Fight' For Helpless Babies

07-12-2017 - Melinda Gates Has No Clue How Catholicism Works. Nobody Does. Not

                     Even Most Catholics.

07-11-2017 - Church of England 'turns a corner' with transgender vote

07-10-2017 - California Upholds 'Right' For Pedophiles To Marry 10 Year Old Kids

07-10-2017 - Long Island Cops Investigate Whether Jesus Is a Hate Crime

​07-09-2017 - Let married men become priests, says pastor of America’s largest

                     Catholic Church

07-09-2017 - Church of England to vote on welcoming transgender people'

07-06-2017 - Linda Sarsour Calls for 'Jihad' Against Trump Administration

​07-06-2017 - Pastor John MacArthur Stuns With Answer To Gays Getting Into Heaven -

                     Faith Family America

​07-05-2017 - Vatican police 'break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of

                     one of Pope Francis's key advisers'

07-02-2017 - Poll: Supermajority Of Roman Catholics Now Support Same-Sex Marriage

07-01-2017 - British Student Union Boss Welcomes 'Islamic Takeover', Wants to

                     'Oppress White People' For Revenge

07-01-2017 - Pres. Trump: Since Signing the Declaration of Independence, 'America

                     Always Affirmed that Liberty Comes from Our Creator'

07-01-2017 - Updated Ramadan Rage 2017 Final Death Count: 1,639 in About 30


06-30-2017 - The First Islamic Governor In 2018 Is Imminent and Look What State He

                     Will Be Governing!!

06-30-2017 - University Considers Removal of Bibles and Crosses from Chapel

06-30-2017 - Blue State Blues: America's Divisions are Not Political - They're Religious

06-28-2017 - Study: Traditional Views on Same Sex Marriage, Abortion, Pornography

                      in Britain Rapidly Diminishing

06-27-2018 - 31% Think U.S. Civil War Likely Soon - Rasmussen Reports

06-27-2017 - Twitter Allows Planned Parenthood to Advertise Abortion, Declares Pro-

                      Life Message ‘Offensive’ 

06-26-2017 - Christian Preschoolers Banned from Saying 'Amen', Talking About the


06-26-2017 - Supreme Court Rules States Cannot Exclude All Churches from Public


06-25-2017 - DHS Secretary John Kelly Defunds, Disinvites Islamic Groups Favored By

                     Barack Obama

06-24-2017 - Conversions gradually transforming Orthodox Christianity

06-23-2017 - Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) Defends Public Universities Shutting

                     Down Free Speech

06-22-2017 - Christian Orgs Labeled Hate Groups on Top Charity Site Guidestar

06-22-2017 - Activists Pushing for Reform in Islam: Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)

                     Silenced Us

06-22-2017 - California Attacks Texas with Travel Ban over Alleged LGBT


06-20-2017 - Video: Limbaugh: Democratic Party 'Has Become the Largest Hate Group

                      in This Country'

06-19-2017 - St. Louis Cardinals Refuse to Bow to LGBT Demands to Punish Christians

06-16-2017 - Texas Enacts 'Anti-Sharia' Law

​06-11-2017 - Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into

                      street and beat them

​06-10-2017 - Family Research Council Launches Petition for Apology from Sen. Bernie

                     Sanders for Religious Attack

06-09-2017 - Pew Research:  Christians faced widespread harassment in 2015,

              but mostly in Christian-majority countries

06-09-2017 - Scotland Set to Marry Same-Sex Couples in Church

​06-07-2017 - Ramadan Rage 2017: The Complete List of Jihadist Attacks Around the


06-06-2017 - Purdue researcher verifies the existence of 53 people mentioned in

                     Hebrew Bible

​06-06-2017 - Video: Islamic State Tears Down Statues, Burns Cathedral Down in


06-03-2017 - General Mattis Rolls Back Obama Regs on Transgenders in the Military 

06-03-2017 - Video:  Joy Behar Compares Christians to the Taliban

​05-29-2017 - Church of Scotland Moves Towards Performing Same Sex Marriages

05-29-2017 - Islam on Track to Overtake Christianity as World's No. 1 Religion

05-26-2017 - Sec'y of State Rex Tillerson Declines to Host Ramadan Celebration at

                     State Department

05-26-2017 - Pres. Trump Reacts to Egypt Ramadan Terror: ‘The Bloodletting of

                     Christians Must End’

05-24-2017 - As Losses Mount, Presbyterian Official Declares:  "We are Not Dying, We

                     are Reforming"

05-20-2017 - Christian School Punishes Pregnant Student Who Chooses Life

05-19-2017 - School Worker Reprimanded for Telling Co-Worker She Will Pray for Him

05-18-2017 - Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought

05-17-2017 - Franklin Graham: ‘All Churches Should Pull Out of the Boy Scouts

                     Organization Completely’

05-16-2017 - Report:  International Religious Freedom Worsening in Both 'Depth and


05-15-2017 - Franklin Graham: Boy Scouts No Longer A Group Christian Church Can


05-15-2017 - Kansas City, KS Roman Catholic Archbishop Ends Association with Girl

                     Scouts: Sign of ‘Increasingly Hostile Secular Culture’

05-13-2017 - Chief ABC Political Analyst Matthew Dowd: Persecution of Muslims in US

                     Worse than Christian Persecution in Middle East

05-12-2017 - Student Fired from Newspaper Job After Sharing Video Exposing Truth

                     About Islam

05-11-2017 - VP Mike Pence Encourages Persecuted Christians at World Summit in

                     Their Defense

05-09-2017 - Anti-Abortion Leaders:  Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) Spreads

                     'Misinformation' That Planned Parenthood Provides Healthcare

05-07-2016 - Trump's Religious Liberty Order Disappoints Some Conservatives

​05-07-2017 - Thomas Jefferson:  Government's Role is Defense of God-given Rights

05-05-2017 - Jews and Christians Unite Against Anti-Semitism: Archbishop of


05-04-2017 - Trump's Religious Liberty Order Gives Sessions Major Leeway

05-04-2017 - ​​President Trump Honors Little Sisters of the Poor on First White House

                     Nat'l Day of Prayer in Years

05-03-2017 - Trump Expected to Sign Religious Liberty Executive Order

04-30-2017 - Rebel Catholic Group Defies Church, Ordains Woman Priest in NC

04-26-2017 - Freedom of Speech is No Longer Welcome on College Campuses

04-26-2017 - Trump Vows to Destroy Islamic State, Keep Gitmo Open, and Aid


04-25-2017 - WWJD:  Did Jesus FORBID the Use of Weapons?

04-23-2017 - U.S. Campuses Lead Rise in Global Anti-Semitism

04-20-2017 - ​David Limbaugh talks about ‘The True Jesus’

04-18-2017 - Your Tax Dollars at Work: PBS Teaches Kids About the Glory of Islamic

                     Suicide Bombings

04-18-2017 - Wellesley College (Hillary's Alma Mater) Newspaper: 'Hostility May

                     Be Warranted" for those who refuse to "Adapt Their Beliefs."

04-17-2017 - ​​Former atheist admits it was historical evidence that brought him to


​04-17-2017 - Wellesley Student Newspaper Threatens Students Who Do Not Conform

                      to Progressive Values

04-17-2017 - Conservative opposition to Pope Francis spurs talk of a schism in the

                     Catholic Church

04-16-2017 - ​Christians in 2017 'Most Persecuted Group in the World'

04-14-2017 - ​Catholic archbishop teaches Christians how to navigate a culture with

                     ‘growing hostility’ to faith

04-13-2017 - UK Government 'Institutionally Biased' Against Persecuted Christians,

                      Says Former Archbishop

04-13-2017 - Catholic college in Kansas wipes ‘yoga’ from names of classes — it’s a

                     Hindu thing

​04-12-2017 - Pew Study: Worldwide religious freedom restrictions on the rise

04-11-2017 - Religious bigotry could be behind the opposition to the school choice

                     bill in Texas

04-11-2017 - What Piers Morgan Said About ISLAM v. CHRISTIANITY Is Truth On

                     STEROIDS! (VIDEO)  

04-11-2017 - WWJD? You Might Be Surprised At JESUS’ Words On Home Defense

04-10-2017 - “Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff joins Orthodox Church (see

              related story on 07-25-2017 above) 

03-29-2017 - "Crucifixion was a hoax" and "Jesus' disciples didn't believe he was God"

​03-29-2017 - Christian student SUSPENDED For Confronting Muslim Professor Over

                     Comments: “Crucifixion was a hoax” and “Jesus’ disciples didn’t believe

                     he was God”

03-12-2017 - Cross is Not a 'Piece of Jewelry' but Symbol of Christian Faith-Pope


03-12-2017 - Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians


03-05-2017 - Teacher Suspended for Reading the Bible to Pupils

03-02-2017 - Obama's Slush Fund Quietly Funneled Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to

                     Liberal Groups

02-17-2017 - France:  Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 245%

02-07-2017 - Muslims Outnumber Christians in More Than 30 Church Schools

02-17-2017 - Rasmussen Poll Reveals Shocking Views Held by Democrats Regarding

                     Christians and Muslims

02-07-2017 - ​Syrian-Born Muslim Mayor Signs Executive Order Making His N.J.

                     Borough A Sanctuary City For Refugees

02-06-2017 - CBS Poll:  Two-Thirds of Democrats Say Islam and Christianity are

                     Equally Violent

02-06-2017 - Preacher Locked Up for Quoting Bible to Gay Teen

02-06-2017 - U.N. Gay Rights Envoy: Religious Freedom is 'Not an Absolute Right' 

02-03-2017 - Bernie Sanders (Senator, I-VT) Says Government Should End Religious

                     Freedom to Fight 'Racism, Sexism, & Homophobia'

01-19-2017 - Jerusalem Mayor Trashes Obama on Way Out the Door:  He Surrendered

                     to Radical Islam

01-19-2017 - Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 38% in France

01-14-2017 - Top Roman Catholic Bishop in Italy: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because

                     of Our Stupidity

01-14-2017 - Massive Indoctrination of Students at Universities Through

                     'Transformative Civic Engagement' 

01-14-2017 - Pelosi (D-CA):  Defunding Planned Parenthood is a "Manhood Thing"

01-13-2017 - Catholic Bishops Warn of Anti-Christian Intolerance After British Gov't

                     Advisor Criticizes Catholic Schools

01-13-2017 - Religious Leaders Bless Planned Parenthood Mega-Clinic, Praising Its

                     'Sacred Work' 

01-13-2017 - 2016 'Worst Year Yet' for Christian Persecution, Says Open Doors USA


01-13-2017 - Christian Parish Centre in Germany Vandalized, Islamist Slogans Written

                     on Walls

01-13-2017 - ​Obama's Disdain for Christians and Jews

01-12-2017 - Religion Plummeted in America During Obama Era, Pew Report Says

01-12-2017 - ​​Pope Tells Marchers, 'Life is to be Protected Unconditionally from the

                     Moment of Conception'

01-06-2017 - Why Do Some Christians Celebrate Christmas on January 7?

01-02-2017 - Christians MOST Persecuted Religious Group in the World; 1

              Martyred Every 6 Minutes

01-01-2017 - ​​90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016

12-30-2016 - New Jersey Public School Teaching Islam Since School Year Started

12-29-2016 - Democrats Have a Religion Problem - The Atlantic

12-29-2016 - Roman Catholic Parish Priest Dresses Virgin Mary in Burka for Nativity


12-28-2016 - Christians Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World, Study


12-23-2016 - Cross Returns to Indiana Christmas Tree Despite Efforts to See It


12-23-2016 - ​Marine Bible Verse Case Heads to Supreme Court 

12-22-2016 - Swedish School Axes Christian References from Carol to Prepare

                     Children for 'A Changing World'

12-22-2016 - Three Reasons Why the New York Times' War on Christmas Denial is


12-21-2016 - Commentary:  It's Absurd to Say 'Jesus Never Existed'

12-21-2016 - Belief in God Drops 10 Points Behind Atheism in 2 Years

12-21-2016 - Christian Students' Religious Speech Halted as 'Disorderly Conduct' by

                     College, Lawsuit Says

12-21-2016 - War on Christmas 2.0: 'Jesus Never Existed'

12-20-2016 - What the 'War on Christmas' Looks Like in 2016

12-18-2016 - War on Christmas:  Atheists Threaten to Sue Ohio Town for Nativity


​12-19-2016 - 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays'?  Your Response Says a Lot About

                     Your Politics

12-18-2016 - It's Not a War on Christmas; It's a War on the Constitution

12-16-2016 - ​Jews & Christians More Educated Than Atheists & Muslims: Pew Report  

12-14-2016 - Texas Woman's Univ. Bows to Sharia Law, Suggests Ban on Christmas &

                     Holiday Parties (VIDEO)

12-15-2016 - 50 Christian Statues Defaced and Decapitated in Germany

12-16-2016 - Running The Data On PolitiFact Shows Bias Against Conservatives

12-09-2016 - Trump:  "We're Going to Start Saying Merry Christmas Again."

12-09-2016 - Texas Attorney General Sets Straight School Principal Who Censored

                      "Charlie Brown Christmas" Poster  

12-06-2016 - "Apocalypse" Averted; Election 2016

12-02-2016 - Senate Republicans Strip Religious Freedom Protection From Defense

                     Spending Bill 

10-01-2016 - PragerU Video: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

08-22-2016 - VIDEO: Gay Iconoclasm: Holding the Line against the Radical LGBT


08-18-2016 - Shameful Silence: ABC, CBS and NBC Have Ignored Christian Genocide

07-26-2016 - ​Islamists attack French church, slit priest's throat

05-09-2016 - Harvard Law Professor Says Pro-Life Christians Should be Treated Like


02-17-2016 - The 12 Apps That Every Parent Of A Teen Should Know About

02-01-2016 - Islam—Facts or Dreams? - Hillsdale Univ. Imprimis

12-18-2015 - Five Errors to Drop from Your Christmas Sermon

08-13-2015 - First Baptist Church to Ordain Gay, Transgender Ministers

04-02-2015 - ​Kenya attack: 147 dead as Islamist gunmen target Christian students

07-14-2014 - Clergy May 'Dress Down' After CofE Relaxes Rules on Vestments

07-01-2013 - The Passion of Homosexuality According to St. John Chrysostom

03-13-2013 - CMI Special Report Rewriting the Bible: The Gospel According to

                     Liberals Executive Summary

​06-07-2012 - Gay Danish couples win right to marry in church

​08-08-2008 - Why Do We Celebrate Christmas on December 25th?

News Resources

President Thomas Jefferson famously said, "Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle."  and "If you are relying upon the media for the facts, you are receiving nothing but distortion and propaganda."

Today, small groups of very well-funded organizations are propagating a "hate America/America is a bad country" mantra and they are embraced by a complicit mainstream media that wants to fundamentally change the fabric of this country in order to implement a socialist/communist agenda. Many of these organizations are funded by billionaire international financier and Communist, George Soros. Many of his sponsored organizations have names that are intentionally misleading, so that many people and many large corporations think they are supporting noble causes when in fact, they are doing the devil's work.  Check these lists and if you support any of these organizations, STOP! Article here.  Article here.  Article here.

Consider that 90% of the so-called "mainstream media" is controlled by 6 large corporate media conglomerates that are overwhelmingly left-wing biased.  Don't believe me?  See "Here's Who Owns Everything in Big Media Today" by Vox, a left-wing website.  Then, go to OpenSecrets or Follow the Money or the Federal Election Commission and look up the breakdown of corporate contributions.  Also, go to each company's respective website, pull up their list of corporate management and board of directors and plug in their names into those website to see to whom and what they contributed money. 

If you watch the mainstream media, you’d obviously think the conservative aspect is bad, but have you ever wondered why the liberals think they have a monopoly on truth and virtuosity?  What necessarily makes the liberal side the correct side and aside from constantly throwing out accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, and on and on and on, why don’t they ever explain to you why the conservative side is necessarily bad or even tell you about it at all?  Hmmm??? Something to ponder. And consider all the high-profile people/stories/incidents that the media completely ignored, glossed over or got completely wrong and, in some cases, viciously and hatefully maligned innocent parties and organization for months and even years with no retractions or apologies whatsoever for trying to ruin their lives and doing so in many cases.  Remember these?:  Clarence Thomas, Richard Jewell, Cambridge Police incident, Duke Univ. Lacrosse, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Herman Cain, Little Sisters of the Poor, Southern Poverty Law Center, Lois Lerner (IRS), James Rosen, George Zimmerman/Travon Martin, Ferguson, MLB All-Star Game/Georgia Voting Laws, Freddie Gray, The McClosky's, Nicholas Sandmann, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump-Charlottesville, 2020 Post-Election Riots, Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump Impeachments I & II, Steele Dossier/Russia Collusion Conspiracy, Defund Police, Kyle Rittenhouse, just to name a few.

You wouldn't read a few sentences out of one history book and think you know everything there is to know about history, would you?  Well, take it from this detective who routinely has to sort through a lot of "stuff" - that's exactly what's happening if you're getting all your news from the militant, intolerant, progressive, left-wing-biased, agenda-driven elitists in the so-called national "mainstream media" echo chamber and that goes double if your "news" sources are morning celebrity talk shows or late-night comedians. Is your head surrounded by that much sand?? ;-)  At the very best, you're getting half (or less) of the story and at worst, and most probably, you're getting the wrong/inaccurate story (misinformation) or being intentionally misled (disinformation/propaganda).  And most recently, it has been discovered that several major search engines and most major social media platforms are not only filtering what we see and hear, but suppressing information they think is inappropriate or politically incorrect in an (very successful so far) attempt to manipulate and influence the public's thoughts and opinions and therefore, elections. These are classic tactics used by socialist and communist dictators and totalitarians throughout the decades to exert their control over the people, except now it's even easier for them with the Internet, 21st century technology and people's addiction to smart devices and social media. 

Bottom line:  If you only watch the mainstream broadcast media and major cable news, you are not going to know what is TRULY going on in the world.  Don't walk around in a fog of misinformation, disinformation and complete ignorance. In today's world, you MUST be informed, accurately and completely, so be sure to get the whole story and not just a small, biased part. Do your homework. Get informed. Get educatedGet the whole truth!

Don't think you're being misled, lied to or only being told part of the story or that the media isn't biased?  Consider these articles and studies and see the News You Missed website:

  1. ​​Read the 2021, New York Times best-selling book, Breaking the News:  Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption by Alex Marlow
  2. WATCH:  Twitter Permanently Deletes Project Veritas After Undercover Videos Expose CNN Technical Director Admitting to Variety of Strategies to Bias the News to Damage Trump and Conservatives and Steer Public Opinion
  3. Special Report - Media Bias 101
  4. ​Special Report - Media Bias Basics
  5. ACLU Warns of 'Unchecked Power' After Trump Suspensions, 01-09-2021
  6. LISTEN:  Megyn Kelly podcast on Big Tech Censorship & Independent Media w Glenn Greenwald and CEO's of Parler and Substack 01-13-2021
  7. ​​​LISTEN:  Megyn Kelly interviews CNN & CBS-acclaimed, award-winning investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkission, who explains how the mainstream media machine works and how Media Matters drives the narrative for almost all of it. Shocking! 12-11-2020
  8. Sharyl Atkkisson's website
  9. LISTEN:  Enough podcast: Explains How the Media Influenced the Election for Biden, 11-30-2020
  10. WATCH: BlazeTV Documentary - Digital Stormtroopers: How Big Tech Will Silence You & Steal the Election, 9-2-2020 <We were warned!!>
  11. Google Insider: Bombshell Book ‘Deleted’ Will ‘Shake the Foundations of Silicon Valley’, 8-31-2020
  12. How Bill Gates Bought the Media, 8-23-2020
  13. Google Blacklists NewsBusters, Conservative Sites From Search - MRC, 7-21-2020
  14. ​8 Big Tech Firms Attempting to Silence the Right, Steal 2020 Election - MRC, 6-30-2020
  15. Former CBS News chief says national media now 'unrelentingly liberal' - Just the News, 5-26-2020
  16. Van Gordon Sauter, ex-CBS News president: ‘Liberal leaning’ media passes its tipping point, 5-26-2020
  17. VIDEO: 5 Myths Perpetuated by Leftwing Media Bias - Larry Elder 05-13-2020
  18. Here's Who Owns Everything in Big Media Today - Vox 12-15-2019
  19. ​Why the News is Not the Truth - Harvard Business Review May-June 1995
  20. ​Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules-Based’ Liberal Global Order? - John Fonte 8-12-2019
  21. American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology - Internet & Search Engine Manipulation
  22. REVEALED: How Approval Polls and 'Junk' Journalism are Fake Views Pushed by Fake News 07-17-2017
  23. Study from Harvard's Kennedy School-Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy
  24. Some Key Ways the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth 08-23-2017
  25. The Bubble is Worse Than You Think - Politico May/June 2017
  26. Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias - NY Post, 10-21-2017
  27. Pew Research Center: US media bias ranks worst in the world
  28. 156 (So Far) Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List 06-09-2021
  29. Pew Research Center Quiz: How well can you tell factual from opinion statements?
  30. ​​CENSORED!  How Online Media Companies are Suppressing Conservative Speech - MRC, 09-2018 
  31. 10 Ways Big Tech Can Shift Millions of Votes in the November Elections—Without Anyone Knowing - Epoch Times, 9-28-2018
  32. The Media Have Done Irreparable Harm to the Country - Federalist, 3-25-2019
  33. ​Google flipped seats, shifted millions of votes to Democrats in 2018 midterms, researcher tells RT - 3-25-2019
  34. ​18 Statistics That Prove That America Has Become An “Idiocracy”
  35. Professors Worry Their Bias Will Be Exposed by Online Classes - 3-26-2020
  36. Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Corruption (in the media) - 11-07-2021

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Use the following with extreme caution and cross-check information with other, trusted sites:


NewsGuard  (article:  Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Steven Brill’s NewsGuard and the

                   “Fact-Checking” Scam​ 07-16-2018  (article: Five News Publications

                    Deemed 'Trustworthy' by NewsGuard that Posted Fake News, 01-24-

                    2019)  (article:  Fact Check: Media Blacklisters NewsGuard Promotes

                    Fake News, 01-24-2019

PolitiFact    (article: Running The Data On PolitiFact Shows Bias Against Conservatives

Snopes       (article:  Why the Left Loves Snopes 07-25-2017)  (article: SNOPES busted -

                   sold favors, slanted opinions 08-19-2015​)  (How Facebook & Other Fact-

                   Checking Websites Are Fact-Checking Conservative Sites into Oblivion

                   07-03-2018)  (article:  Snopes, Fact-Checker For Facebook And Google,

                   Botches Nathan Phillips Fact Check 01-24-2019)​
Washington Post Fact Checker